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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shadow Government, Shadow Banking, Get Internet Access Even...

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. The world of shadow banking
2. Get internet access-even if the government shuts it down
3. Sites to sell your handmade goods, crafts & art
4. Surfing the web anonymously
5. 10 Offbeat ways to be more frugal
6. Make ice cream from snow video

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Security in an insecure world…

As chaotic events unfold in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, many ask “how does that affect me?” Other than the sudden spike in oil prices, predicted to rise 10 cents a gallon by March, most Americans pay little attention.

Even during WWII most Americans on the home front have been pretty well insulated from the ravages of war, revolution and international turmoil. We’ve been involved with wars during much of my life and see little in terms of rationing or sacrifice among our citizens. The absolute worst effect has been the loss of life among our military families and that is never taken lightly.

As I indicated in the previous issue…many people, in many countries have become angry over their domestic rulers and economic plight. The rumblings of financial chaos have only started in this country. On a related note

Wikileaks founder was interviewed on 60 Minutes this past Sunday and I think its founder remained a pretty cool cucumber under questioning from Steve Kroft. What is perhaps more interesting was his take on journalism or should I say, lack of in this country and the fact his crew has more potential bombshells to reveal. Assange has upset the establishment apple cart and political leaders have called for his head to be delivered on a pike. Perhaps this is just another form of insecurity among our so-called leaders and some suggest he’s responsible for much of the turmoil.

I believe that to be nonsense and there is little doubt our own media have fallen down on their jobs as watchdogs of Washington. See the interview here:

SIDE NOTE: My Amazon account was hacked this week by some foreigner…Amazon caught it in no time and within 24 hours my account was secure again and the folks at their customer service were prompt and a delight to work with and actually easy to reach and they spoke English. Unlike some other online entities who make it tougher than blazes to reach by phone, Amazon provided a phone number pronto! Online security is wrought with risk and in this issue, you’ll find some answers.

Use white out correction fluid to repair small nicks on appliances. Once dried, cover with clean nail polish. Many colors now available.

Consumer News & Resources

Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down
Does your government have an Internet kill-switch? Read the guide to Guerrilla Networking and be prepared for when the lines get cut.
These days, no popular movement goes without an Internet presence of some kind, whether it's organizing on Facebook or spreading the word through Twitter. And as we've seen in Egypt, that means that your Internet connection can be the first to go. Whether you're trying to check in with your family, contact your friends, or simply spread the word, here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can't rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections.

Q: Is there a way to surf the Web anonymously so that the sites I visit don’t know that I have been there?
A: There are ways to surf anonymously, although there is no guarantee that what you do won’t be seen. Here are two options...
An anonymizer hides information that is coming from the user’s computer. It often is used by government agencies and corporations -- it can make communication seem to come from an entirely different place. A company called Anonymizer ( is a major provider of this type of service for $80 a year.
Onion routing is another method of disguising the origin of most Internet activity. It can be complicated, making it more appropriate for advanced users. You can use onion routing for free through
Our inside source: Randolph Hock, PhD, a former reference librarian and now a seminar and workshop provider and operator of Online Strategies, Vienna, Virginia.

Sites for selling your crafts and art…
Selling your hand made goods is a good way to earn extra cash. You might find these sites useful or at least review to see what others are selling.

>>Crafty, hip and offbeat
>>Well known
>>Good place to sell your
>>Design products, must have your work

10 Offbeat Ways to Be Frugal
What more can you do after you've cut out every coupon, cut your own hair, cooked enough beans to last a lifetime and made every meal at home, recycled everything, cut out cable TV and vowed to go to the library every week? There's only so much penny-pinching people can stand. Read more here:

10 More US Companies which may vanish this year…

Build a tiny cabin with free plans from
Can you use a pretty little cabin? It would be perfect for your use as a backwoods getaway, a hunting or fishing lodge, a backyard office, studio or guest cottage, or as a free-standing apartment for teenagers or caretakers.
The 12'x18' cabin is packed with features. Downstairs, there is one big all-purpose room, a galley kitchen and a small bathroom. There's a ladder up to a big storage or sleeping loft. A shady front porch extends the space to the outdoors.
The free thirty-five page plan set includes scaled plans, exterior elevations, framing diagrams, construction details and a list of the materials that you'll need.
Click here to see an illustration and to download the free project plans >>>
( )
Click here for more free cabin building plans >>>
( )

Approximately 11 percent of all homes in the United States are currently standing empty.

Tips for Burglar-Proofing you home…
>Keep a low profile-Crooks look for names on mailboxes & use it to call “411” & then your number to see if you’re home.
>Flaunt a security system-Home equipped with security systems are three times less like to be targeted. Post warning signs in visible areas.
>Lock Up!-Install single-barrel dead bolts on all exterior doors, use exterior key-entry types.
>Don’t leave a spare key in obvious places-under a doormat is not a good idea.

Find more from our Poor Man Guide to Homestead Defense at our site.

Do not apply vinegar to jewelry containing pearls or gemstones as it will damage the finish or in the case of pearls, it can actually disintegrate them!


Judge Andrew Napolitano - Natural Rights, Patriot Act, The Constitution
Judge Andrew Napolitano gives a speech about freedom and from where our rights come. The Judge explains the Constitution and why we must fight to regain and retain our freedoms.

Not in our neighborhood…Santa Monica, CA is realigning its sidewalk benches to deter homeless people from accosting (begging) pedestrians.

The Shadow Banking System

The shadow banking system or the shadow financial system consists of non-depository banks and other financial entities (e.g., investment banks, hedge funds, and money market funds) that grew in size dramatically after the year 2000 and play an increasingly critical role in lending businesses the money necessary to operate. By June 2008, the U.S. shadow banking system was approximately the same size as the U.S. traditional depository banking system. The equivalent of a bank run occurred within the shadow banking system during 2007-2008, when investors stopped providing funds to (or through) many entities in the system. Disruption in the shadow banking system is a key component of the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis.

In Washington, Republican leader Paul Ryan warned the nation is on course for an economic disaster thanks to its crushing burden of debt.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor ruled out any congressionally authorized bailouts for states. "There will not be a federal bailout of the states," he vowed.

The International Herald Tribune warned that the chaos we're seeing in Europe as a result of its sovereign debt crisis is likely to come to U.S. shores soon.

Even renowned Nobel-prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz predicted "a series of rolling crises for an extended period of time" as one government entity after another succumbs to this great debt catastrophe.

We all know the rising threat of defaults and foreclosures facing America is currently harming the economy, causing extreme asset devaluation, and potentially creating a serious social problem for the greatest example of democracy in the world today (

We all know that we must do everything in our collective power to help homeowners stay in their homes, and at the same time, help lenders keep their loans. This is good for us all. The solution should not be couched in polar divisive politics, nor should the solution be a ‘bailout’ of one interest over another. Neither bleeding hearts nor cold business greed should guide the solution, but, recognition in a few basic American principles must be our precondition. We can, and we must ‘bailout the economy’ because its wellbeing is dangerously uncertain. We should not tolerate the risk of total free market devastation to the extent potentially causing millions of lost households and domestic if not worldwide recession, due to “uncertainty” created by failed system safeguards (i.e.: Shadow Banking System).

Inherent in saving the economy is saving homeowners who are sinking in ‘debt’ while retaining sensitivity to ‘free but responsible open markets’ (FBROM If we don’t we will flirt with ‘actual recession’ or worse. Then we will all suffer.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has just warned that the governments of the United States and Japan — the two single largest debtors on Earth — are risking a repeat of the sovereign debt crisis which engulfed Greece and Ireland.

Gold prices in 2011-2012 will probably reach $1700 an ounce-our best prediction.

Is the world operated by a ‘Shadow Government?’ --Parting thoughts…

Since I was a college student there have been rumors concerning the New World Order, the Globalists, a one-world currency, and secret societies bent on ruling the world…

For the most part, I discounted these notions and have applied my own theory of what I call International Cartels. Over the past 60 years we’ve seen more categories of businesses which are gobbled up by international firms. This is highly apparent among food corporations which are ruled by a few (Nestle & General Foods, Monsanto), big pharmaceutical corporations, and big media companies such Fox, Comcast and others. (the most trusted news outlet is now PBS…beating the Fox network).

Each time these international firms gobble up another competitor, prices usually go up, despite the economic theory of savings from a new economy of scale…and people get laid off. Of course, the PM has always felt we have the best government money can buy!

Secret Rule
It is becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens that government is no longer being conducted in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, or, within states, according to state constitutions. While people have recognized for more than 150 years that the rich and powerful often corrupt individual officials, or exert undue influence to get legislation passed that favors their interests, most Americans still cling to the naive belief that such corruption is exceptional, and that most of the institutions of society, the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still largely comply with the Constitution and the law in important matters. They expect that these corrupting forces are disunited and in competition with one another, so that they tend to balance one another.

Mounting evidence makes it clear that the situation is far worse than most people think, that during the last several decades the U.S. Constitution has been effectively overthrown, and that it is now observed only as a fa├žade to deceive and placate the masses. What has replaced it is what many call the Shadow Government. It still, for the most part, operates in secret, because its control is not secure. The exposure of this regime and its operations must now become a primary duty of citizens who still believe in the Rule of Law and in the freedoms which this country is supposed to represent. Read more & you decide at:

How to make ice cream from now-keep the kids occupied this week!

I know our snowplow guy is happy with the winter weather…we all stayed warm with the huge kettle of home made beef-vegetable noodle soup I made.

Yours for some global warming during these frigid wintry days! The Poor Man.

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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