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Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Can Be Tracked via Cell Phone Camera Photos

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue

1. I can track & stalk you
2. Free financial boot camp
3. How to deal with cops-video interview
4. The Practice of shunning-using it on government types
5. Aquaponics-a solution for feeding everyone
6. The secret freedom fighter
7. Alternatives to expensive software

Crime does not pay-unless you get elected! --Galambos

The calm after the storm or is it the winter blahs?

Off and on during the past few weeks, much of America has been hit by paralyzing winter storms. Winter has reached many states which are rarely affected by cold and snow, leaving some scratching their head over the affects of global warming. Adults and children alike have enjoyed snow days unable to reach work or school.

My thinking was many more would be using their computer to visit eBay and Amazon, perhaps perking up sales for merchants. Wrong! In conversations with other online merchants I learned just the opposite is true…most have experienced the slowest sales they’ve seen in a long time.

The Poor Man even ran a sale which produced dismal results. In fact, all forms of online activity has slowed according to a report I read recently.

If you’re like me, you might be getting a bad case of cabin fever. I’m anxious to get outside and do some gardening, finish up our cabin and explore related projects. There is a lack of auctions, thrift store donations, and of course, garage sales to go treasure hunting (some might say, who cares, nothing is selling anyhow).

The Poor Man placed several ‘wanted’ ads on and our area Craigslist and not one response. I even placed a help wanted ad for a freelance cartoonist to create several politically incorrect cartoons I came up with - again, no response. (if you’re cartoonist & need some work, let me know).

This has also been the slowest I’ve ever seen in response to our weekly bulletin. Normally, I get up to a dozen emails a week with suggestions to share or feedback on its content…this week, only one. That person wrote to say how much he and his wife enjoyed the newsletter and they were curious as to how I come up with ideas for content…(I read a lot of online and offline publications and glean what I feel might be useful). Without feedback it is difficult to come up with fresh ideas which is one of the reasons I vary the content. Got ideas? Please share!

Finally, as most know by now, the President of Egypt finally stepped down. Somewhat surprising, the crowds of protestors were, for the most part, well-behaved. The price of oil came down on world markets as a result…Our own president took a lot of hits in the international press for his wavering actions…even British newspapers lampooned him intimating how irrelevant he’s become.

If inflation wore a label, it would read “Manufactured in Washington DC

The Weekly Round-up

Financial Bootcamp-Get a Money-tune-up
Since 2009, LearnVest has been providing sharp and seriously useful money advice for women. Now, the site has launched a series of email bootcamps to get readers ramped up financially. The investing unit costs $7.99, but the Cut Your Costs and Personal Finance Basics Bootcamps are free. You don’t have to be a personal finance dork (like me) to appreciate that.

I can stalk you-the danger of posting photos…GPS in cameras & phone now allow the government & anyone else to track you. This is not a joke! How to Deal with Cops - Q&A with Steve Silverman of Flex Your Rights
"Asserting your Constitutional rights is not a trick in any way," says Steve Silverman of the Flex Your Rights Foundation. "What the police officers do is a trick." Silverman started Flex Your Rights in 2002 after spending years working with college students who lost scholarships because of minor drug busts. Since then the organization has produced two popular videos, Busted: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters and 10 Rules For Dealing with the Police, both of which have millions of views on YouTube and have been screened in classrooms and communities around the country.

Kidstuff is now offering distributorships…could prove good for go-getters
The Kidstuff Magazine™ is a free shopping resource guide for parents and grandparents. The magazine serves two purposes. It is designed to help families find products and services they need as their children grow. And, it is the perfect advertising medium for companies to let growing families know about their products and services. The information is presented in a full four-color format on glossy magazine paper for easy reading and to keep for a long lasting resource guide. It is digest size and a handy size to use for shopping.

Just type in a street name at the top of the form & your whole neighborhood map will pop up…check your neighbors.

Every place you see a red balloon or thumb tack is the home of a convicted felon.

Just place your mouse over an icon & not only will the name come up, but also the crime they were convicted of.

Share with your friends . . . Safety first.

A 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide & vinegar will dissolve lead.

Aquaponics…viable solution for feeding everyone!

The information contained herein can help you get started in aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture. Information can be found here to help you from the early planning stages all the way through construction and marketing helping you get off to a profitable start whether it is a backyard operation or commercial venture. Just visit our forum to find information posted by individuals around the world who have experience with backyard, commercial and educational systems in around the world.

Using a controlled environment greenhouse or pond/tank greenhouse combination, large premium quality crops of vegetables and herbs can be grown on a year-round basis simultaneously producing large amounts of fresh fish. Using the knowledge to be found within the pages and the forum at "Do It Yourself Aquaponics" combined with proper planning, equipment and management, aquaponics can be used to supplement your food demands or in a commercial manner, turned into a profitable business.

Find alternatives to expensive software
This site offers free or less expensive versions to many of today’s expensive software. Example: Instead of buying Adobe Photoshop, you can use GIMP, a free image-manipulation program that offers many of the same features.

Fix it Yourself-How to repair cameras, game consoles, toasters, iPods, etc. at:

Another resource for private e-mail
Free service to encrypt messages, prevent forwarding & set a time for the message to self-destruct. Go to:

Lower your chance of an IRS audit. Any time you have a questionable tax deduction & wish to avoid raising a red flag, use Form 8275. Ask your tax preparer. Download form from the IRS: or call 800-829-3676

$2,360...No Promoting required!
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No Follow-Up!
No Selling! Go to:

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The End of the Dollar Being Proposed

New international currency proposed by International Monetary Fund
The IMF is trying to move the world away from the U.S. dollar and towards a global currency. In a new report entitled "Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR", the IMF details the "problems" with having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the globe and the IMF discusses the potential for a larger role for SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). The IMF considers SDRs to be a transitional phase between what we have now and a new world currency. In this newly published report, the IMF makes this point very clearly: "In the even longer run, if there were political willingness to do so, these securities could constitute an embryo of global currency."

CNN clearly understands what the IMF is trying to accomplish with this new report. The following is how CNN's recent story about the new IMF report begins....
"The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency."

This synthetic currency unit is made up of a basket of currencies. SDRs have actually been around for many years, but now they are being heavily promoted as an alternative to the dollar.

The SDR is a hybrid. SDRs are part U.S. dollar, part euro, part yen and part British pound. In particular, the following is how each SDR currently breaks down....
U.S. Dollar: 41.9%
Euro: 37.4%
Yen: 9.4%
British Pound: 11.3%

In January, the Obama administration said that it fully supports the eventual inclusion of the yuan in the SDR.

Keep a few extra containers of GoJo, the waterless cleaner, on hand should you lose your water supply. It’s also good for cleaning antique wood such as picture frames.

The Secret Freedom Fighter
The Parting shot…
Do you remember the Bill of Rights?

I remember studying the Bill of Rights when I was in fifth grade. I found it odd that the founding fathers had written laws to protect us from our government. In the naivete of my 11-year-old world, it never occurred to me that the government would invade my home, arrest me without cause, or act unjustly toward any of its citizens. Sadly, I see the wisdom of the founding fathers being undermined by the government.

Freedom today requires a lot more creativity given the penchant of politicians to take it away. There is a certain futility in conventional activism…

Here are a couple of non-violent ways to fight back against imperious government agents be they from the IRS, ATF, FBI, or local bureaucrat…

Shunning is the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group. It is a sanction against association often associated with religious groups and other tightly-knit organizations and communities. Shunning has a long history as a means of organizational influence and control.

>don’t do business with them
>do not speak to them
>do not invite them to social events
>do not buy cookies or other fundraisers from their children

We could continue with examples but you get the idea. Perhaps impractical except from a local community perspective. It might be a useful way to send a message that as a citizen you are not happy with our lost rights and its heavy handed approach to screwing citizens.

There’s little doubt the nature of our country has changed much in the past 30 years. Whereas I grew up with neighborhood merchants, the butcher, the shoemaker, the appliance repairman…now everything has become big box stores, few mothers at home and neighbors who often do not know each other. We’ve lost a lot in terms of sense of community and a government out of touch with the common person. All of this has affected our personal freedoms to one degree or another and has given rise to police powers…after all, we’re no longer expected to be self reliant or to even take care of neighborhood bullies…we must let the nanny state intervene now.

What happens when they steal your freedom and you're too fat to run for the hills?
It can happen here.

That’s it for this issue from your fat boy, the Poor Man…be sure to share this with friends!

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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