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Friday, July 15, 2011

PM's Practical Guide to Becoming Self Sufficient-New

The Poor Man’s Practical Guide to Becoming Self Sufficient

A  ‘BootStrap’ plan for surviving turbulent times.

Still waiting for your government bailout?  Don’t hold your breath.  It’s time for Americans to take back control of their lives.  We’ve always been a ‘Can Do’ people and our easy-to-use, resource-filled guide will show you how.

Divided into four easy to follow sections:

1.      How to get out of debt and take control of your financial life.

2.      How to create multiple sources of income (includes resources for work at home)

3.      How to cut your expenses and still live the good life – Self preparation skills

4.      How to protect your privacy and nurture your new lifestyle

Includes a subscription to the twice weekly online Poor Man Bulletin - featuring multiple hard hitting, money-saving bonus reports:

·        The best of our freebies and frugal living resources

·        How to cut your utility bills in half on the cheap

·        How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

·        How to Restore Your Personal Freedom

Value - $39.95

Clearly written with extensive resources throughout…simple strategies anyone can do to lead a better life beginning within hours.  Cut your debt, reduce expenses and increase your income.

We’re also including more value with the inclusion of our Poor Man II guide…

This handy collection includes more than a dozen reports on how to become more self-sufficent.

·        How to Survive a Job loss

·        21 Cutting Edge Strategies for protecting your privacy

·        A classic book – The Science of Getting Rich

·        Prudent food storage; preparing for natural disasters

And a whole lot more…additional download links are included in the book

Also, a link to our main Poor Man Survival site is provided -  this offers a wide assortment of urban survival resources such as how to lower your property taxes, ‘prepper and bug-out kit’ resources,  DIY links, Consumer resources, how to create a community currency, how to start a co-op food program, how to barter and much more.  NOTE:  This isn’t another tome about homesteading and farming, that information is included on our main website.  This will get you out of debt, help you to develop extra or main income sources and get you started on being more prepared without government help.  The combined content of this package, with all of its bonus reports is nearly 600 pages.

Special bonus – The Urban Survivor-45 Ways to Make a Living Without a Job

This 100-page report is also included with this new program.  (We’ve sold 100s as a standalone report previously).

The complete package comes to you on a CD-ROM for easy access.

In short, you’ll find everything you need to live a better life and be prepared for whatever circumstances befall our country.  Our goal is to restore the Can Do Spirit of America, so join our growing community today. 

Price – Only $5.95 postpaid  The CD ROM is sent by first class mail within 24-hours

I believe this is the finest value anywhere.  Resources you can put to immediate use to secure your future.  Hey, we’re not owned by some big media conglomerate like Mickey Mouse.  Just average folks trying to help our neighbors.

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