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Monday, December 28, 2020

Time for conservatives to unite against the globalist reset


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Time for conservatives to unite against the globalist reset

The narrative could not be more transparent or obvious, but then again, the elites are becoming lazy in their propaganda and the leftists are not all that bright. Essentially, every time conservatives (or moderates) organize to defend themselves against Marxist or globalist attacks, we are called "Nazis," brownshirts, populists, bullies, etc.

 Now, I would remind these people that if we were really going the path of the Sturmabteilung then there would be rampant intimidation and assault on leftists to the point that they would be afraid to leave their homes or even identify as leftists. Conservatives believe in self-defense, not coercion and terror tactics.

The reality is that across the board the only people engaging in widespread censorship and violence are on the political left, yet we are supposed to be the Nazis?

Historically, there does seem to be a pattern here, though. In Germany in the 1920s-1930s communist groups were highly active and initiated street violence, riots and even assassinations. This lured many Germans in fear of being overtaken by a communist regime to support national socialism, the other side of the coin when it comes to tyranny. In other words, to defeat the communists the public supported the fascists, and the fascists ended up being just as bad as the communists.

If you study the investigations of historians like Antony Sutton in books like Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution or Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, you will discover there is incredible evidence that both the communists and the fascists were funded and controlled by the same global elites. In other words, the bankers win either way because they control both sides of the game.

I do suspect that a similar strategy is being implemented within the U.S. today, and that part of the agenda of the globalists hellbent on getting their "great reset" is to foment civil war in America while controlling or manipulating both sides of the fight.

It is indeed a Catch-22 for conservatives...

If we roll over and do nothing, then the extreme left and their corporate and political partners take control of the country and we will never see freedom again as they assert their "social justice" mandates along with their lockdown mandates.

If we fight back using the same tactics as the leftists or support martial law, then we ultimately erase the civil liberties protected within the Bill of Rights. Those rights will never return, and we become history's biggest hypocrites and a cautionary tale of the "dangers of nationalism" told to children generations from now, much like the Nazis.

There is, however, another option. The establishment likes to make people think there are only ever two choices during any crisis, and both choices involve giving up more freedom or giving the government more power. What they don't want you to consider is the third option — the people taking power for themselves and removing power from those that would abuse it.

Why should we rely on a middleman to enact such measures? Why are we always being told that we need to wait for a president or a government to do the job we can do ourselves? The liberty movement doesn't revolve around Trump or the election, and it should never rely on martial law as a means to secure our safety. We can do this on our own without asking permission or waiting to be led by a mascot.

In light of the large and growing opposition to pandemic lockdown measures, leftist social justice policies, as well as the prospect of a Biden presidency, the mainstream media is doing what is it designed to do — create propaganda to "shame" anyone that dares to oppose the prevailing establishment narrative. Their most recent strategy is to label the conservative rebellion against the reset "the new confederacy."

This narrative is riding on the back of discussion among conservatives and state politicians that the possibility of secession should be explored in light of Biden's family criminal charges as well as evidence of election fraud. Republican observers in multiple swing states were told "counting was done for the night" and sent home only to have counting continue overnight without scrutiny (state election monitors were either not present or present for a very short period of time). This is creating reasonable suspicion among many voters, as Biden's sudden and unprecedented spike in ballots coincidentally happened after observers were lied to and sent home in the early morning hours.

What I believe is happening is that conservatives are being prodded and provoked, perhaps to make us support actions like martial law which would be considered totalitarian. Martial law is exactly what the establishment wants. Conservatives, the only stalwart defenders of civil liberties, using military suppression and abandoning the Bill of Rights to maintain political power? That is a dream come true for the globalists in the long term. And despite people's faith in Trump, there are far too many banking elites and globalists within his cabinet to ensure that such power will not be abused or used against us later.

I think the concept of the "new confederacy" label being used by leftist and the media reveals what they truly fear, though:

If they can get us to roll over for the lockdowns and medical tyranny and a Biden dictatorship, they're happy. If they can get us to support martial law and a Trump "coup," they're happy. But what they don't want is for conservatives and moderates to form their own organizational resistance not beholden to any singular political figure or top-down pyramid structure.

Such organization is happening right now. Millions of liberty-minded Americans are leaving leftist counties and states, taking their wealth and businesses with them, and going to more conservative regions where they will be safer. There has not been an ideological immigration like this in the U.S. for well over a century. The reality is that conservatives are congregating (FINALLY), and they are starting to work together for their own security.

In my own area in Montana, I have been running local open meetings on preparedness and current events in the hopes of getting people prepared and networked in the event that the current crisis spills over, and rule of law breaks down. Or, in the event that there is an attempt by the state or federal government to enforce medical lockdown mandates where we live. These meetings have been growing exponentially in the past couple of months and needless to say, people in my town are not going to submit to restrictions and do not plan to hide quietly in their homes while their community is destroyed.

These groups are forming across the country. Thank God... because without community organization there is zero chance of survival or freedom for liberty-minded Americans. As I've noted in some of my latest articles, the rebellion to lockdowns and vaccination mandates is visible even in hard-left states like California and New York. There is much to be optimistic about. That said, the fight is going to be difficult and there will be ample vitriol leveled against us as we successfully unify.

Organization requires a tit-for-tat philosophy to do well. Meaning, everyone must take some risk in order to encourage others to join the fight.

For example, conservatives demand that business owners refuse to enforce lockdown rules. But, if a business owner makes this courageous choice and faces off with government health officials, then patriots need to be there to back them up. This might even mean standing in the way of law enforcement violating the constitutional rights of that business.

I call this "creating a wall of worry." Many police and sheriffs are not on board with the enforcement of illegal mandates, but those who are need to understand that there are potential consequences for doing so. The Wall of Worry is a deterrent, and the larger the group of people involved the better. Police are not going to risk escalation of a fight over lockdown mandates if they realize that fight could go badly for them. And, if people in their own departments are against the lockdowns, the consequences double if they seek to enforce them. They should be the ones worried, not us.

Health Department officials are even less likely to push the issue in the face of opposition.

By extension, if your local sheriff's department or police department is standing against the unconstitutional mandates and the state or federal government threatens them with repercussions, you must be there to offer help and support. They are taking a risk for you, so you must be willing to take a risk for them.

I am also hearing considerable chatter that many medical professionals including doctors and nurses are going to refuse to take the poorly tested and questionable COVID vaccine for fear of damaging side effects. These people are under immense pressure to take the vaccine or lose their license to practice. Conservatives must defend them if they rebel against mandatory vaccination.

This means helping them to set up their own clinics outside of the controlled system where they can continue to help people and still make a living. This means networking liberty-minded patients that need treatment for various ailments to doctors and nurses that will not demand they show a medical passport and will not report them to the government. This means protecting doctors and nurses from retribution should government officials try to punish or arrest them.

Communities will need to build their own localized economies, using barter and trade and maybe even creating a local currency scrip (hopefully backed by some kind of commodity). They are going to have to insulate themselves from the lockdowns economically in order to defy the lockdowns in a practical way, otherwise, anyone that does not conform to medical passports and 24/7 contact tracing will be denied access to the establishment-controlled economy and die of poverty. We have to create alternatives. We have to offer people a choice outside of tyranny, otherwise, they will go along with the tyranny.

Finally, conservative communities are going to have to provide for their own security. Regardless of how the election situation actually ends, and even if Trump stays in the White House and refuses to concede, martial law is an unacceptable scenario. Conservatives don't need it anyway. We should be establishing localized security (otherwise known as militias) composed of any able-bodied person in the community that wants to join. These militias would have to form as unofficial bodies, as it is unlikely that state politicians will sanction them.

That's OK. We don't need them to sanction our own security and defense. As I said, we can handle it ourselves.

In the meantime, the leftists will label us "brownshirts," but of course they are the people that have proven over and over again to be violent and totalitarian, so their accusations ring hollow. The media will call us the "new confederacy," which is funny because the majority of the Confederacy and slave owners during the civil war were Democrats. We'll set aside that irony and point out that people have an inherent right to self-defense and to freedom from oppression and none of us are slave owners. Anyone who calls for the globalist reset is an enemy of individual rights, and anyone that tries to enforce medical tyranny is on the wrong side of history and of morality.

They can call us whatever they want and make erroneous historical comparisons until they are blue in the face... it won't change the fact that we are seeking to be free and they are seeking to take that freedom away. This is all that matters.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith


We need to enable/promote the widespread creation of patriot/freedom support groups.



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Cory said...

We might come down to a CW yet in order to protect ourselves from Marxism.

Martha said...

Sad to say but most folks are mere sheep just waiting to be led to slaughter; few will stand up for themselves, their family oe their nation...our socialist moron teachers have weeded out the semblence of history or self reliance from many.

Tim said...

Unfortunately-most morons have their head buried in the sand and will not stand for are one of a select few who do!