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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

What’s to come in 2022?



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What’s to come in 2022?


Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about what he is sees coming in 2022.  There is the never ending Covid, Vax Wars, military wars, economic upheaval, and even new predictions on the future of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis.  We start with what needs to be done to defeat the tyranny of the vax war on the global population. 


 Celente says, “Vax War,’ look at the protests going on in Austria.  Look at the protests going on in Germany, Italy, in France and the UK. . . . The only way this war will be won is if people unify under one umbrella and don’t leave.”

On the economy, Celente warns, “How about that bankster, that Fed Head Powell?  He said inflation was going to be ‘temporary.’  Oh no, it’s going to be ‘transitory.’  They were shooting out that BS one after another, and we said from the beginning, inflation is real and it’s going to keep going.  Guess what?  It’s not the supply chains–it’s all the cheap money they keep dumping into the system to artificially prop it up.”

Celente predicts, “The Fed is going to have to raise interest rates,” to stop what he is calling 1980’s style inflation. And he warns, “The higher interest rates go up, the further the economy is going to go down, and that’s what they are not talking about.”

Celente says get ready for what he is calling “Dragflation.”  Meaning, the economy is going to drag lower as inflation surges higher.  Celente also predicts that if the Fed Funds Interest Rate, which is now at .25%, “goes to 1.5%, the entire economy could collapse.”

Celente is predicting new political parties that are anti-immigration and anti-establishment to form next year.  Celente also gives what his assessment of Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis are for the year 2022 and beyond.

Celente also makes a bold prediction on the so-called CV19 mandates that should make the unvaxed feel more secure.

On the prospects of war, Celente is not worried about China and Russia, at this point, but is watching Turkey, Iran and Israel for conflicts in 2022.  Celente will explain why.

Celente also talks about the U.S. dollar, gold, silver, Bitcoin and residential and commercial real estate.

The negative effects of vaccines are going to stay in the news, but Celente expects the mainstream media (MSM) to do everything possible to cover up the deaths and injuries caused by the CV19 injections.  Will the numbers be overpowering to the MSM?

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the top trends researcher on the planet, Gerald Celente.  Celente will take a look into 2022 and tell us what he is seeing and publishing in “The Trends Journal. “ (12.11.21)


21 numbers that shaped 2021


With reintroduced mask mandates and return-to-office delays, 2021 sometimes resembled 2020. But the year also started with coronavirus vaccines that were quickly taken by millions of people. Americans started flying again and returned to work — though not at pre-pandemic levels. Plus, there was a new presidential administration.

USAFacts has collected the 21 numbers that shaped 2021 to appraise this past year. Here’s a preview:


Inflation rose by 6.8% between November 2020 and November 2021. The Federal Reserve typically tries to keep inflation at around 2%





It’s Like “The Purge”: Murder Records Are Being Shattered All Over America, And Next Year Could Be Even Worse


Criminals will rule during the coming chaos of societal collapse

Most people live in the artificial construct of a "polite" society. They follow the rules, obey authority and call 911 when they have a problem that needs to be solved by men with guns. They delegate their personal safety and security to the government, then pretend that most people in society are "good" people because their true animalistic nature has been held back by the men and women in blue.

The rest of us -- people who have seen the dark side of human behavior -- know that society is perpetually on the verge of total collapse into anarchy and lawlessness... and that such a plunge would unleash the darkest parts of the reptilian psyche in those who are cornered into desperation and fear.

The coming cyber attacks and financial disruptions will plunge many cities into the very kind of chaos and mayhem that criminals thrive on.

We all need to be psychologically prepared for what's coming.

Full details in today's feature article and podcast here.



In a grid-down scenario, it is crucial to think about sanitation and how to keep your family healthy. Access to clean or running water may be limited, and it is important to sanitization items on hand when the power is out

How to Build a Sanitation Kit

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Fear and Inflation — The Timeless Policy Tools of Discredited Systems


Arkansas iHop Leaves Brutal Message On Door For Customers Wondering Why They’re Closed: ‘Biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore’


California is experiencing a violent crime spike just like several other Democrat-run states across the US.

The issue is particularly awful in Los Angeles, where Soros-Backed DA George Gascon has implemented woke felon-first policies that have emboldened criminals like never before – and things don’t look to be getting better any time soon. 

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Bonnie said...

I've seen our future and it doesn't look good under Biden & the Marxist mayhem morons.

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If Socialists remain in power, we'll see the final destruction of America.

Dean said...

Prices at the wholesale level surged by a record 9.6% in November from a year earlier, an indication of ongoing inflation pressures. The Labor Department said Tuesday that its producer price index, which measures inflation before it reaches consumers, rose 0.8% in November after a 0.6% monthly gain in October. It was the highest monthly reading in four months...