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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Prepping For Newbies, Dollar Tree Hikes Prices Above Inflation Average


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Are you going to sit back and wait to see what blow they deal you, your family and your community?

What exactly do our so called “leaders” have planned for us? This is an especially critical question today given the chaos and devastation of the last two years. You don’t think they’re actually going to just give up their “emergency powers” after all of this, do you? When have the government and power players ever...

Prepping For Newbies | How To Start Prepping With Our Beginner Prepper Checklist

In the blink of an eye chaos can break out and throw you out of your normal routine. When this happens people panic trying to prepare for the event after the fact.

Those who aren't panicking took the necessary steps to prepare for these events ahead of time. Learning how to start the process of prepping for beginners without all the overwhelm and confusion.

In this article we detail how you can begin the process of preparing as a beginner.

How to Start Prepping for Beginners 

As a beginner in the prepping world you must start with a solid foundation. This means you need to understand and prepare for any emergency situation. Some situations will be evergreen and standard for all preppers.

Other situations will be more specific to where you live and the events that can take place. For example, living on the west coast, wildfires are much more likely than if you live in the midwest.

Same goes for living in a coastal state like Florida. The chances you will experience a hurricane are much higher than a blizzard. Below we detail 6 basic steps for prepping as a beginner that will start you on the right path.

The Beginner Prepper Checklist

1.     Build a solid foundation

2.     Get your home ready for two weeks of self-reliance

3.     Be able to leave your home with only a moment’s notice (“bug out bags”)

4.     Prepare for emergencies that happen away from home (“get home bags” and everyday carry)

5.     Learn core skills and practice with your gear

6.     Share and recruit while continuing to learn and going beyond the basics


Building a Solid Foundation

As a beginner in the prepping world building a solid foundation is the first step on your journey. To build a solid foundation as a prepper you need to start by stocking up on a few everyday essentials.

We like to refer to these items as evergreen products. Evergreen products are water reserves, emergency food, first aid kits, hygiene products and sanitation supplies. These are the first products every beginner prepper should start with.

Food Prepping for Beginners

The first thing any beginning prepper should start to stock is emergency food. Emergency food is freeze dried food that has a long shelf life. This is food that you shouldn’t consider eating until necessary.

Emergency food can be the difference between panicking and peace of mind. We recommend storing at least two weeks of emergency food.


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According to some economists, we can expect this surge of inflation to last at least through the next decade. It could be longer than that. Financial gurus have been warning us about this economic meltdown since the Great Recession, so we really shouldn’t be all that surprised. 

There’s nothing that you or I can do to stop this from coming; but there’s a lot we can do to prepare ourselves for it. We can weather it fine, if we prepare. Mostly, that means cutting our expenses so that as prices rise, we don’t hit a point where our outgo exceeds our income. 

Let me just say here that the average American family spends 110% of their income, covering the rest with credit cards. That’s obviously dangerous and especially dangerous in rough financial times. The people who suffer the most are the ones with too much outstanding debt...

9 Expenses to Cut Before the Next Economic Meltdown

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Dollar Tree added the $1.25 prices to more than 2,000 stores in December (it has around 8,700 US stores), and Coresight said in a report that its "decline in shopper numbers appears to coincide with its price hike."

About 15% above the average inflation rate

"Does NOT sit right with me."


"Sick to my stomach."

Dollar Tree's recent decision to end $1 prices after 35 years and raise most items at stores to $1.25 has elicited an angry response from many loyal customers on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Video bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers posted videos of their reactions to the price hike — or entering a store for the first time and seeing Dollar Tree's ubiquitous green and yellow "Everything's $1" circles replaced with $1.25 signs.


Free Coupon Websites

There are several large ones out there. They provide free printable at home coupons, rebates, gift cards, and other ways to both make money or save. The websites will also be easy to search with often tens of thousands of deals out there. Find a list of websites to use for coupons.

 Freaky Freddie's

Freaky Freddie's website is very similar to Craigslist, but it also shows deals and savings. Visitors can browse by category or use the search box to find specific items. Unlike Craigslist, however, the Freaky Freddie's home page displays the newest daily deals. This page updates throughout the day with numerous special offers and freebies. Freaky Freddie's also offers a "free stuff daily surprise". The daily surprise usually links to an outside vendor offering free samples of their products or services. Which leads us into….

 Free money making and saving websites

There are apps for your smartphone as well as associated websites that allow you to make extra cash or save money. They in effective monetize what you are doing on a daily or weekly basis. There are different types of apps out there as well as services. So it is possible to make extra funds with very little effort using these websites as well as money making Android and iPhone apps.


FreeSamples combines links to numerous companies offering free samples of their products. The offers update each day and the website is neat, organized, and user-friendly. Simply click on the offer that interests you and you'll be linked to the manufacturer offering the free samples. A wide variety of goods are represented on FreeSamples, from food to cosmetics to video games. You can also snag free offers from restaurants, like a free sandwich from Arby's or a slushie from Sonic.

FreeCycle – A charity with free stuff



Better –Safe- Than- Sorry Super Emergency Survival Kit

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Natural disasters don't wait for a convenient time

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Prepare now to lessen the impact of disasters and emergencies

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  • Reusable Face Mask
  • Personal Water Filter Straw
  • 11-Piece Emergency Survival Kit 

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Alice said...

We pretty much stopped going to Dollar Tree as we find many items we buy are still a buck at DOLLAR GENERAL

John said...

The vast majority of citizen lemmings will ignore messages such as this. Their idea of prepping is buy a new IPhone & let Biden give them handouts.