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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Biden isn't just incompetent, he's treasonous, Death of US Freedom


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This Isn’t Incompetence. This Is Treason!

America’s stunning defeat in Afghanistan demonstrates the collapse of a superpower. How could the Biden administration have enacted a policy so devastating to the nation? The answer goes deeper than you realize!

The Afghanistan catastrophe is an abject, shameful dishonor for America. The mighty American military simply surrendered to the Taliban. Our nation lost nearly 2,500 soldiers and spent $275 million per day every day for 7,267 days on that war—more than $2 trillion in 20 years. Yet our soldiers were evacuated in absurd haste to leave this nation to barbarians.

This has been the worst foreign-policy disaster in the nation’s history. This terrible defeat was a spectacle seen by the entire world—and they were watching intently! It will mar our history, perhaps for the rest of time.

Many people say it proves Joe Biden’s incompetence. But this catastrophe isn’t the result of bungling and bad judgment. It is a deliberate, planned effort to destroy America.

And it has been terribly successful.

With its rushed pullout, the Biden administration managed to squander 20 years of sacrifices in Afghanistan in mere days. It permitted the very extremist group we went in to destroy to regain control and create another radical Islamist state. Back in July, it abandoned a massive air base that would have made an evacuation far easier and safer. It left 5,000 terrorists in its prison that the Taliban were able to set free. It failed to evacuate at least hundreds of Americans safely and abandoned thousands of Afghan allies. It sent an unmistakable message to both allies and enemies worldwide: America does not keep its promises. We do not honor commitments. We cannot be trusted even to protect our own people!

Now, millions of people are going to be greatly persecuted and killed. Children and women are going to be abused, raped and murdered. The Taliban immediately began gathering up girls age 15 and even younger and giving them to their fighters as “wives.” They began publicly executing women for failing to wear a burka.

The Taliban, a primitive organization of around 75,000 fighters, threatened America—the most overwhelmingly powerful nation in history—that if it didn’t completely vacate by the end of August, it would face consequences. Many other nations with people in Afghanistan pleaded with Joe Biden to remain and get everyone out no matter how long it took. Biden refused. He obeyed his orders from the Taliban!

Joe Biden is commander in chief of the most militarily sophisticated nation in world history. He could use that power to drive the Taliban and every other terrorist group out of Kabul for as long as he wanted!

But he didn’t. Instead he begged the Taliban to let our people out. He didn’t want to upset these thugs. He would rather obey them, even if it meant enraging and alienating America’s allies and abandoning American citizens!

Former war correspondent Lara Logan said this administration wants you to believe “that Afghanistan is complicated,” but, in reality, “the United States wants this outcome.” She said America’s leaders “could do anything they want to change this. And they’re not.”

She is absolutely right. This is not mere incompetence. It is calculated destruction. It is treachery!

America’s Collapse

Just days before the evacuation was to be completed, a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport killed 182 people, including 13 American servicemen. The Taliban have armed checkpoints on every road leading to that airport. Clearly they allowed suicide bombers and armed gunmen in to commit that heinous act. But Biden’s people said they needed to work with the Taliban to prevent more attacks.

This has been the worst foreign-policy disaster in the nation’s history.

They even gave the Taliban a list of American citizens, green-card holders and Afghan allies, supposedly to facilitate their evacuation. The Taliban are known to torture, mutilate, behead and burn people who have helped America! To give them such a list is beyond stupidity—it is a grotesque betrayal!

Death of the U.S.—Death of Freedom

The United States is paving the way for a new world of authoritarianism.

he global trend toward authoritarian governments has greatly accelerated during the so-called coronavirus pandemic. Eighteen months ago, no one could have predicted unprecedented lockdowns, arrests of people not wearing masks, or enforcement of mandates with experimental vaccines. What can we expect in the next 18 months?

These alarming trends are the warning signs of what a world without freedom would look like. In World War ii, the United States prevented a tyranny from wrapping its tentacles around the world. Then it fought communism and sought to safeguard democracy, free press and free speech. The dollar rose as the reserve currency, enabling free trade and aid for countries in need.

Fundamental principles the U.S. once stood for are under attack—including free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, the free flow of cash. Subverting these principles erodes the foundation of free society.

Now these pillars of our current world system are crumbling. The one power that restrained authoritarianism is falling. The United States is virtually the only country in the world in which leading politicians have successfully resisted elements of the new covid tyranny. But even the U.S. does not have the same belief in freedom that it once had. The spirit of tyranny is rising again—even within the U.S.—this time equipped with cameras, fingerprint sensors, biometric data, financial data and monitoring capabilities that megalomaniacs once only dreamed of.

As the United States fails to stand up for the freedoms it once defended, another power is filling the void. The Chinese Communist Party has already implemented a fearsome surveillance state. But during the days of the coronavirus, another, lesser-feared power has revealed its true face. Europe is pushing for global control of the movement of every person, the exchange of every word, and the transaction of every cent.

The authoritarian response to covid is actually a symptom of a world rejecting U.S. leadership. After Afghanistan, that leadership carries less weight then ever—and we can expect a more authoritarian world as a result.

Ignoring the Science

An Imperial College–London study released in March 2020 was the study that prompted lockdowns in the U.S. and United Kingdom. It was wrong. Its worst-case scenario predicted that 2.2 million Americans and half a million Britons would die. It suggested a peak in daily deaths after about three months. Applying the same model to Sweden, Swedish scientists predicted 85,000 deaths if the country did not lock down. But the Swedish government refused to be scared into submission. To this day, not even a third of these numbers have been reached. Sweden saw less than a fifth of the projected number. By August of this year, Sweden was nearing zero covid-19 deaths a day, after experiencing fewer than 15,000 total covid-related deaths.

Comparing restrictive California with open Florida is telling. As of this past March, in Florida, 8,979 people per 100,000 were infected; in California, that number was 9,079. The death rate in Florida was 146 per 100,000; in California, 135. Clearly, lockdowns are not the cure-all they were purported to be.

Still, many elites say the average person does not understand the science and needs to trust government experts. Thus, even with the pandemic on its way out, we are seeing an intensification of the attack on people’s liberties. Some governments now say that only the vaccinated should have basic freedoms. Refuse the jab, and you can’t travel, meet in groups, patronize restaurants, exercise or, in some cases, even work. Leaders claim this is necessary to stop a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” that risks the lives of all.

Leaders are finding a succession of excuses to block people from everyday life. Their motive is not public health but absolute control.

Look particularly at Europe. There, leaders are pushing for control of the movement of every person, the exchange of every word, and the transaction of every cent. “Europe’s response to the pandemic is accelerating the fulfillment of one of the most crucial end-time prophecies of your Bible!” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in our July 2020 issue. He called this “one of the most important effects of the global panic over covid-19.”

Europe is seeking absolute control, and there is a profound reason.



Humility and the Path to Greatness

A powerful lesson amid recent painful events

Of all the plagues in today’s world, one of the greatest is the arrogance of our leaders. You see it in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, in America’s disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan, in crisis after crisis. Despite mountains of evidence proving that they are making major, even fatal errors, our leaders act as if they couldn’t be more right!

History is liberally populated by men who believed they were right, that they were solving problems and helping people. And the Earth is stained with the blood of the millions they killed.

Man can be so disastrously wrong—and so unwilling to acknowledge it!

Refusing to admit error is not just a problem in our leaders. It is a problem with every human being, whether leading a nation, a business, a community, a school, a family or even just his or her own life. In pursuit of making things right according to their own definition of right, people destroy lives. And it is our nature to refuse to confess error.

Where does this way of thinking come from? Why is it so deeply ingrained in us, even when it is clearly wrong and harmful?

Whittaker Chambers, a reformed Communist, described the foundation of communism as the exalting of human reason as the highest authority in the universe. He called it “man’s second-oldest faith. Its promise was whispered in the first days of the creation under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: ‘Ye shall be as gods.’”

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I have a bit of a problem with the mentality surrounding bug-out situations, but to understand that I first need to quickly explain what bugging out really is. 

Like many things in the survival community, the term bug-out was taken from the military. When an opposing force quickly advances and it appears that they will take over an established position, the people in that position will grab the necessities that they can carry, and they will bug out, or leave the area when there is an immediate threat present...

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Samuel said...

Dark times ahead if real Americans don't take a STAND! We must unite against these Marxist scum as they are invaders.

Dan said...

iden is a CRIMINAL who openly defies rulings from Supreme Court while his open borders crap is allowing untold drugs -fentynal from Mexico-based labs] into our nation, killing many-we need to arrest this bastard.

Matt said...

I agree with the other people-Biden is a criminal and action needs to be taken.

Nick said...

The whole lot of leftist commie morons need to be tarred & feathered!

Anne said...

Experts overlook authoritarians on the left

For years, conventional wisdom — backed by academic research — has held that authoritarian political behavior is a distinctively right-wing characteristic. In The Atlantic, Sally Satel analyzes a new study that challenges this belief. Without dismissing the seriousness of right-wing authoritarianism, Satel argues that few studies engage with left-wing - Biden's regime seeks to control EVERYTHING and we ALL need to stand against him & radical leftists.

Ray said...

We're predicting an economic crash starting this month; DC & the Fed cannot be trusted. Hope your readers have been paying attention.

Sandy said...

'Damn the consequences' - Stu Burguiere and Glenn Beck explain why Biden doesn't care about approval ratings...check out Beck's site.