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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Want Americans Want from Gov't-Our Poll

“Government has never been able equalize incomes.
But it can destroy and enslave.”

--Edmund Burke, British Philosopher

We recently conducted an unscientific survey to see what average citizens believe Congress should be doing NOW! Our results matched that of a recent Reader’s Digest poll. Here are the results.

Top of the list – Fix the health care system; followed closely by rescue the economy.One wag suggested all American citizens should have the same health benefit plan that Congress enjoys! Wouldn’t that be nice? Other ideas included:

· Refuse salary increases
· Bring our troops home
· Get your hands off my wallet
· Stop wasting money
· Follow the Constitution-stop diluting it.
· Provide incentives to get this country off the oil fix & onto alternative energy
· Stop interfering with the free market
· Stop offshoring US jobs
· Stop bailing out the people who put us into this economic mess

People are fed up by the lack of backbone and leadership our Congress has shown. Here are some resource sites you can use to keep an eye on these critters. Can’t tell you how often I’ve submitted my plan for using the state of PA as a model in terms of creating a larger US subscriber pool and add the health premium to one’s auto and/or homeowners insurance.

The last site allows you to join groups whose interests are close to that of your own – worth a look see.

>>>>We’ve added a new feedback page to our site with a link to our new interactive forum. Find it at:
Feel free to add your two cents (you might be the 1st as I just added it within minutes of posting this).

Laid Off & Loving it!

The economic downturn has undoubtedly spawned lifestyle changes for countless millions. In the ranks of the unemployed, groups of Valley corporate castaways are getting creative and finding that the last thing they need in order to survive is a job.

It’s mid morning on a Wednesday, and the workplace is buzzing at Gangplank, a 5,000-square-foot facility located in a quiet business park on East Elliot Road in Chandler, AZ.

Directly inside the glass doors, in the warehouse-size main office space, about 35 workers are spread out on 24 utilitarian IKEA tables, busily tapping away on their laptops. Down the hallway, inside each open-door office, pairs of entrepreneurs lean over one another’s desks, comparing ideas and sharing strategies.

It could be any busy office building from a few years ago – when buildings of this size were actually filled with employees. Nowadays, many of the large commercial properties anchoring suburbia’s once-thriving business parks have become vacant – “underperforming asphalt,” in developer’s parlance – and any business that can keep one of these behemoths full of busy employees is regarded as part of the recession-proof elite.

Only most of the people buzzing about the bullpen on this typical weekday are not employed by Gangplank itself. Half, in fact, are not working for anybody.
To read the rest of the story click here:


GreenFuel Offers top alternative energy tips PLUS
A nice business opportunity for those interested in helping others go Green.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency

Long-Term Energy Efficiency →Tips to Save Big on Energy
1. Buy Energy-Efficient AppliancesMany of today's new appliances use half the energy of those from 20 years ago. If you're in the market, remember this rule of thumb: look for products with the Energy Star® label -- they typically use about 20 to 40 percent less energy than other new models.

Some electric companies and even state governments offer consumer rebates on Energy Star-rated models. For detailed information on how to make informed purchases, see our guide to energy-efficient appliances. 2. Insulate Your HomeMost homes in the United States are less than optimally insulated, and older homes tend to have higher heating and cooling costs than newer homes. Installing proper insulation, windows, ducts and heating/cooling systems can help keep these costs down while improving the comfort of your home.

Who Gets an Energy Star? The Energy Star® label identifies products that are more energy-efficient than other models in their category. And it isn't limited to appliances. More than 40 types of household and commercial products are eligible for the Energy Star label. Look for it when you're shopping for items like these:

Appliances: Dishwashers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers and refrigerators.Heating and Cooling: Ceiling fans, room air conditioners and programmable thermostats.

Home Electronics:

Cordless phones, DVD players, home audio systems, televisions, VCRs and combination units.Lighting: Compact fluorescent bulbs and lighting fixtures that meet quality standards.Office Equipment: Computers, copiers, faxes, monitors, printers, scanners and multipurpose devices.Home: Windows, doors and skylights.

3. What follows is a generic guide to retrofitting your home with energy-efficient features. However, the best way to learn about the specific needs of your home is to get an energy rating. An energy rater will conduct a detailed analysis of your home and identify areas where you can make cost-effective improvements in energy efficiency. Californians can arrange a visit from an energy-rater through CHEERS, the statewide nonprofit. Residents of other states can find a list of certified raters by area through RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network.

4. To get an idea of what efficiency measures might make sense for your home, start with the Department of Energy's Insulation Fact Sheet to determine what type of insulation is best suited to your house and your climate. Then, follow these general guidelines:

o Start with the attic. Good insulation here can save 20 to 35 percent in heating and air conditioning costs.

o Insulate under the floor, around hot water pipes and heating ducts, and in crawl spaces for further energy savings.

Install new windows that meet or exceed EnergyStar specifications. These windows keep heat from escaping, and in hot climates, keep out half of the sun's heat energy. They also reduce noise. The U-factor, listed on the National Fenestration Council label, reflects the insulation ability of the entire window, not just the glass. Look for a U-factor of 0.35 or lower. For homes with overheating problems or with high air conditioning bills, you should also look for a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .35 or lower.

5. Choose Renewable EnergyUsing rewable energy is a great way to save on energy and energy costs in the long term. By choosing photovolatic systems powered by the sun, as well as solar thermal systems you are living in a sustainable way. By living off the power of the sun you are not depleting natural resources like fossil fuels and coal. Renewable energy is a great investment, and you can enjoy the luxuries of having a sustainable lifestyle. Let Green Fuel Solar help you get started today so you can stop worrying about the future energy crisis!Visit their site for more articles and information.


Yours for better living,
Bruce ‘the Poor man’

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