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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

No One is Above the Law-Except Illegals & Democrats

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   “No one is above the law!” A popular refrain from Leftists when it comes to denouncing Trump…no one that is except the Biden or Clinton families-OR illegal aliens!

The Dem conveniently exclude illegals from this mantra.  They enable illegals to get welfare, jobs without Social Security numbers, and more recently, they’re allowing them to obtain state drivers licenses and the right to vote. 

The New Way Forward Act/Bill introduced by Leftists in the House is another example of just how out of touch Leftists are.  This Bill would allow illegals more rights than citizens have!

The New Way Forward “End America” Bill: The Worst Legislation You Never Heard Of

What if that bill also created a situation in which a known Mexican drug cartel leader could be released from prison, enter the United States “illegally,” and it would no longer be a crime? Such radical and self-destructive legislation has already been proposed.

It’s called the New Way Forward Act (H.R. 5383), and it goes way beyond Hillary Clinton’s 2013 call for a “hemispheric common market” with “open borders,” according to commentator Tucker Carlson. In fact, it would be the coup de grĂ¢ce to our already balkanized country…

The Left is hell bent on undermining our Republic and replacing it with third-world socialism which would include stripping you of your right to own a gun, your choice in health care and more.

Illegals are a scourge on this nation and Obama policies have allowed them to spread throughout the land without proper vetting; often immediately feeding at welfare lines, free health care and free schooling.

When I was a volunteer sheriff in AZ the majority of crime we addressed was due to illegals running drugs, guns and ‘Coyotes’ who ran human smuggling and prostitution rings.  Identity Theft and welfare fraud were/are rampant.

Instead of assimilating too often they turned some areas into ‘no-go’ zones as was the case near where I patrolled [Pioneer Park in Mesa, located across from a Mormon Temple, became a haven for gangbangers which drove families away from the park].

If we truly wanted to curtail illegal immigration we need to stop the flow of cash and government freebies we shower them with…starting with ENDING our idiotic ‘anchor baby’ policy [even China abuses this with ‘travel companies specializing in bringing pregnant Chinese women to the USA just in time to have a child born here which grants them automatic citizenship and opens the door to the welfare wagon].

An ‘anchor baby’ gets a social security number which enables them to stay in this country and obtain welfare, WIC, Section 8, free schools, etc.  This practice has become an industry…the key is cutting off money and benefits!

Of course, Democrats [which unfortunately started taking over the Valley in Phoenix] cater to these illegal policies in order to buy votes. It is happening in many areas of our nation now such as New York which promotes illegal immigration as a so-called ‘sanctuary city,’ and is now handing out drivers licenses to illegals enabling them to vote and easier access to welfare-this is a slap in the face to citizens who are footing the bill for this.


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Pete Buttigieg Won Essay Contest In High School Defending Socialism And Hero Bernie Sanders

…and Bernie just took the lead in the New Hampshire contest-state goes Red!

RED SCARE: Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire, Takes Command of Democratic Party

Yours for a Free Nation,

Bruce ‘The Poor Man’


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Bob said...

Liberals are two-faced hypocrites whose primary goal is to undermine our nation-they're a disease which too many young people have fallen prey to-worse than the China virus.

Rhonda said...

What in hell is happening to our country? Dems are truly a destructive force.

Dave said...

I too wonder what's happened in this country = why are many supporting socialism? Are they brain dead? Like you stated on Twitter- Bernie's probably polishing up the old Krushev speech about 'We will bury you.'

Michelle said...

Dems such as Schumer & Pelosi are so transparently two-faced & hypocritical on so many topics it is nauseating...Schumer in particular makes me want to puke each time I see his face as he's such a liar & exaggertes the hell out of everything Trump does.