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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Greed Works, Dr. Doom, Make Mo Money

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. Secret IRS formula/reduce your audit risk
2. Make a few extra bucks
3. Financially fit tips, not made of money blog
4. How Greed Works-the interview
5. $1500 worth of stuff for $20
6. 99 Lies, Stupidity in government files
7. Dr. Doom

Most Americans are not concerned about the erosion of the Constitution, of the sinister interlocking of government/Big Money/Big Docile Media or much of anything other than Sunday Night Football.

Self Defense laws…do you have a right to shoot?

If you ordered and read our Poor Man’s Homestead Defense manual…you may recall the illustration I used when, on the 38-acre farm we owned, two girls (they turned out to be adults) crashed through our fence on their 4-wheelers.

I happened to be nearby with our dog, kerplinking with a .22 rifle and observed them racing toward me. I held up my rifle cross wise, not aimed at them and stopped them, making them turn off their engines. I lectured them loudly about destroying my property and ignoring my No Trespassing signs and they left.

An hour later a deputy pulled up into our driveway. He asked me if I had experienced a problem recently with some young women. (That’s how I learned they were over 21). I explained what happened. Apparently, the women reported me to the sheriff’s department saying I had threatened them.

Thankfully, I had called law enforcement several times in the past over these trespassing incidents as it occurred frequently and the officer was aware of this. He politely told me to keep it cool, that he understood but was doing his duty by coming out to investigate.

Recently , in AZ a law was passed placing the burden of proof on the prosecutor when someone used a weapon to defend their person and property which put the reins on many stupid stunts pulled by anti-gun prosecutors. In MI, it’s even illegal to own or use non-lethal items such as pepper spray or stun guns to protect yourself…damned absurd.

My suggestion - a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is one should only shoot to protect life, not property. Of course, the prudent person will check out what laws apply in their area.

Learn how greed works by watching this interview with Milton Friedman & Phil Donohue


Try this morning shot - This smoothie gives you a good start on the day...
Breakfast SMOOTHIE

½ cup milk (regular or skim)
½ cup plain yogurt (full-fat or low-fat)
½ cup frozen strawberries
½ cup frozen blueberries
1 teaspoon honey
4 ice cubes
Purée everything but the ice cubes in a blender. Add the ice, and purée again. Serves one.

From the stupidity in government files…watch this cute flick.
All actions have unanticipated side effects, but government acting through regulation or legislation is particularly adept at creating disastrous unintended consequences.

Great Moments in Unintended Consequences takes a look at three instances of epic government facepalm: Osborne Reef, Corn Ethanol Subsidies, and a particular clause in ObamaCare that is already doing more harm than good.


Freedom, independence, and awareness are undoubtedly in decline in the western world, particularly the U.S. In the last 10-days, Homeland Security has started seizing Internet domains from ‘rogue’ webmasters, and TSA has begun labeling dissenters of its new security procedures as domestic extremists.

The weekly blabber & blather!

Online Merchants Face Annual Increase in Shipping Costs
Whichever carrier you use to ship your orders, you'll be paying
more beginning in January. FedEx announced rate increases of
Friday, echoing previously announced UPS rate increases. The USPS
is also set to raise prices in January.

How the Coupon Prof Got $1500 worth of stuff for $20

Fellow online publisher Steve (and subscriber) writes a tome which should be of interest to all…

“99 Lies.” Law is implemented from the barrel of a gun. That is meant metaphorically in part, but you probably get the point. It is the threat of force that ultimately makes us comply with laws we don’t agree with.
A couple years ago I wrote an ebook called "99 Lies," which covered common lies we are told or common beliefs that are not true. I explained the reason for each lie (sometimes speculative on my part), the truth, and why it matters. Many of the entries were what I sometimes refer to as "public lies."
Another description could be "participatory lies," since they require not only a desire to deceive, but a desire on the part of others to be deceived. Politicians and businesses cater to this desire. These lies can be right out there for all to see and believe or not. Here is an example from the book.

The Business Licensing Lie
This is actually a small bundle of lies. First, it isn't necessarily true that licensing protects us as is commonly believed, or that most businesses need to be regulated in this way. The bigger lie though, is that "consumer protection" is the intention from which such regulations originate. Finally, another huge non-truth is the belief that businesses don't want this kind of regulation.
People, businesses and governments lie for all sorts of reasons. For example, lies are told to gain...
Continues here...

Making a few extra hundred dollars.
More and more readers are asking for examples of producing extra money…this is due to holiday shopping, job loss or the need to sock away more cash or an uncertain future. As the fed continues creating more fiat money, it’s not difficult to see how nearly everything costs more now.
I truly feel sorry for seniors and parents who are footing college tuition bills, which always far exceed cost-of-living hikes.
The past few issues have featured a number of ideas and we’re continuing with that theme with this issue as well.
What can you do to earn a few hundred bucks extra this month? The first
step, experts say, is to focus on what you have to offer by assessing your
skills and researching the market rates for those abilities.

>>Become a virtual assistant. world of virtual word-processing work available:
Typing press releases, resumes, manuscripts, medical and legal transcription,
student papers, and business letters are just a few, says Ennen,
who offers a free booklet at on how to obtain
clients. Web sites, including,,, and hire transcribers for virtual work.

>>Become a Customer Service Agent: Another growing work-from-home opportunity
lies in answering inbound customer calls for companies like
1-800-Flowers, Virgin Atlantic, and Walgreens. These companies and many
others now outsource their customer-service calls to companies that hire
U.S.-based virtual agents.
The work requires a pleasant voice, strong customer-service skills, highspeed
Internet access, a computer, a landline, and a quiet place to
work. Though you can set your own hours, most companies will probably
want you to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Some of the companies
that hire virtual agents include,,,,, Customer Loyalty Concepts
(, Overflow (,,, and

>>Work One Day at a Time: consider contacting an agency that provides
short-term help to employers, such as,,
and Jobs here can range from office work and reception work
to landscaping or work in construction, factories, offices, and manufacturing.
Specialized services like focus just on the finance

Here’s a timely offer for PM Subscribers… go to this website ( and read the ad. The ebook offered is only $29.95. If you mention you saw the ad in this newsletter, Dave will answer any questions they have about the techniques or about getting ideas or even evaluating an idea that you have via his email at . Here's the catch: if you don't like the offer or the ad, please tell Dave why.


According to the SBA, the US has dropped to 3rd place in terms of being entrepreneurial
And the number one cause of this drop, according to its recent survey-government red tape and cost of insurance!

NOTE: Watch out for government tax traps…they want your cash!

Worker misclassification.” Basically, that’s when you
pay somebody as an independent contractor, thus avoiding the need to withhold
payroll taxes, rather than as an employee. Or perhaps you are paying
someone a salary when they really should be hourly and subject to overtime
pay. Either way, if you get it wrong it could cost you dearly.

The new federal budget hands the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) an extra
$25 million to pursue misclassification miscreants. But, according to leading
human resources consulting firm MBO Partners, the extra dough for DOL
is nothing compared to an estimated $8 billion boost the feds are giving
IRS to modernize and expand enforcement programs.
Implications for small business are terrible. Make sure you use qualified tax professionals to assist you.

>>Little known tax tip<<
Make work pay. All wage earners, including the
self-employed and working retirees who receive earned
income, may qualify for the Making Work Pay Credit
for the 2009 and 2010 tax years equal to 6.2 percent
of taxable wages, up to $400 for single filers or
$800 for joint filers.

Many self-employed people don’t realize that they
can get the ‘back to work’ credit for 2010 — $400 for
single filers and $800 for those married with earned
self-employment income, people tend
to think it’s only for those who get W-2 forms, where
it reduces Social Security tax, because the credit
for the self-employed is not well publicized.
The credit begins to phase out at adjusted gross
incomes of $75,000 for single filers and $150,000 for
joint filers, and drops to zero when AGI hits $95,000 for single filers-speak with
Your tax consultant.

Want useful economic information? Known as Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini, economics professor and financial guru predicted the current crisis back in 2005 and is now a sought after expert. Sign up for his blog at:

Failure to extend the Bush tax cuts will result in an average additional tax burden of $2600 a year for middle-income families earning around $70,000. But don't worry - if you make less, you're still going to get hit. A married couple making a combined income of $40,000 with two dependent children will still face a tax increase of about $1,000 a year.

Lower your odds of a tax audit by taking certain steps
with your tax return.
You just need to be “DIF” score savvy. DIF is hush-hush Fed-speak
for “discriminate information function,” the secret IRS formula that
decides whether your tax return is ripe for an audit.
Although DIF details are, well, secret, the steps below can help you avoid
the audit hook. “The best defense is a good offense,” says Maggie Doedtman,
former manager of tax advice delivery for H&R Block. “You don’t have to
worry about an audit as long as you prepare honestly and have the receipts
to prove it.” Here are eight things you can do:

1. Be accurate, thorough, neat, and on time (but not early). Sloppy
returns, math errors, and rounded numbers raise flags. Using tax preparation
software makes your return look more professional and helps you avoid
mistakes. Filing too early only gives the IRS extra time to look it over.
2. Avoid filing electronically. Sure, electronic tax return filings are
convenient. But the IRS hires temporary workers to enter data from millions
of paper returns, and they capture only about 40 percent of the info.
Electronic filing gives the IRS fast access to 100 percent of your return.
3. File on time or request an automatic extension. This is a no-brainer, but
millions of Americans still roll the dice. Late returns raise flags.
4. Beware of your income-to-deduction ratio.
Your tax audit odds rise if the difference
between expenses and income exceeds about
52 percent. But total deductions are only
part of it. One especially large deduction
also can raise flags, even if others are
small or in line with other people in your
line of employment or income.
5. Take reasonable deductions. The only
way to guarantee you won’t get audited is to
not take advantage of any deductions, credits,
and so on — of course, that’s the worst
tax advice you can give anyone-Take deductions, but don’t be greedy.
6. Be careful about taking home office deductions. This has been a rule for a very long time as the government seeks to discourage folks working from home. As always, consult with a tax professional to ensure the most legal deductions.

Washington fat cats will bail out Wall Street buddies, but they’ll play games with American workers…how sweet.

Now, Some ways to save some scratch…
Updated guidelines, better ways to save.
Most of us learned the basic tenets of budgeting, housekeeping and auto maintenance from our parents. But times have changed, and some of the things you believed to be true are not the case anymore.
Following are several examples of conventional wisdom that may cause you to needlessly waste money. Dig in and learn how to effortlessly save money by thinking outside the box.

Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles
The little sticker placed on the car windshield reminds you to change a car's oil every 3,000 miles -- regardless of make, model or scenario.
But many experts now say the 3,000-mile oil change is dead. Why? New car engines and oil quality have advanced to the point where cars can go 5,000 to 10,000 miles without a
Change. Get more money saving tips and videos at:

Thanks Amanda for sharing this - as a college student, I often don't have more than two nickels to rub together, so the idea of finding ways to save money, invest money, or just make things cost less without sacrificing a whole lot really appeals to me. And I thought considering the economic downturn, it might appeal to a whole lot of you too.

Step-by-step guide to a frugal living style and environmentalism. Features practical money saving tips, ideas and techniques, more…thanks Roy!

Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy, finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness (by the government). -- George Orwell


A Few Good Articles:

Time Has Killed the Constitution
by Michael LeMieux

We have generations of American citizens that have been persecuted by the infernal IRS, families and lives destroyed, and the theft of trillions of dollars from the American citizens on the back of a lie and our courts not only know it – they defend it. The American political system is corrupt! How can we expect justice in America when the courts openly admit to supporting unconstitutional laws?.....


Global Elites Reveal the Final Plan: Destroy America
by Greg Evensen

Timing, as I have told hundreds of thousands, is the critical element here in how “we,” the man of valor, respond to the escalating threat circling in the field preparing its final assault. If you can get a picture of our situation through this symbolic illustration, then you just begin to understand the reality of world bankers, international corporate entities, domestic political figures, and all of their related networks and.......


Three degrees and only able to find a part time job washing trash cans…60 Minutes

Parting Shots…Dept. of Homeland Insecurity

If you’ve made public your support of Ron Paul…if you’ve opposed U.S. intervention abroad…hell, if you’ve so much as bought a copy of Atlas Shrugged, then you very well may be on the list of “persons of interest.” At some point the federales are going to stop playing nice.

I placed a terrific link on my face book page of an interview w/ Newt Gingrich and my favorite judge regarding Wickileaks-its founder having turned himself into British authorities. The first rule of spying and diplomacy is NOT to leave a paper trail so why did all these idiot diplomats leave so much paper? Interesting and you can view it here:

I suggest everyone who wishes to get an unbiased perspective of the world to subscribe to the Sovereign Man’s free newsletter.

Finally, have you ever taken a hard look at your monthly budget? It sure seems much of it is taken up by various insurance policy premiums. Auto insurance (in MI we have the 2nd highest in the US), homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. all add thousands of dollars annually to the cost of living.

Most of our grandfathers did not use or pay for these services. However, living in a country where the national motto has become when in doubt-sue, legal considerations have certainly contributed to the need for such policies.

Thanks for all of you who take the time to send me your thoughts, resources and updates. It’s not always easy knowing what to include in this bulletin but I try to keep it varied.

PS. Are you tired of the corporate controlled media?
Get the latest news and information at http://RealityReport.TV

That’s it for this week from your favorite gossip column - the Poor Man!

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