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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Survivor Jane, Instant Grow Garden Mats, What are You Good At?

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

ISSN 2161-5543

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In This Issue:

1.        “Instant” Gardens How to

2.       Free education classes resources

3.       Survivor Jane – Prepper site for women

4.       Discover what you’re good at

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.
Mark Twain

Discovering What You’re Good At

With the upheaval of traditional middle class jobs, most never to return, many find themselves in the position of finding something else ‘they are good at.’  Many who do find work also discover they’re paid much less, often barely enough to make ends meet.

A significant portion of Americans who have been out of work for more than a year two, simply give up looking for work.  Those numbers are never tallied by the Labor Department when figuring their ‘official’ unemployment numbers.

According to Reuters, 23.7 million American workers are either unemployed or underemployed right now. The more "blue collar" you are, the more likely you are to be unemployed.

The millions of jobs that have been sent overseas are not coming back. Even if you still have a decent job, now is the time to be developing a side business or developing other alternative streams of income.

The increase in those over age 50 who start their own business demonstrates the frustration we’ve collectively experienced with the lackluster job market. Many are turning their hobbies into businesses.  Unemployment among this age bracket and among those age 17-24 show higher spikes than other age groups.

It’s been said that people are happiest when they feel embedded into something larger than themselves.  It’s an odd quirk but a surprising number of newly retired folks pass on within a few years of not working because so much of their life was built around their job or occupation.

Volunteering as Therapy

There is no shortage of non-profit groups in this country.  At any given time, most seek volunteers.  Consider choosing a volunteer opportunity in a field that interests you.  This will keep your mind active and extend your networking possibilities.  My mother volunteered at a local hospital and was eventually hired into its patient services and hospice department.

Earlier in my life I volunteered for the SBAs Small Business Development group.  In essence, I mentored several small start-ups.  Not only did I enjoy the experience but I developed many strong business and social friendships as a result.  This led to my serving as a volunteer board member for groups such as the Salvation Army and others.

Find Your Strengths

Many once popular career choices, such as newspaper journalism, are pretty much dead in the water today.  The point is, you might have to make a career change.  Take a career aptitude test to pinpoint your areas of strength.  This could lead you to a better career path that is right for you.  Here’s a resource that offers a free test:

Safer snow shoveling – push the snow instead of lifting it.  Keep the handle close to your body to reduce pressure on your back.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Amazing Amount of Free Education ‘Classes’

Your education doesn't have to stop once you get out of school—being free of the classroom just means you have more control over what you learn and when you learn it. We've put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this spring for the first term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your life with free, online college-level classes…

Technical, science, economics and much more.  Go here to see the full listing:


Spokeo: Privacy and Frustration

I recently discovered Spokeo, an online reference that contains more personal information than most people would probably like to see gathered in one place. Spokeo describes themselves as, “Not your grandma’s phone book”. I’ll say. The information available for free includes address, phone number, street view of your home (if available), estimated income (we found this estimation to be way off), estimated value of your home (again, not very accurate),and names, ages, and relationships to family members (this was correct in the few that we viewed).

Searching can be done under any of the five tabs; Name, Email, Phone, Username, or Friends. The Name tab reveals more information than the others, but each contains bits related to the subject

Vegetable Seed Garden Mat - Instant Garden, Roll N Grow - Seeded Mat - Just Roll and Grow! (Easy & Hassle Free!) Plant in garden or family yard! Grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and Lettuce!

While Congress sews the seeds of rebellion, you should consider these efficient seeds.

Thinking of rolling out a flower or vegetable garden this spring? Consider a prefabricated seed mat such as the Instant Garden Seed-in-a-Blanket by Creative Garden Concepts, a seed germination medium comprised of two layers sandwiching flower or grass seed, an inert distribution medium, nutrients and a water retaining polymer. For veggies and herbs, there’s the GrowEasy Seed Mat, available in tomato, herbs, and peppers from Greenhouse Magastore.

Another option is to create your own seed mat. According to, a garden social media site, the failure of garden seed mats usually has to do with the types of seeds placed together. To make a garden seed mat that actually grows well, you’ll need to choose complementary plants. The best time to make your garden seed mat is in the late autumn or winter. Here’s their guide for creating your own:

Step 1
Decide what kinds of vegetables or herbs you want to grow in your garden. Purchase seeds at your local garden store, or if you saved seeds from last year’s garden, you can use those. Choose herbs and vegetables that have similar growth rates, heights, water and sunlight needs, and compatibility for companion gardening. Plant size is a big factor. Ensure that the plant types you select are around the same height so the taller vegetables don’t steal all the sunlight, leaving the shorter-growing ones deep in the shade.

Step 2
Unroll and tear off a length of heavy-duty brown paper towels. You can make whatever length you like and even use several lengths of paper towels to create a wider seed mat.

Step 3
Mix a thick paste using 1 part water to 2 parts flour. Spread the paste over the length of brown paper towels.

Step 4
Place the seeds in the paste, spacing them the appropriate distance for each type of seed. Allow the mat to dry completely. Then, roll up the mat, label it and store it until spring.

Step 5
Prepare your garden bed when the last expected frost has passed and the springtime soil has warmed to at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn and loosen a patch of soil that’s in full sunlight in your garden or yard using a pitchfork. Remove any weeds, grass or other debris from the soil.

Step 6
Unroll your garden seed mat and lay it out on the prepared garden bed. Spread a cover of organic compost over the seeds, about 1-inch thick, depending on the types of seeds you’re planting, or to the depth recommended on your seed packets. Water your newly-planted garden well

FEMA’s Citizen Prepper Guide

Still a worthwhile guide to own and it’s a free download

Preparedness is more than just stocking food supplies or gathering guns in case of an emergency; preparedness is a mindset you must cultivate… knowledge and planning are the two best tools you can have.

Survivor Jane…Thanks to a new subscriber via Twitter

Can I ask you a couple of questions?

What would happen to you if a disaster were to hit tomorrow?

What would happen to you, if someone tried to break into your home, and harm you and your children?

Do you have the knowledge, skills, and physical strength to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

I think it’s fair to say that we would all try to survive, in any situation.

After all, as women, that is one of the things we do best

The American Preppers Network is conducting a Network-Wide Roll Call and giving away …
Several Prizes! All Preppers, please respond to the following link and reply to the Roll Call.

Bathroom Smells. To help get rid of 'bathroom' smells, instead of using air fresheners, try striking a match, (regular not safety) sounds strange but very effective

The Nanny State Updates…

Bank Privacy Part Deux
US law limits your freedom freedom of contract. Banking services are strictly controlled and are the future of individual tracking. Learn how this affects you.

The millions of jobs that have been sent overseas are not coming back. Even if you still have a decent job, now is the time to be developing a side business or developing other alternative streams of income.

What you don't want to do is to just sit there and hope that somehow things will "magically" turn around if we just vote in the "right" politician.

If you want to get a good idea of what is really going on with the U.S. economy, just tour some of the formerly great industrial cities in the "Rust Belt".

In Cuyahoga County, Ohio one out of every five houses is sitting vacant. It is not that those homes are not needed - it is just that there are not nearly enough people with good jobs available to buy up all of the foreclosures.

So, thousands of good homes are being torn down. The following comes from a recent CBS News report by Scott Pelley....

Across America, recession-fueled foreclosures and plummeting home values have left countless properties abandoned and vulnerable to looting. As Scott Pelley reports, the problem has gotten so bad in Cleveland, Ohio, that county officials have demolished more than 1,000 homes this year - and plan to demolish 20,000 more - rather than let the blight spread and render nearby homes worthless.

For beautiful, shiny clean jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Rub lightly, rinse and polish with a towel.

The Parting Thought –

Think you still live in the land of brave and the free?

So you think you're free? Thanks to big government spending and exploding debt, the United States -- and indeed the world -- is less economically free today than it was a year ago, according to the 18th annual Index of Economic Freedom, released yesterday by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.

Though some might think that the United States -- the land of the free, the home of the brave -- is of course a leader in economic freedom, they would be wrong. The United States fell to 10th place in the world for economic freedom, and its score continues to drop. The U.S. ranked 6th in 2009, 8th in 2010 and 9th in 2011.

How Would Most Americans Better our Government?  Less of it!

We have all been lied to. For decades, the leaders of both major political parties have promised us that they can fix our current system and that they can get our national debt under control.

To get the same purchasing power that you got out of $20.00 back in 1970 you would have to have more than $116 today.

America's job creators know that it's the policies emanating from Washington that are constraining their ability to create new jobs. According to a new survey of small businesses by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, more than 80 percent are very concerned about the prospect of new regulations, mandates, and higher taxes. There's another thing Americans should be worried about, as well: According to the Index, the United States has seen its "Freedom from Corruption" score drop, as well, due to the Obama Administration's pursuit of increased regulations. As Feulner writes, "Each new edict means a new government bureaucracy that individuals and businesses must navigate. Each new law opens the door for political graft and cronyism."

Finally…you must obey the government or face the consequences

You will use our currency, and no other, or we will label you a “domestic terrorist” and throw you in jail. You will carry our identifying documents, and no others, or we will not permit you to leave these boundaries (as defined by our wars with other states). You will surrender a certain portion of your private property to us annually, or we will lock you up. And if you try to escape our cage, you will be shot…

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

Remember, remember the 4th of November…

Get your “We don’t need another election” Protest T-Shirt Now

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