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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Authoritarianism or revolution?



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How much time do we have left before full authoritarianism or revolution?

There is one question I receive from readers more than any other, and that is: "How much time do we have left before collapse or rebellion?"

To be clear, I have no crystal ball, and timing is the one thing that is almost impossible to know for certain. For example, in 2018 and 2019 I noted in several articles that the globalists only needed one more major event in the U.S. or globally to trigger the last stage of economic decline and to launch their "great reset." Only a year later we found ourselves in crisis due to the pandemic lockdowns and supply chain disruptions. In 2014 in an article written during the Ebola scare I suggested that a pandemic and medical tyranny might be the strategy that the globalists would use. I knew the chances were high but knowing exactly when is another matter entirely. All that any of us can ever do is look at the odds of a particular event and guess when it might happen according to the visible trends.

The only exception to this rule is that the closer you get to pure conflict or chaos, the closer you get to the collapse, the easier it can be to predict a timeline. If you are an experienced chess player, you know that high-stakes contests tend to build and build until there is a singularity — a moment when the end game is near and the winner will be decided in a flurry of attacks. I believe we are close to that point in America today.

To understand the state of the world right now it is important to accept the fact that there is a contingent of people in financial and political power that have a plan or a "vision" for the future, and part of their plan requires the removal of American patriots and conservatives and the subjugation of the American people. It is our history of rebellion against tyranny that they need to erase because it has the ability to inspire a future rebellion against the global totalitarian empire they plan to impose.

People also need to accept another fact. Now that the globalists have openly set their agenda in motion with the pandemic lockdowns, forced vaccination plans and medical passport schemes, they have a limited amount of time to achieve their objectives. Now that they have made their moves openly, a rebellion is brewing, and they are in a race to bring in their "reset" before patriots in the U.S. and in other parts of the world stop them.

So, what does this mean for conservatives and liberty advocates in 2021? Time is growing short.

I believe that we will be witnessing a full economic and social crash within the next year. Here are the reasons why, and I will discuss the economic reasons first, followed by the social and political reasons:

End of the eviction moratorium

The end of the eviction moratorium has been delayed a couple of times, but the latest attempt has been struck down by the Supreme court and federal courts. At least 12 million renters in the U.S. have said they are behind on their payments and 26 percent of Americans are struggling to pay their bills overall. The real number is likely much higher given that normal eviction numbers dropped by over half in 2020 due to the moratorium. There is a federal program being forwarded for renter's assistance, but the problem is more complex than simply dropping fiat money from helicopters.

Another issue is that the housing market is still hot in some areas of the country, and the landlords of many rented homes might be looking to sell those properties and make a profit. Look at it this way... if you were a landlord and you just spent the last year receiving no rent checks from your property investments because tenants refused to pay due to the moratorium, would you want to keep renting out your properties? Probably not. You would have no idea if another moratorium might be instituted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the chance to sell properties that were making you no money last year and get inflated prices for them this year is going to be very tempting.

Sadly, there are a lot of good people out there that have to rent and cannot buy right now, and because of the eviction moratorium, many rental properties are about to be sold and removed from the market for years to come. There is going to be a drought in rentals except in the most undesirable cities in the U.S., I guarantee it. On top of that, even with demand for rentals being high, building new apartments and homes will be difficult because construction companies are booked for a year or more in advance and lumber prices are still outrageous.

In other words, there are going to be millions of more Americans out on the streets regardless of any federal stimulus programs. Some of them will deserve it, and some of them won't. The crash, which was being hidden by federal measures, will now become highly visible as the homeless population explodes.

Employment shortage

Right now, there is an underlying and very dangerous trend that almost no one in the mainstream is talking about, and that is the fact that many small and medium-sized businesses are finding it difficult or impossible to hire new employees. Why? A primary reason is that federal and state authorities are paying people more money through unemployment to stay at home and do nothing than those people would make working an actual job. There is simply no incentive for many Americans to go back to work.

From what I have seen, this is killing businesses. Only major corporations and big-box retailers seem to be operating near normal capacity, and this is because they can afford to pay much higher wages and bonuses while being given endless stimulus dollars from the Federal Reserve. Small businesses do not have this option and are getting little to nothing from the small business bailouts promised at the onset of the pandemic.

The COVID checks are supposed to end in the next few months, but by the time this happens, it is likely that many small businesses will have already closed due to a lack of personnel.

End of the COVID stimulus checks

COVID payments and unemployment bonuses are scheduled to end in most states by September. Some states have already started, but the process of weening people off the government handouts is slow. It is likely that there will be numerous legal battles, and that some people will even demand that the stimulus checks never end. In other words, there will be calls for Universal Basic Income in the near term.

That said, I suspect the checks will be cut off completely for a time, and that this will lead to a considerable spike in poverty levels.

The problem is that every stimulus program the government has implemented appears to be an attempt to "help," when it actually sets up millions of people to be hurt. Dependency on the government breeds submission to the government, and every once in a while, the establishment will seek to remind people of who their daddy is by cutting off the funds and the handouts. Beyond that, constant stimulus creates dollar devaluation and hyperinflation. We are seeing the first major signs of inflation now, and it's not going to stop.

Stagflationary tensions rising

In many sectors of the economy, demand is beginning to fall yet prices are remaining high. In necessities in particular there has been a huge increase in price inflation even though many Americans are reducing their purchases. This is what they call "stagflation," and it is in my opinion the worst possible financial condition.

There are a number of reasons why this is happening, but mainly it is because of the federal reserve and its incessant money creation schemes. There is always a price to pay for fiat money printing, and we are starting to see that price now. I am noticing inflation in my personal costs of up to 20 percent per month, and I'm sure many of you out there are seeing the same thing or worse depending on what part of the country you live in.

There has also been extensive "shrinkage" in the packaging of goods at the grocery stores; meaning the amount in the package is reduced while the price remains the same. This is a coordinated effort by corporations to hide the fact that price inflation is growing. I think that this inflation will accelerate as we close in on the end of this year and that price spikes will become a constant mainstream discussion by next year. "Inflation" or "stagflation" will be the word on everyone's lips in 2022.

A return of pandemic lockdowns?

The Biden administration and the globalists have been hitting the public hard with COVID propaganda in the past month, more so than they have for a while. They are specifically trying to fearmonger with the "delta variant" narrative. Frankly, nothing has changed. Even with the vaccine rollout, governments around the world are trying to keep the lockdowns and mask mandates in place. This just goes to show that the mandates were never about public health, and they were always about control.

It is hard to say what exactly the long-term consequences will be.

What I do know is that the establishment elites are in a panic in the U.S. These people care nothing for public health or safety, so why are they so aggressively adamant about making sure we all take the vaccine? I suspect a long-term population control agenda including a likelihood of mass infertility (according to many experts there is a danger of this), but we will have to wait and see what happens.

I think that lockdowns in blue states are possible again in the near term, perhaps over the delta variant, but it may be early next year over a different variant. Most red states will remain open, and this will cause the Biden administration to go on the offensive against conservatives once again. I have no doubt that Biden will seek to cut off federal funds from states that refuse to comply with the lockdown agenda. The question is, will red states fold to this threat? And if some governors do, will citizens remove them from their positions?

Vaccine passports on the way

Talk of vaccine passports is exploding in Europe right now, causing riots and protests in many countries, and the U.S. is next. The difference is that in the U.S. the public is heavily armed, but this is not going to stop the globalists from making the attempt.

For now, the strategy in the U.S. is to use corporations as middlemen to implement the draconian passport restrictions. This cannot be tolerated by the citizenry. Just as we have seen with Facebook and the Biden administration, corporations and governments are allied closely with each other (in true fascist form), and if corporations are taking government money and implementing government policies then they should no longer be considered private businesses and they are now subject to constitutional restrictions and public retribution.

If we allow the vaccine passports to become entrenched across the U.S., the fight is essentially over. There needs to be widespread county and statewide resistance to this program. With the vaccine passports, long-term tyranny is assured, and the elites will have micro-control over every aspect of our daily lives. Just as the communists in China have enacted a "social credit system," we will have a similar system in the U.S. And all the government will have to do to end your life is to cancel your vaccine passport. Without it, you will not be able to participate in the normal economy, keep a job, or even go to the grocery store.

Alternative systems will need to be built, and they will need to be defended. The establishment will never willingly allow competing economic systems to be built that give non-vaccinated people the ability to survive without them. They will want to make sure you and your family starve to death for your defiance. This will lead to war.

War is inevitable

When you are dealing with psychopaths, there is no reasoning, there is no logic, there is no diplomacy, there is no empathy. They want control over everything, they will do anything to get it, and the only option is to remove them by force as a threat. This is reality.

The globalists are for all intents and purposes an organized cult of psychopaths. All of their behavior suggests this is the case, and the only recourse is to treat them as you would any individual psychopath. You lock them up and throw away the key, or you put them in the ground permanently.

The issue with rebellion is that it is largely dependent on the actions of tyrants. Go too soon and you look like the villain and lose a chance to gain public support, go too late and you miss your opportunity to fight back effectively. Of course, a lot of people wrongly assume that because the bullets aren't flying yet this means that there is no rebellion. This is naive.

The real fight is happening right now as millions of conservatives and patriots organize and prepare. Staging logistics and organizing community groups is where the war is won first. Without these efforts beforehand there is no chance of winning the fight that comes later. On top of that, the information war is paramount, and I would say that we have been far more successful than the elites would like to admit. Just look at how they are struggling in the U.S. to get the vaccination numbers they want and the vaccine passport policies they need to maintain control.

This is why I expect some kind of interference against the alternative media very soon. They have to get rid of us first because they need to have a complete monopoly on the flow of information. This will probably occur in the form of a major cyberattack that shuts down large parts of the web, or, they will attempt to enforce censorship of individual websites just as they are enforcing censorship on social media.

If mass censorship becomes policy, if vaccine passports are enacted, if conservatives come under direct attack, the shooting war will begin. It is only a matter of time, and the time is speeding towards us quickly. Again, just as we are now living in a different America compared to 2019, in 2022 or early 2023 everything will be changed again. There is little room left for the elites to achieve their reset and they will have to act quickly. The more time that passes the less momentum they will have, and they know it.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith



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Amanda said...

My friends have finally become concerned over the growth of Marxism & the crap they're indoctrinating kids with; no one thought this would happen in America.

Sandy said...

Everyone we know has armed up in the event of turmoil-who will fire the first shot-who will lead the attack against Dem-socialists; who will they round up 1st?

Randy said...

Fight or flight seem to be our two choices; so long as good people do nothing to take a stand, we seemed doomed.

Sally said...

We're seeing la la land in Dc-Biden & gang are full of crap, incompetent rats.

Heidi said...

Thanks to inept schools teaching Marxism vs how to think for yourself, it's become easy for the DC rats to control many in this nation & the leftist imbecile media furthers our destruction.

Anonymous said...

You have a clear understanding of psychopaths and that they control the world... "The globalists are for all intents and purposes an organized cult of psychopaths. All of their behavior suggests this is the case, and the only recourse is to treat them as you would any individual psychopath. You lock them up and throw away the key, or you put them in the ground permanently."

However, the fact that a bunch of psychopaths rule is only ONE part of the equation. The true, WHOLE, but "politically inconvenient" and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem and reality, no real constructive change is possible.