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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Socialism is a disease-Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Country


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Socialism is a disease and the ideology of thieves & tyrants.

We are the silent fodder of this mutiny of professional politicians against our own Constitution.

Veterans I speak with are angry that they defend freedom elsewhere in the world, only to see Leftist politicians whittle away at our rights here…

How do we confront the socialistic saboteur Fifth Column that is currently and actively operating from within our federal government?

Socialist destructive forces [at all levels of government, media, schools] of SABOTAGE, BIGOTRY AND PROPOGANDA continue to batter away at our ancient and noble values of Liberty, Unity, Justice and Equality.

We have four distinctly different varieties of “Deep State” to consider: The Organic Deep State (benign intent, and woefully disenfranchising) The Cabalistic Deep State (a collection of malignant maggots metastasizing across all Four branches of our government who want to do things their way).

The Deep State Operating as a Fifth Column (militant activists within our federal government with antagonistic external leadership with the goal of toppling our elected government and installing their own puppet).

The Deep State Mutiny or Coup, (a massive uprising from within our federal government with intentions of overpowering our institutions and seizing power for themselves).

“Unrestricted Warfare” the Chinese strategy to counter U.S. power- (translated by CIA ) lists Financial Warfare as a top strategy to achieve their 21st Century agenda of replacing the USA as top dog in the world. Aided by DC swamp rats & Biden, it’s a done deal.


Why learn about the various forms of “Deep States”?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I have received a direct warning that the deep state is planning a massive false flag event that will produce many casualties and be blamed on "anti-vaxxers" and gun owners. The event will be used to confiscate firearms nationwide and criminalize all anti-vax speech online.

We need to get the word out about this nefarious plot in order to help stop it. The more people know this is being planned, the harder it is for the deep state to carry it out.

See my full warning article and podcast here.


Our Increasingly Unrecognizable Civilization

Mark Steyn 
Host, The Mark Steyn Show


I live about 20 minutes south of the Canadian border, which used to be called the longest undefended frontier in the world. People moved freely back and forth across it all day every day. But now it’s been closed for over a year. At one point my daughter asked me to drive her up there, because there was a 30-minute opportunity for people on one side to talk to their friends on the other. “Sad!” as President Trump would say. It was like Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin during the Cold War, except that both sides are now like East Berlin.

I don’t know how this happened, but it is just one indication that America, and the West in general, have become almost unrecognizable from what they were not that long ago.

Look at just three things we have lost. . . . continue reading

I don't know about you, but I believe we have to keep that from happening! We need to work on conserving conservative values…




It's one thing to prepare for a temporary disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. It's a whole other thing to prepare for a long-term disaster that cripples the power grid, communication systems, and transportation networks. Without those, we'd basically be living in the 1800s again.

 Back then things were very different. People were more hands-on. To get through day-to-day life, they needed all sorts of skills that many people have never even heard of. These skills were so commonplace that they were often taken for granted. The average pioneer may have thought, "How could anyone not know how to make soap?"

 The modern world has made life so easy that there's simply no need to learn pioneer skills. But if we face a big enough disaster, that will change fast. Below is a list of 17 lost survival skills that are worth learning if you really want to be prepared for the end of the world as we know it. If your ancestors were able to learn these skills, then so are you...

 23 Lost Survival Skills Your Ancestors Had

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How to Build and Stock a Pantry

Design, build and fill a pantry that will provide your family with enough food to get through an emergency, a snowstorm, or just day-to-day life.



Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA




What are some items that you think you should start hoarding for a major, cataclysmic disaster? Water? Absolutely. Food? Also absolutely. Ammo? For sure. First aid equipment? Definitely. Gasoline? Yep.

 The list goes on. All of those things are incredibly valuable items to hoard for survival, and you can probably think of about ten or twenty other types of survival supplies as well.

 That being said, there are countless ordinary items--things people use every day--that are relatively cheap and can be used for survival. The wisest among us are already stockpiling them...

 18 Things Everyone Should Start Hoarding

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Randy said...

You comment about veterans angry over Dems who are eroding our freedoms while they die protecting the rights of citizens from other countries sure rang true with me over this Memorial weekend.

Peter said...

The so-called 'Squad' represents the evil cloud enveloping DC & our nation; these are sick, anti-American garbage & hopefully, trash day is coming soon.

Lee said...

We've been at about 5-6% inflation rate in our own 'sticks & bricks' plan; now that Biden is in office, we're at 6-8% inflation projections...possibly higher.
--Pulte Group memo