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Monday, December 14, 2020

Are we headed for a Civil War?


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Are we headed for a Civil War?

America is at an undeniable crossroads.

The next year or two may decide if our republic remains intact or not.

And some are saying we may soon see the next Civil War as at least five states are ready to take this drastic action.

The last year has been filled with everything from a Communist Chinese-released virus to government lockdowns, mask mandates, and massive economic hardships.


We’ve seen rioting, violence, arson, looting – even murder – all across the country.

Unemployment has skyrocketed as hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed their doors forever due to either unconstitutional government lockdowns or the continued rioting and vandalism.


Police and other first responders have been targets of assault and murder by the deadliest domestic terrorist activity in our history.


And Antifa and their BLM running buddies show no signs of letting up, even if Joe Biden is able to successfully steal the presidency through widespread voter fraud.


   With our election system and culture under assault, Americans need to stand up for our country!


As one government official recently told Deep State Journal, “I won’t be surprised if this all ends in another bloody civil war as polarization and vilification by the socialist left continues.”

As scary as that sounds, it isn’t too far-fetched. The anger and animosity of the American people has simply boiled over in 2020.


In fact, a conservative Congressman recently told this editor that he’s had staff leave his office because they’re just too afraid of the increasing violence against conservatives in our nation’s capital.

This comes fresh on the heels of new reports showing a massive migration of Americans from urban cities to places like Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Tennessee, and South Dakota.

And now it appears there are at least five states where some kind of secession is being seriously considered.


Much like in Europe, separation and secession fever is sweeping across the U.S. as tenacious bands of frustrated rural Americans, suburbanites, libertarians, and conservatives seek to break free from the socialist-leaning states controlled by big cities, leftist mobs, and union boss money.

In Virginia, the Democrat majority’s progressive legislation on issues such as gun rights, abortion, taxes, and Right to Work laws has spurred “Vexit” (Virginia exit), a campaign to merge right-leaning rural counties with neighboring West Virginia.


Ironically, no state has split since West Virginia was carved from Virginia in 1863, but the growing interest comes as those living outside the big cities face increasing government mandates, higher taxes, and restrictions on civil liberties foisted on them by legislatures controlled by the big cities and college towns. I’ve suggested the same to our state reps as MI is mostly conservative but dominated by leftist socialists in Wayne County [Detroit], Flint and Lansing.


G.H. Merritt founded grassroots nonprofit, New Illinois, in effort to kick Chicago out of Illinois by using the Article IV process, which will require the consent of the legislature and Congress.

“We have operations in 49 of 102 counties,” Ms. Merritt said. 


In New York, “Divide New York State” has long since advocated for three autonomous self-governing regions, which would eliminate the need for Congress to create separate states. 

Even more ambitious are two competing plans from California. “New California” seeks to create a 51st state, while “Calexit” wants to make California its own nation.


Adam W. Dean, history professor at the University of Lynchburg in Virginia, said the idea of moving Virginia counties to West Virginia is legal under Article IV, Section III of the U.S. Constitution.


The question now is: should any of these efforts take hold, will the federal government “allow” it or will it lead to another Civil War?


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The mainstream media will do or say anything to help ensure Joe Biden is installed as our country’s next president. They completely ignored the Hunter Biden-laptop-Tony Bobulinski story that erupted just weeks before the November election.

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Mark said...

We're already in a Civil War. This weekend antifa thugs stabbed/shot pro-Trumpers at a DC rally. The Dem-Marxists are out for blood & we need to fight back. No wonder ammo & arms sales are thru the roof!

Mya said...

Best to prepare now if you haven't already!

Anne said...

Americans are suckers; embracing the propaganda of the globalist-Marxist-socialist scum

Pat said...

A Civil War could play right into the hands of the Globalists who could ride in with a 'solution.' As it is America will likely resemble a communist collective soon.

Pablo De Pastors said...

Thanks for postingg this