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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2912 Predictions-Myth or Mayhem?

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. 2012 Predictions-Myth or Mayhem?
2. Small scale trout & fish farming
3. DIY Resources-knife making, tax prep, discounts, more
4. The dumbest thing ever said about our drug war by Ms. Clinton
5. Are we in danger of losing our democracy?

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.
--Oliver Wendell Holmes

Are we in danger of losing our democracy?

As revolutions take place in the middle east and government workers mount protests against having their benefits cut in this country, it makes me wonder what has happened to our own democracy.

We go through the motions of a democracy here. The reality, however, is many of our politicians are clearly bought and paid for. Special interests still rule Washington, not the people. Your vote (in my opinion) does not matter. Laws, rules and regulations are passed without regard to their cost and consequences, all too frequently by unelected bureaucrats. The cost to this country has been staggering and one of the major reasons why we have such high unemployment.

We also have too many government workers sucking the lifeblood from state budgets without any concern as to where the money will come to continue their gold plated benefits…wow, just think how nice it would be to have to pay only 5% of your medical premiums!

"At the union protests in Wisconsin, several doctors were on hand to write fake excuse notes for teachers who called in sick to attend the rallies. Wonder if this is some of that medical waste, fraud, & abuse that Obamacare was supposed to fix?" --former Senator Fred Thompson

During the past 30 years the government has passed so many anti-citizen laws, no one can keep up. The worst of the worst is the unPatriot Act which violates so much of the Constitution that our founders are no doubt gagging in their graves. What the People want does not seem to matter.

Each of our so-called parties swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and to serve the people. Each have failed and the courts seem to have exiled that document. The government sticks its nose into so many aspects of our lives, all of which fall outside Constitutional boundaries, that the Bill of Rights is now a joke.

Our founders and the original colonies were organized under a very libertarian document called the Articles of Confederation. The central government was only supposed to handle our national defense (not offense) and it was not able to collect taxes from individuals.

Our Constitution has been in grave danger since the early 1900s while our rights and liberties have been eroded. It’s my opinion this truly began with the income tax and the creation of the non-governmental group known as the Fed, the worldwide cartel of bankers. Once we gave up issuing our own money, we collectively began to ‘smell a rat.’

If we want real change in this country, perhaps we should consider what has taken place in Egypt. I for one am making a suggestion for a new amendment to the Constitution…a separation of state and bank!

Use old grocery carts for rabbit hutches.

Weekly Roundup of Useful Goodies

ROUNDUP: Online Tax Prep Services
Unless you're sure you've got a fat tax return coming, you probably don't look forward to doing your taxes. But these five online tax prep services can make the chore quick and easy.,2817,2359077,00.asp

ROUNDUP: The Best Free Online Project Management Software
You can get your business organized, if you've got help. These services can give you that help--and they're all free.,2817,2380448,00.asp

Couple of good sites for DIY knife making…kind of an art that might come in handy though we always keep a couple of good hunting & folding knives handy!
Here you can learn to make one from a railroad spike…

Eight of the ten top trending now topics were celebrity gossip
This week on Yahoo’s most viewed pages

Many people forward jokes and stories via email but fail to remove those >>>marks. Here’s a free program that quickly removes those symbols.;10

Keep gold & silver chains tangle free by running it through a straw & clasp ends.

Trout Farming For Hobby Farmers
My father-in-law should have his own fishing show-brook trout is his specialty!
A few issues back we reported on raising frogs…this is a follow up to that.
Five to ten acre hobby near urban centers have become very popular in the last twenty years. A rare few make enough income for the farmer to cover his overhead. Others, even more rare, turn a modest profit.
Many hobby farms are regarded more as an investment in land rather than a potential working operation. If a working operation may be part of the agenda, combined, say, with only moderate capital outlay, and minimum work, trout farming offers a good prospect for income. Read more here:

Do It Yourself Aquaculture Amateur Fish Farming Made Possible On A Small Scale


The United States ranks dead last in the world for the amount of maternity leave given to mothers and fathers. --Source: ABC News

Coupawz will offer a variety of daily discounts on products and
services for US pet owners. It also aims to add a selection of local
deals. Group buying should ensure savings of as much as 50%.

Credit Problems can hurt your health
Debt related stress is hurting the emotional health of many, mainly lack of sleep and depression. Of course, this can lead to physical ailments as well. Use a recommended credit counselor to help.
Association of Independent Credit Counseling Agencies


Here you go Jen & thanks for sharing!
My name is Jen Miller – I work for
I noticed on your Penny Pinchers page at that you list several sites
that offer coupons and/or money-saving tips, but you didn’t seem to
reference any resources that help consumers AND charities at the same

Make your own herbal seasoning salt
Blend the following and place in shaker w/ large openings

-5 tablespoons of salt
-2 teaspoons each of:
Onion powder, garlic powder, celery seed, parsley flakes PLUS
One teaspoon of (each) of: dried basil, marjoram, thyme, oregano
Makes a nice home made gift too!


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In Canada, 117 out of every 100,000 people are in prison. In Japan, 59 out of every 100,000 people are in prison. In the United States, 743 out of every 100,000 people are in prison which is the highest rate by far in the world.

Government Follies

Gold and silver continue to be safe havens…silver at 30 year high!

Oil prices go above $100 a barrel-could get worse, if…
The PM warned last year fuel prices could go over $5 a gallon in ‘11
Things are likely to get far worse if the "day of rage" planned for Saudi Arabia next month turns into a full-blown revolution. Up to this point, the revolutions that have been sweeping the Middle East have been organized largely on Facebook, and now there are calls all over Facebook for the "Saudi revolution" to start on March 20th

With budget constraints in place, what’s the government worried about-solar flares? The RFP vanished from their site soon after it was posted-hmmmm?
FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) put out a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for even more dehydrated food. The RFP called for a 10-day supply of meals - for 14 million people. That's 420 million meals. Typically, FEMA maintains a stockpile of about 6 million meals. Why the sudden need to increase the stockpile by 420 million more?

The CredAbility Consumer Distress Index, which measures the average financial condition of U.S. households, declined in every single quarter in 2010.

Faced with massive state budget cuts, the Wisconsin teachers union protests seem to be increasing public awareness of the high wages and benefits paid to public union members, which is further galvanizing public support for Gov. Scott Walker.

Lots of talk about a government shutdown next week…many agencies preparing, making contingency plans. One good thing about a shut down - no new anti-citizen laws will be passed!

Stop musty basement odor by soaking a paper towel in Pinesol. Place in small container like a film canister. Punch hole in top. The bigger the hole, the stronger the scent.

The first rule of being successful is you have to look like you know what you're doing, so you failed," he said, joking with the reporters.
--House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)

2012 Survival Plans-Mayhem or Myth…are they necessary?

My wife and I had a discussion this week about all of the disasters, both man made and natural, that have been occurring during the past year or more. NASA’s recent announcement about solar flares and the potential for electronics disruptions had us really wondering.

Adding fuel to our speculation was our viewing of a History Channel documentary about 2012 and the popular movie starring John Cusack. No one can question the fact that there has been a huge spate of natural disasters throughout the world. Coincidence?

What's really going to happen on December 21, 2012?

Some of the predictions for 2012 are pretty crazy (UFOs, black holes, etc). Predictions range from complete disaster for mankind and the end of life as we know it to simple climate changes which will impact the earth, but not devastate civilization.

We do know the axis of the earth has shifted and that climate change has taken place on a fairly regular basis over the centuries (one of the reasons we had the Dark Ages was because of an abnormal cold spell which lasted nearly 200 years, preventing mankind from growing crops in abundance).

A severe solar storm has the potential to take down telecommunications and , and the country needs to work on being better prepared, said NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco here at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Lubchenco is also the U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.

Why is NASA saying Solar Flares could intensify (starting this year) knocking out communications and even power grid transformers…

- Why has nearly every religion been predicting something big to happen on Dec 21, 2012; for literally thousands of years?
- The Mayan Calendar (the most accurate in history) just abruptly ends on Dec 21, 2012.
- There is proof that most all large governments have 2012 survival plans. Do you?

I guess only time will tell for certain, but it’s difficult not to feel some kind of apprehension over what has been occurring…our advice, as always, be prepared, not surprised. Here are a few sites you might want to review, then form your own opinion.

Free 2012 Survival report & information at these sites

Now for the dumbest thing ever said about the drug war-Hillary Clinton

And that’s wrap from the digital fortress of the Poor Man!

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