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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Is Everything in America Broken-8 Possible Reasons


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Wow,” she said on Twitter. “Anyone notice food is becoming outrageously expensive?”

Is Everything in America Broken-8 Possible Reasons

Why do food prices seem to be getting higher around the U.S.? And why, as we’ve laid out in previous episodes, is this trend set to continue?

The mainstream narrative will likely gather around COVID-19 as the main culprit for rising food costs. Indeed, it did cause a disruption in food supply chains (or, if we’re being genuine, the panicked reaction of it did so)...

But so did (and will) other things.

Such as:

Record droughts: Of course, weather will always be a factor. Record droughts wracked Mexico and the Western United States, where a good chunk of our food is produced. But it can’t take all of the blame for this trend.

Printer Bust: Printing trillions of dollars… and keeping the printers running hot to infinity… won’t help.

Dollar Bust: The ensuing plummeting value of the dollar.

Pipeline Bust: For better or worse, an increase in restrictions on fossil fuel extraction, which must inevitably translate into higher gas prices, equating to higher costs for farming, food production, and transportation of food products.

Financialized Bust: The financialization which has become so all-pervasive it can destroy lives with nothing more than a bleary eye and a fat finger.

Supply Chain Bust: Weakening global and local supply chains as a result of haphazard busybodying, red tape, and unforeseen shocks and disruptions.

Tax Bust: Higher taxes, which, without fail, inadvertently or advertently, sooner or later, get thrust onto the consumer.

Government Waste Bust: Government corruption, incompetence, pork, and blatant waste happening all over the world, and reaching brazen new heights every day.

(Other than that, everything is fine.)

Alas, we have yet another thing to worry about, according to the pundits:

According to some, NFTs, the crypto-collectible digital art pieces currently all the rage, are burning down the rainforests.

Or, at least, they’re an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

Or, at least, they’re, in the words of author Seth Godin, “a trap.”


“It’s an ongoing waste that creates little in ongoing value and gets less efficient and more expensive as time goes on. For most technological innovations the opposite is true.”

Is it true?

Are NFTs Killing Polar Bears?

Waste, of course, is a relative term. And we have to look at it from both sides.

For example, how much waste is baked into the dollar’s cake?

The dollar empire seems destined to drown in its own waste (but not before the dollar savers drown first).

History might reveal this to be the inevitable endgame of an empire that stretched itself too thin.

History might also reveal this time to be the end of an old paradigm. And the shaky beginning of a new one.

But nothing’s set in stone.

I think we have a choice: between centralization and control or decentralization and freedom.

In case you haven't noticed, events in the world are getting downright Biblical. We now have a rash of plagues (mice and spiders in Australia), earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts and even new super strain pandemics (caused by the covid vaccine itself).

In California, a couple that bought a new home is unable to occupy it because a "covid squatter" has been living there for a year, and the local police refuse to take any action. Insane, right?

Today's feature story and podcast cover all these insane stories (and many more) in great detail.

Get the full story and podcast here.


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If you own anything that runs on gasoline, you may wish to build a survival fuel cache soon.

Just know that it’s about to get a whole lot more expensive, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting it “when it was so cheap.”

Sure, the cost of gas has skyrocketed 30% since November, hitting a national average of $2.85 a gallon…

But experts warn that we’re in the early stages of the price hike, and we could see $3.00 per gallon as early as April - and we’ll likely hit $4.00 after that…

So, now’s the time...

Not only will you save money in the coming months, but you’ll also be building an often neglected survival fuel cache.

Because when the power goes out, the gas pumps don’t work…

Natural disasters like hurricanes constantly disrupt the supply chain, creating gas shortages in hard hit areas.

It’s tough to bug out when your gas gauge is pinned on “E.”

And your generator won’t run on the salty tears of the unprepared.

So, do yourself the favor and consider building up your survival fuel cache now, before you desperately need it and find yourself out of luck.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re getting started…

First, decide on how much gas you’ll need.

My advice would be to have enough to power your generator for at least a week if you need to shelter in place.

Your owner’s manual should tell you how much your machine needs to keep it going per hour…

And only you know what you’ll need to keep powered up and for how long...

Take those figures, do some quick multiplication, and you’ll have the number of gallons you need.

You’ll also want to keep enough fuel on hand to keep your vehicle topped-of in the event that the pumps are out of commission for a week or so.

And if you have a bugout location, figure out how much you need to get there, then add 25% to the total to be safe.

Next, ensure you can safely store the gas…

Gas cans are at most home improvement stores, and online.

Pick the sizes you want - there are plenty of options - and be sure to keep in mind the ability to carry and transport the gas cans.

Too big and they become a burden instead of a blessing.

Quick note: do NOT vent your gas cans.




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Todd said...

Looks to me like should party like it's 1999

Martha said...

The Biden regime is creating a "perfect storm" of financial collapse.
We're already seeing skyrocketing prices in food, fuel, housing and commodities in 2021 (so far), indicating the value of the dollar is already collapsing by 20 percent or more.