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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Stockpile food against dire destitution

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Stockpile food against dire destitution

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has declared that having pet dogs is a "bourgeoisie" Western habit and has ordered all of them confiscated. The reality is that people in North Korea are being forced to give up their pet dogs so they can be used as meat for restaurants since the country is starving.

By contrast, stroll down any aisle at the grocery store on Main Street USA on an average day and you'll see thousands of food items of all kinds made by any number of producers. Many times there are six or eight brands of the same item. And they come in all sizes.

It is the illusion of prosperity. Although store shelves are currently full, there may soon come a time when that is not the case. As the U.S. Federal deficit grows beyond the current historic levels, there will come a time when a correction comes.

A devaluing of the dollar has already begun. It will be followed by inflation that could become so severe that food and other necessities become unaffordable or, despite even great wealth, unattainable.
Currently, the U.S. is doling out trillions and taking in mere billions in tax receipts. It doesn't take Pythagoras to understand that math like that doesn't add up.

Watch for much theater out of Washington in the coming days. Elected elites will posture and preen. The press will wail and gnash its teeth over the "bailouts," the money printers will continue to churn and dollars will continue to fly out the door.

Meanwhile, when State lawmakers do make the hard choices, those who long sucked off the government teat — led by the thugs directing the government employee unions and egged on by the press — will march on their capitals demanding that its government rape the taxpayers one more time to ensure their cushy arrangement.

Americans have been pushed to the brink. To quote trends forecaster Gerald Celente, "When the people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, and they lose it."

Once the line is finally crossed, a citizenry fed up with a pandering, do-nothing, wasteful government will rise up and throw it out. When that happens, the unrest in Venezuela will pale in comparison.

If you have taken our advice and own gold and silver and have food and water stockpiled, you'll weather the storm. Those who choose to depend on big daddy government will suffer.

If you haven't yet prepared and want to prepare yourself for North Korea or Venezuela-type circumstances where Dickensian scenes of destitution are commonplace and ensure that your family has food to weather such a storm, you need to begin stockpiling food and water now.

Mainstream media and popular culture often portray American preppers as anti-government extremists who are stockpiling guns and freeze-dried foods in anticipation of societal collapse. This mischaracterization of what it means to be prepared could prove to have deadly consequences for many people who don't want to risk being labeled a fringe wacko and, therefore, refuse to take seriously the benefits of comprehensive disaster preparedness.

Even if you don't believe things in the U.S. can get that bad, it's a good idea to have some food and water stored in the event of a natural disaster that affects the food and water supply for a short time.

You should always keep at least a three-day supply of food on hand. It's easy to stockpile a few cans of meats, soups and vegetables as well some rice and grains to get you through a short-term emergency. You can do this by buying a few extra things each time you go to the grocery store. Remember, canned foods have a shelf-life of about two years, so rotate your foods.

For longer-term situations, some advanced planning can save you from tremendous hardship when the catastrophe strikes. To prepare, you should have a good stockpile of both canned and freeze-dried foods. All canned soups, fruits, vegetables and meats should be kept in a dry, cool space.

Be smart with your planning and purchasing and you can accumulate food that will sustain you for a long time at very little cost. Just don't gather things your family will not eat. Oatmeal, ramen noodles and Bisquick are great things to have on hand in an emergency, and they don't cost much.

 And, don't forget to add commonly used spices, which help to make any food more palatable.

Freeze-dried foods and military-style Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are convenient types of foods to have on hand for emergencies. These are available from outdoor supply stores, survivalist stores and via the Internet. There are various types of MREs that can be purchased in kits with quantities to feed families for up to a year.

When buying these pre-packaged meal kits, be sure you compare the packages for a list of meals and ingredients included before making your purchase. Some tend to scrimp on their offerings and provide just enough to survive but not enough for a hearty, filling meal that includes protein.

How much food should I save?

You can never have too much food set aside for a crisis because you can't know ahead of time what the crisis will be or how long it will last. Will a three-day supply be enough? One week? A month? Three months? A year?
You hope it doesn't last long, but you never know. So it's best to start small and work from there. And start with a definite plan.

There are several things to consider. How many are in your family? How many additional people would you bring under your roof? What is the nature of the crisis — natural disaster, terrorist attack, economic collapse or fuel shortage?
Let's start with a three-day supply. If you are feeding a family of four for three days, you will need to plan on three breakfast meals, three lunches and three dinners. If you need a store of food so you're prepared to weather any kind of emergency, here is what we feel is best emergency food you can get anywhere: Just follow this link for a deep discount.

The main idea is to prepare. That way, if the U.S. should take a turn for the worse, you won't find yourself on a diet of meager meals, scraping to get by.
In How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization, I explain, among other things, how to set up a safe room, how to prepare for almost any kind of disaster, what medicinal plants you can find outside your home and much more. You can buy it by going here.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
The Bob Livingston Letter®


Other Thoughts…

The whole point of preparedness is to be ready when a disaster strikes. If a hurricane is heading your way, you don't want to be in line at the store with hundreds of other people buying whatever supplies are left. You want to be at home with your family, secure in the fact that you have all the supplies you need.
 But what if it's too late? Imagine you're one of those people who likes the idea of preparedness but never really got into it, and now a disaster is looming and you only have hours left to prepare. What should you do?

 Again, you don't want to let yourself end up in this situation. But in case you are, here is a list of last-minute preps to do/get before it's too late...

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Mike said...

Decades ago, while in the service [in a 3rd World nation] I accidentally tried roast dog. Not bad until we translated what it was we were eating...

Marlene said...

Like that cabin [and the rest of the posting]

Ron said...

We've noticed shortages of many guns, ammo & food stocks in the past month-could this mean folks are finally waking up?

Roger said...

Democrats Ready for War if Biden Loses 2020
Stories like this are forcing many to gear up against the potential of dem-marxist fueled chaos...

Zoe said...

Why is it-Only Leftists Loot, Burn, Destroy, & Riot? [The vile, bile networks usually ignore or downplay the violence; somehow, it’s all Trump’s fault?!] Look for MSNBCs new fall show: “Let’s Trash America.”