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Sunday, December 26, 2010

You could be a terrorist if...

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. More examples of government waste-the craziest
2. How to restore the economy-interview
3. New Updates on our guest column page
4. 10 Signs the US is becoming a 3rd World country
5. Sell off those unwanted gift cards
6. Matt Lesko-the free money man

"I don’t want to scare anyone but I am considering investing in barbed wire and guns, things are not looking good.” --Anthony Fry to his investment clients.

Fixing America, You could be a terrorist if you…

I had extra time over the holiday week to sift through several articles forwarded to me by readers regarding how to fix America, how you could be a terrorist if you…and more. All of these have been posted to our site under the Guest Column tab and make for some provocative reading.

I also urge you to view the video interview John Stossel did with a Peruvian economist about private property rights, something which was ingrained in our founding principles and something which has been under attack in the US. Remember in Nazi Germany their thinking was that they could care less who owns the property, so long as they control it, something which has happened in our country where armies of petty bureaucrats spit on the rights of property owners. You’ll find the link to this interview below.

Finally, kids are expensive. Here are some ways to feed them free of charge.
“Kids eat free” deals at local restaurants usually require buying an adult meal, are restricted to certain days or hours, and may be limited to one or two freebies per adult meal purchased. Even with such limitations, however, they can save you a bundle if you eat out often.
But what if you’re traveling? Many national chains and thousands of local eateries offer discounts or free meals for children 10 and under, or sometimes up to age 12. To find free kid meals anywhere you happen to be, first visit a website that lists local free meal deals nationwide.,,, and are free sites listing thousands of restaurants offering free or discounted kids’ meals, organized by city and state.

Most likely you’ve heard of Matthew Lesko, the free money man. Over the years I’ve interviewed and promoted a variety of his useful information resources (and have personally used them). We’re now affiliates of his so please take a peek at his new selections at:

Paper money in moderate quantities has been found beneficial; but when
more than the occasions of commerce require, it depreciates and is
mischievous and the populace are apt to demand more than is necessary.”
— Ben Franklin (1787)

The weekly roundup - blackmail & more, how we spend…

How we spent our money
For a U.S. snapshot, Forbes turned to SpendingPulse, the economic research arm of MasterCard Worldwide, to break down Americans’ discretionary spending — all $1.13 trillion of it in 2009, slightly down from $1.16 trillion in 2008 — across 10 categories: air travel, auto parts and service, electronics and appliances, furniture, lodging, apparel, department stores, jewelry, luxury (excluding jewelry) and restaurants.
With personal savings on the rise in the wake of the latest downturn, that grand total looks like it will slip again, to $1.03 trillion, in 2010.

* Air Travel
Total Spent in 2009: $41.9 billion
* Auto Parts & Service
Total Spent in 2009: $164 billion
* Department Stores
Total Spent in 2009: $72.5 billion
* Electronics & Appliances
Total Spent in 2009: $99.5 billion
* Furniture
Total Spent in 2009: $88.8 billion
* Jewelry
Total Spent in 2009: $27.5 billion
* Apparel
Total Spent in 2009: $177 billion
* Restaurants
Total Spent in 2009: $392 billion

Redbox codes are the way to get free DVD rentals from video rental
kiosk Redbox. Redbox creates these codes to get more people into the
stores to use their services. You simply need to enter the coupon
code from the main screen online or just before checkout at your local
kiosk. When you do, you will receive a one-day free rental. Go to and register. You will get updates on new releases, you can
search for movies, and best of all get coupon codes by text message for
free movies.

Get help online: Online bill comparison service just
launched a free module that helps consumers compare TV plans. Packages
are ranked objectively by cost and provider. Within each suggested TV
package, BillShrink simplifies provider rates, terms, and conditions so
you can make easy comparisons. Another site,, offers
information on how you can cut the cord entirely, save thousands of
dollars, and still watch your favorite shows for free using the Internet
hooked to your set.

Sell Your Designs Online: You don’t have to invest any money to sell
your T-shirt, baseball cap, apron, coffee mug, poster, note cards, or
other designs online.,, and similar sites will
pay you a commission on sales your designs generate, and uploading your
designs is easy. allows you to sell your products directly.

Cash in on Your Gift Cards
: To unload your unused or partially used cards, first go...
online to register for a free card-trading account (you can browse available
cards on the site without an account, but you need to register to
buy or sell). Sites such as and have
emerged as leaders in this arena. You can sell gift cards with a minimum
balance of $25. You can also exchange your unwanted or partially used gift
cards for purchasing power at stores like or donate the balance
to charity.

At Plastic Jungle, the process works like this: Once your account is set
up, you enter details of the cards you want to sell, which the site then
validates. If you don’t know some information, such as the remaining value
on the card, it can be verified by the Web site later in the process. The
site will create a prepaid shipping label for you to send in your card.
Once it is received and the balance is verified, they’ll send you a check.

A Single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic
--Josef Stalin

Congressional Traitors hard at work destroying your right to grow…

All those who voted for S.510 -- which includes the entire U.S. Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike -- are traitors to the freedoms upon which America was founded. They have thrust our food supply into the hands of tyrants who are just waiting to exercise their control and "authority" over as many people as possible.

Five years ago, I joked that people might one day be arrested for smuggling broccoli across state lines. Today, that joke has become a sad reality. The mere act of growing food and selling it to your neighbor without government permission is about to become a criminal act. And no, small farms are not "exempt" from S.510. They must provide financial information and apply to the FDA to be granted exemption status. That sounds a lot like slaves begging for mercy from the king, doesn't it? --Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Learn more:

It’s always ironic that in the eyes of the government, it’s always the other country that is bad or is a terrorist. Our government refutes that governments can carry out terrorism unless, of course, it’s what Washington terms ‘state sponsored terrorism’ which is precisely what many other countries call the United States.

2008 Prediction of economic collapse-ignored by Congress>Documentary

Paul Kruegman, economist interview on how to fix the economy-you decide

2011 Jobs outlook somewhat
better-hiring up

Personal Property Rights-John Stossel Interview
Something which made America great, is now under attack in USA

"A legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law."
-- Justice John Marshall
(1755-1835) US Supreme Court Chief Justice

How Washington Protects Your Privacy & Liberty
Preserving trust in government is the highest good—at least for politicians. To create that trust, government continually spawns fa├žades to make people believe their rights are safe. Few things better illustrate this charade than the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.
In 2004, three years after the Patriot Act was enacted, politicians started to worry about the rising number of Americans grumbling about government intrusions.
The 9/11 Commission proposed creating “a board within the executive branch to oversee adherence to the guidelines we recommend and the commitment the government makes to defend our civil liberties.” Creating another office within the executive branch to report on executive branch activities was unlikely to produce anything more than extra jobs for Washington hangers-on. The White House edited the 9/11 commission’s report before it was publicly released, so the Bush team had no trouble with this toothless-tiger palliative

This was written by one of my favorite authors & everything he has written is worth reading.

The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all. -- H. L. Mencken

Take a peek at Mike Rivero’s site…enjoyable!

10 Signs America Is Becoming a
Third-World Country before Our Eyes

The folks at Casey Research recently unearthed a perceptive little article titled "10 Signs the U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country." The list speaks for itself, as I have been warning my readers of these flags for some time:

Rising unemployment and poverty (both are much bleaker than official reports portray, as government statisticians routinely "cook the books").

Economic dependence (debt above 90% of GDP).

Declining civil rights (Patriot Act and other privacy stealing mandates).

Increasing political corruption (not only the criminal trials and sex scandals that make for titillating headlines, but the insidious, below-the-radar payola system that corrupts government at all levels).

Military patrolling the streets- (we’ve detailed the hush-hush training of thousands of U.S. troops for deployment in urban America).

Failing infrastructure (bridges, dams, oil and gas pipelines, power grid).
Disappearing middle class (massive, permanent loss of blue-collar jobs).

Devalued currency (the inevitable result of chronic deficit spending).

Controlling the media (the FCC, having effectively co-opted the major networks, is now eyeing talk radio controls and internet "neutrality").

Capital controls (preventing free markets and free people from correcting and disciplining the financial misdeeds of big government).

"We're seeing one of the lowest mobility rates in a century," says Nathaniel Karp, chief economist for banking firm BBVA Compass. Karp says the recession has forced many people to stay put because they are unable to sell their homes, cannot find jobs or are unwilling to relocate for work if it means sacrificing a partner's stable position.

Six CA cities were among the worst in the nation for jobs, while OH, MI, NJ and IL had the worst state governments in terms of managing their budget or for its citizens.

Government Waste: 20 Of The Craziest Things That The U.S. Government Is Spending Money On
You are not going to believe some of the things that the U.S. government is spending money on. According to a shocking new report, U.S. taxpayer money is being spent to study World of Warcraft, to study how Americans find love on the Internet, and to study the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam. Not only that, but money from the federal government is also being used to renovate a pizzeria in Iowa and to help a library in Tennessee host video game parties.

These are just some of the examples in a new report on government waste from Senator Tom Coburn entitled "Wastebook 2010". Even as tens of millions of American families find themselves suffering through the worst economic downturn in modern history, the U.S. government continues to spend money on some of the craziest and most frivolous things imaginable. Every single year articles are written and news stories are done about the horrific government waste that is taking place and yet every single year it just keeps getting worse. So just what in the world is going on here?

Do you know what the Federal Register is? The Federal Register is the primary source of regulations for U.S. government agencies. In 1936, the number of pages in the Federal Register was about 2,600. Today, the Federal Register is over 80,000 pages long. That is just one example of how bad things have gotten.

Started a new business this year in AZ. Paid over $10,000 in fees for permitting, $10,000 in fee for elec hookup, $10,000 in fees for gas hook up and an extra $200 fee per month just for the “privilige” of having gas. Adding up all the fees to start our business, I don’t think we would do it again. We are now just getting to the point that we are making our bills each month, and so we are not taking a paycheck, and don’t anticipate one for at least another year. Our family has been in business for ourselves for decades ,and we know what we are doing, but the rising fees caught us off guard. Cities, municipalities, counties and states are raising all fees at astronomical rates to help offset the slump in their real estate income (since banks apparently don’t have to pay real estate taxes)…I’m telling you every business person I know is on their last leg.

16 U.S. Cities That Could Face Bankruptcy in 2011
The Poor Man reported previously about states which aren’t citizen friendly, now read about the cities which are likely to fail in the coming year…
2011 will be the year of the municipal default. At least that's what analysts like Meredith Whitney predict, as do bond investors that have been fleeing the muni market.

Is the U.S. about to get a case of the Moody’s Blues? Reuters reported today that the credit rating agency is unsettled by the deficit-increasing tax deal struck by President Obama and Congressional Republicans. Should the deal pass, it will "adversely affect the federal government budget deficit and debt level," Moody's said. That means it might be more likely to downgrade Uncle Sam’s credit rating in the future.'s-warns-tax-deal-could-harm-u.s's-triple-a-rating-535717.html?tickers=MCO,TLT,%5ETNX

Just because it’s a law does not make it right or ethical!

Parting Shots…

My eyes are bigger than my stomach. Recently I mentioned the idea of starting a Naider’s Raiders type group to go after the wrongs in society. I met with potential attorneys to volunteer their help and nada, zilch, not interested. Well, the Poor Man can’t do it all by himself, so this idea has been put on the back burner for now.

Seems most everyone is running twice as hard just to stay in place.

For now, we’ll be doing some brainstorming on how to best use our resources in the coming year. Preliminary discussions already lead us to believe we need to focus more on our core activities. A large part of that will be to bring you, our reader, more useful resources in the coming year. Simply keeping up with the technology and marketing end is challenging enough.

We’ve completed the migration of our documents and hopefully, no longer have any incomplete CD packages out there…had one particularly irate fellow who thought we had cheated him. Hopefully, he’s now squared away and one of the reasons why we now provide download links to our reports vs. CD ROM packages for most items. Needless to say, I don’t like unhappy subscribers and fortunately, most feel we over deliver!
Judging from the feedback we get, many are amazed at how much quality information is included with each issue of this bulletin AND all at no charge!

We’re exploring even more useful resources to share with you in 2011, much of it we’re paying for which is why we appreciate your support in terms of purchases and in promoting our bulletin with your family and friends. Your suggestions and contributions are always appreciated so keep them coming.

I try to present a balance of money making ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, useful free and low cost resources which will save you money and thought provoking reports and analysis of economic and world events in terms of how they affect you and America along with some fun stuff too!

Initially, I started this bulletin as a means of sharing resources with a small circle of like minded friends and it has expanded in content and in numbers. We’ll have 1,000 subscribers before the end of 2011!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’
Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

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