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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Many Now Live in Fear, Relief for Shop-a-holics, More

Bruce's Poor Man Recession Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In this issue:

1. Superfluid - a new social currency?
2. Your plan for the coming years
3. Why most live in fear
4. Program for Poor-aholics
5. Pentagon war games-’breakdown of society’
6. People are still making $ on eBay
7. Using the free SkyDrive
8. Gov’t pressures PayPal, Foreigners to cut off Wickileak founder

“…If a bad guy really wanted to do some damage, he’ll just stand in a line with hundreds of others waiting to go through screening, and detonate his carry-on bag there. Soon, there will be armies of TSA agents swarming through bus and train terminals, then the public highways. Terrorists are smart enough to know how to win against Americans - keep ‘em scared and let the government keep ‘em under control.” --from ‘keepthesheep’

Making money online, on eBay requires constant tweaking

Our Poor Man library has grown nicely but I do believe with all of the free links and bonus items we include we've reached somewhat of a saturation point on self sufficiency, preparedness materials (at least I think we have). Our goal has been to offer the most information at little cost, trying to keep all prices at $4.95. - far less than our competition.

With that in mind, the coming year will see growth in the publication of other, related how-to materials more along the lines of what Paladin Press used to offer (except for how to be a hit man). If you have ideas or suggestions or wish to collaborate on such ebooks, send me an email with your proposal or outline. We probably won't get rich but we can possibly enrich others!

One area I would caution against writing about – Green anything. My experience over the year selling 'green living-money/planet saving' books has been dismal at best. Frankly, I think most folks give lip service to the concept of going green. On the other hand, acts done for social good will be the “in” thing for commerce in the coming years.

Stats are showing us that eBay's traffic is down. Some are joyful that eBay is taking a hit.
However, it has become a challenge to remain profitable on eBay while still trying to offer unique items. Over the holidays, the Ipad and Ipod and other electronics continue to be the hot sellers. Vintage toys, especially Disney & scifi stuff like robots still do quite well. Then there are the unique items such as seller easymakebow who makes hairbow ribbon spike kits…makes on average of $4k every 90 days!

Another person sells digital study guides for current university classes and generates $7k quarterly…a Monkees LP sold for nearly $800. All things Superbowl seem to sell - an ‘07 Peyton Manning patch sold for $700, a press pin went for $237, a program sold for $ old pair of Levi jeans sold for a whopping $4K.

Yes, there is a recession but it doesn’t stop people from spending their money.

Creativity is key!
When you use eBay as a TOOL instead of an "end game" it's still a great place to get started and thrive online…when I say tool, that means building a mailing list from your sales.

I constantly tweak items I’ve created & listed. Example: we’ve had a lot of problems with our Poor Man IV in that I keep losing or screwing up the transfer process and have lost much of this extensive data. So I revamped it and revised the eBay listing to reflect the changes…ultimately, my buyers will get more and pay less.

I’ve now included more information that I created and added a link which will provide the same materials as previously offered at no cost to me, eliminating the need for shipping costs. To comply with eBay’s stupid rules, I will still mail something to the buyer (a letter summarizing what they purchased and how to access it)…will cost me far less too. This is important because as we all know, eBay will nickel and dime you to death with fees and it’s important to keep costs down wherever possible.

I encourage you to share your success stories on generating extra cash or eBay strategies!


This week’s odds and ends resources

Superfluid is a mechanism for providing "social currency," hence
facilitating the exchange of services via social networking.

Members of the network earn "Quids" through collaborative work; Quids
may also be borrowed against future contributions of goods or services
to other members.

Two levels of superfluid participation are available: Activities deemed
to have commercial, monetary value are managed in superfluid:business
while other, noncommercial activities are managed on the superfluid:p2p

Do you have a personal strategic plan for the next 10 years?

Your plan includes three parts:
• A vision— a mental image of your life ten years from now.
• An action plan composed of strategies and a timetable for execution of each strategy.
• A contingency plan—actions to take when a low-probability, high-impact event occurs.

Now is the time to do some analysis before you put your plan into effect. Here’s a good starting point. NOTE: The Poor Man was a member of the World Futurist Society for several years and I feel you might benefit from their materials in the coming year.


Depression and mass unemployment are not caused by the free market,
but by government interference in the economy."
-- Ludwig von Mises
(1881-1973) Economist and social philosopher, escaped from NAZI Germany


Last.FM is considered by some to be the ultimate free music website. It is free online music, you can customize with your favorite artist and songs. You have the ability to listen to all sorts of music, both new and old. Essentially no matter your age or your taste, this free online site has it. If you have not downloaded or heard of Last.FM simply go to and sign up

Get Terry Dean’s latest offering free of charge-(Dean is a cool guy even if he does live in Florida)
You can create the lifestyle you want where you earn more, work less, and enjoy life with your own kitchen table business...just like we have.
"Secrets of a Kitchen Table Entrepreneur"


People are gobbling up their food-government subsidies subside to the public

With 17.3 percent underemployment, the only thing shrinking faster than wallets are time horizons. The Wall Street Journal has a compelling story today about how consumers are stocking their pantries only with the products they'll use in the immediate future, even at the expense of sales bargains. According to research done by , home pantry inventories have fallen 20%.

"For over two decades, Americans bought big, bought more and stocked up, confident that bulk shopping, often on credit, provided the best value for their money. But the long recession—with its high unemployment, plummeting home values and depleted savings accounts—altered the way many people think about the future. Manufacturers and retailers report that people are buying less, more frequently, and are determined to keep cash on hand."

“Found your new book Citizens Guide to Screwing Bureaucrats witty & useful…ever see the movie Deliverance? Our local jerk off is squealing like a pig now.”

How to...Configure Gladinet to Access Multiple SkyDrive Accounts from Windows Explorer…two issues back I indicated the PM had to migrate files from the old Microsoft platform to its new platform…here’s how plus some tools you can use.

SkyDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that offers 25GB storage space for free. Those who are already familiar with Gladinet can skip this part, but for those who aren't, let me introduce you to the service. You can use Dropbox which offers free 2GB cloud storage but comes with a syncing app that automatically synchronizes your cloud files with those on your PC. SkyDrive, on the other hand, doesn’t come with this feature. So we are going to use Gladinet, a free tool used for syncing popular cloud storages like Amazon, Google Docs, Google Picasa, SkyDrive, FTP server etc., for this purpose.

Why Do You Need SkyDrive?

With the rising demand for hard disk space for images, documents, multimedia, the risk of losing them is equally increasing. Whether it's your son’s 1st birthday pictures or your office project files, you should always have a backup. In addition to offering a backup, cloud storage has another advantage over conventional backup. You can access your backed up files anywhere with just a browser.

Why Have Multiple Accounts?

It’s never enough. I mean 25GB is a lot of storage, but it’s nothing if you have a picture gallery of 30GB. Having two SkyDrive accounts will make the count 50GB and if you still need more, do the math.

SkyDrive is great when you think about the storage space it offers for free. However, if you want to download the cloud storage files back into the system, you have to manually download every single of them. Consider what happens if you lose your hard disk. It's great to have access to all your files, but downloading all the 20K project files one by one will take some time. But what if I say, it can be done automatically? In this tutorial, I will show you how.

To read the full tutorial, click here. From our friends in Toledo:

Free coupon code app

How to Venture Offshore Without Getting in Trouble with the IRS

The governments of the great States have two instruments for keeping the people dependent, in fear and obedience: a coarser, the army; and a more refined, the school."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

A Program for Poor-aholics
Can't earn enough dough to pay the rent? A tiny but growing fellowship of New Yorkers might suggest that the problem isn't the economy. The problem is you. You may have a disease—a compulsive addiction to low-paying work. And they have a 12-step program to help you recover: Underearners Anonymous.

· Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership"

“My name is Susette Kelo, and the government stole my home.”
Government thieves use eminent domain to steal private property-video

Homeland Security shuts down dozens of websites without court order

While many of the web domains were sites that trafficked in counterfeit
brand name goods, and some others linked to copyright-infringing
file-sharing materials, at least one site was a Google-like search engine,
causing alarm among web freedom advocates who worry the move steps over the
line into censorship.

“Apologists for activist government never tire of telling us that the benevolent state is our protector and that without it we’d be at the mercy of monsters. It is about time that we understood that the U.S. government does more to endanger the American people than any imagined monsters around the world…By pursuing its Grand Foreign Policy of meddling anywhere and everywhere.”

— Sheldon Richman

Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’

For the hard core “preppers” amongst us, you may have already considered
this possibility and the chance that the fallout from an economic collapse
may lead to an inability to perform daily transactions with the U.S. dollar,
food supply disruptions, violence and looting, and even a completely
‘down-grid’ where utilities are completely out of service. If you haven’t,
what would you do if you awoke to news of a total meltdown in the US
dollar - one that led to rejection of the US dollar as a currency for
international settlement?

Will you be the one facing off against highly trained U.S. military
personnel holding a “Food Now” sign at an inner city riot? The U.S.
government and many of their counterparts around the world are getting
ready - just in case - maybe you should be too.(China and Russia recently
dumped the dollar)


You are no longer free to move about the country
Janet Napolitano said last month that we should expect to soon see tighter restrictions at bus, train, and marine transportation centers, too. Here's a report about TSA, Border Patrol, and local police setting up a checkpoint at a Greyhound station in Tampa. Note how quickly preventing a possible terrorist attack expands to include catching illegal immigrants, and preventing drug and what sounds like "cash smuggling." (It's hard to tell from the audio.) Note also the complete and utter reverence the local news report bestows on these government agencies, who after all are merely "teaming up to keep your family safe."

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder
respectable, and to give the appearance of solidarity to pure wind."
-- George Orwell

Parting Shot-Why most live in fear

Most of us fear something. As in the case of government, it fears exposure of their mean spirited ways through groups like Wikileaks and will do whatever it can (including blackmail and extortion) including pressuring foreign governments and even PayPal in its goal to “get” its founder. This is why freedom of the press and the need for them to act as public watchdog is so important.

Right now there are a lot of folks who fear losing their unemployment benefits. Rightly or wrongly, the government (as I write this) sounds as if it will not grant an extension of those funds. Yet, we all know politicians will continue to accept raises and perks most of us could only dream of.

If these millions, and the millions more (including police, fire, emergency crews) who will lose their benefits and/or jobs in the coming months, what will happen? Will they riot, turn to crime, go hide in the woods to live…what will happen to the small businesses, such as grocery stores who depend on those people who spend their UE benefits at the local Kroger? Will they lay off employees, adding to the cycle?

Any student of history knows it doesn’t take much to rattle ‘law-abiding’ citizens and food riots have already taken place in cities around the world. It didn’t take a day during Hurricane Katrina before looting of stores started and police abandoned their post. Hell, many Americans panic to the point of riot if their cell phones die!

Students of history also know when citizens are hungry or desperate, this is when they become most vulnerable to being led astray.

I once asked my former father-in-law (a former German soldier during WWII) how the Germans could so easily fall for Hitler’s megalomania? His response was most citizens were timid, afraid to lose their job or bureaucratic position. This enabled the Gestapo to have an easy time controlling the population.

“Soon, things we had taken for granted, became a crime. The right to own pistols, unless you were a party member. Even travel became restricted. At first we could only take 50 marks out of the country, then it became 5, passports were harder to get even for non-crimes such as being a Jew or non-citizen. The same kinds of things are happening today in America…restrictions on how much currency you can leave the country with, passports denied for non-crimes. It’s always a slow process and I see it happening here and Americans don’t realize it, just like we didn’t fully realize it back in the 1930s.”

Most everyone knew how brutal and ruthless the regime was with anyone it didn’t like or who refused to be brought into line or disobeyed the thousands of regulations and prohibitions. Many people, even priests, were taken into ‘protective custody’ and jailed never to be seen alive again, all of their possessions confiscated by the state.”

This is how a minority succeeded in holding the majority in check.”

All along the way, there were two types of people: The first group was folks that figured, “This has GOT to be the bottom; it can only get better from here.” Their patriotism was rewarded with reduced civil liberties, higher taxes, insane despots, and a polluted currency.

The other group consisted of people who looked at the warning signs and thought, “I have to get out of here.” They followed their instincts and moved on to other places where they could build their lives, survive, and prosper…which group are you in?

That’s all for this issue from your benevolent dictator…the Poor Man! Please share our bulletin with your friends. I invite you to view this video of how the government is attacking our freedom from the Ayn Rand Inst.

The tap's run dry, the supermarkets have been ransacked, the power is off and the low rumble of tanks can be heard in the distance. The unprepared who refused to believe that such a thing could happen here will live as wretched refugees—if they live at all. But for the prepared—for the city survivors—life will go on for the prepared.
Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

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