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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Preserving America is Imperative to Our Freedom

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The 2020 US Presidential Election: A Seminal Moment in Western History

By Dr. Hanan Shai
President Donald Trump’s declaration in his Mount Rushmore speech of his intention to defend the traditional values of the United States, and Joe Biden’s declaration (backed by Bernie Sanders) of his intention to bring about a transformation of the United States, indicate that the 2020 elections will not be, as in the past, a democratic contest between two personalities and parties but a fateful contest between cultures: the Hebrew-biblical cultural of freedom from which the Anglo-Saxon democracies derived their values versus the Hellenistic culture of freedom from which the European democracies derived theirs.
There is a fundamental difference between the values of the two ancient cultures that formed the crucible of the modern West. The values of the Hebrew-biblical culture were derived from universal logic, the laws of which constitute an absolute and eternal truth, and among which harmony and coherence exists that is designed to foster a similar harmony (social justice) among human beings.
The values of the Hellenistic culture, by contrast, were derived from human logic, which asserts that humanity is the standard that determines good and evil, there is no external standard for the moral judgment of human acts, and certain ideas exist that constitute an absolute truth that only elite individuals can discover and impose, by means of “keepers,” on a society that is “chained in a cave.”
European liberalism’s reliance on human logic led to the growth of the Jacobin, socialist, communist, and Nazi doctrines, which were foisted on the masses by authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Conversely, the forefathers of American democracy (Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Franklin)—some of whom, like John Locke and other British thinkers, read and spoke Hebrew—adopted the values of Hebrew-biblical morality as the basis of the values of the United States.
The fact that in American democracy not only science but also humanism is based on natural law gave rise to longstanding stability and prosperity, as well as a capability and a principled commitment to volunteer to salvage and rehabilitate the world from the severe calamities wreaked upon it by Europe’s utopian thinkers.
Apparently complacent from its victory over Nazism and communism, at the end of the 20th century American democracy failed to identify the danger of another erroneous theory that developed in Europe: post-structuralism (or progressive liberalism). 
That theory has penetrated deeply into American culture. Among other things, it claims that the calamities of the 20th century were caused by a proliferation of “truths” that emerged in Europe, and that preventing similar calamities in the future entails denying the existence of a single foundational truth and dismantling rational subjects that constitute a source of stability and authority (such as the family, nationalism and the nation-state, gender, the military, the police, and more) while “critically” examining their historical development. 
This is because the formation and activity of some of these social frameworks were tied to processes, in some instances very far back in history, that involved force and oppression.
The murder of George Floyd and the zealous protests that followed revealed three painful facts about American democracy as it stands today:
It is suffering severe social disharmony that stems from a longstanding interpretation of the values of freedom and justice that contravenes their original spirit.

The domains of humanism and society have been completely taken over by the ideas of progressive liberalism.

There is no intellectual elite that can mobilize to defend the values of American democracy against the progressive delusion in the manner of the “conservative” intellectual elite of the previous century that mobilized to defend the country against the communist delusion.
Only the reestablishment of American democracy in the spirit of the original values of freedom and justice on which it was based will rehabilitate the American project and afford it further long-term vitality. Conversely, an ideological transformation—i.e., a “Europeanization” of American democracy along the lines that Biden envisages—will put an end to both the successful American project and the democratic framework that saved humanity from the chain of calamities wrought by European liberal thought.
This dangerous transformation could also open the door to the next “social project”—whose path to the West is already being paved by China with its “One Belt, One Road” initiative.
What is needed is a massive mobilization that ignores contemporary figures and problematic personality traits. Preventing the 2020 elections from becoming a negative seminal moment in the history of Western civilization is a supreme civilizational imperative.

NOTE:  If you value your rights, your independence, and frankly, your wallet…I personally urge you to reelect Trump.  Socialism is not the path to nirvana my friends.
President Trump’s leadership is being tested like never before in 2020. The forces aligned against him seem willing to do anything to remove him from office before the election. We cannot let them succeed!


Other Thoughts…

 >got a call out of the blue from a relative of mine.

This is a relative I don’t speak to that often.

She’s a Democrat and is very liberal. (She voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election.)

This relative used to criticize me for all the guns I own. (“Why do you need all those guns, guns are evil, etc. etc.”)

Anyways, when she called me, the first words out of her mouth were, “Jason, I’ve got a gun question for you.

And I said to her back, “why are YOU buying a gun?

She told me that she believes Trump is going to win the election and it will cause a civil war. She wants a gun to defend her life and home.

I should mention, this relative is wealthy and lives in a million-dollar home.

She’s worried about riots and looting coming to her upscale neighborhood.

Before I tell you what gun she is getting…

You know the world is really crazy when your liberal relatives are going out and buying guns.

These are the same relatives who thought the government would always take care of them and who used to think “guns are evil.”

But not anymore.

Now, regarding the gun this relative is getting…

She has health problems and will not have an easy time racking a slide and handling a gun.

She did not want a revolver and said it had to be a semi-auto.

She had done a bunch of research and asked me about the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ.

I told her it was a solid gun. (I tried to explain other options, but all she wanted to know is if that gun would work.)

I also told her to get some training because the gun is worthless if she doesn’t know how to properly use it.

Unfortunately, I doubt she’ll get training, but you can’t force people to make good choices.

Before we got off the phone, she had one more question for me.

She wanted to know what I thought would happen after the election.

I told her that no matter who wins (I do think Trump will win) that people are going to go crazy and I would be prepared to hunker down at home for 30 to 60 days.

And, when I say hunker down…

-No going to the grocery store

-No running to the local restaurant to get take-out food

-No going to CVS to pick up medicine

Even though it hopefully won’t happen…

Be prepared for such rioting that you’ll just want to stay safe inside your home and not have to venture out to potential danger.

Of course, you’ll want to have plenty of guns yourself and this one here is the perfect “riot” gun to defend your home.

You’ve still got 2 months to prepare, plenty of time to stock up on the important things in life (food, water, medicine, ammo, guns).

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Officer

Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing

Perhaps my greatest concern is the out of control debt and spending. What are your suggestions on this coming disaster?
- Karl T.
Answer: There is no question this disaster will occur. We just don’t know if it will be tomorrow or 10 years from now.
As far as money, I would invest in gold and silver coins, as they may be the only things of value after a collapse.
Next, I would establish an emergency money fund that is enough to cover six months of living expenses. Even if the dollar loses value, in the aftermath of an economic crisis, you still may be able to use cash to buy necessities – at least in the short term.
Of course, this is another reason I recommend building up a year’s worth of food storage and emergency supplies because this will allow you to ride out almost any disaster.

Every generation is skilled at using the technology of its era. For example, people today are very good at driving cars, using smartphones, setting up home entertainment systems, and so forth. The problem is, if the end of the world as we know it ever happens, all those skills will be useless. The skills of our forefathers, on the other hand, will never be useless.

 Below, we’ll take a look at 30 survival skills from our past that have mostly been forgotten today. If you want to be able to survive in a world where relying on technology isn’t an option, these skills are certainly worth learning.

 1. Hand Washing Clothes - These days, almost everyone owns a washer and dryer, and those who don’t are able to rely on a visit to the laundromat. Washing clothes without these conveniences, though, is a forgotten skill...

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Randy said...

The few neighbors we see posting Biden yard signs nauseates me-I want to place "Socialist' signs next to them in their yard!

Naomi said...

The goal of socialist-dems is to takeover the US and RUIN our nation...for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone supports those bastards.