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Monday, February 13, 2012

Could you go a month without spending? More revenue ideas-More

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

ISSN 2161-5543

A Free Press is the Guardian of a Free People

In This Issue:

1.       Indefinite Detention or Stealing our Rights

2.      Freelance Job Boards-Finding Revenue Ideas/Sources

3.      Custom Landing Pages all about you

4.      Sourcing products to resell, Get Free Magazines

5.      Could you go a month without spending any money?

"America's one of the finest countries anyone ever stole."
Bobcat Goldthwaite .

Traitors among us in Washington…Voting away our rights and due process!

George Orwell would be proud of how Congress has trampled the Bill of Rights

Right after the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed through the Senate, with 86 senators voting in favor of bill, hackers who operate under the name Anonymous leaked detailed information on many of the politicians.

The large document starts with Republican Senator from the state of Ohio, Robert J. Portman.

“He has made himself a target as an advocate of the NDAA, but we are truly disturbed by the ludicrous $272,853 (190,000 EUR) he received from special interest groups supporting the NDAA bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you,” said
the hackers in a statement.

Debbie Stabenow, Kirsten Elizabeth Rutnik Gillibrand, Kay R. Hagan, Thomas Harken and Alan S. Franken are just a few of the people whose lives were posted online by hackers…many citizens started accusing the senators of “treason”.

Senator Carl Levin of MI is generally credited with crafting this legislation and represents another example of why we need term limits.  Like anything else the government promises, this ‘tool’ will be used to make certain people simply vanish through secret administrative decision just like in the old Soviet Union and in WWII Germany.

A day later, Anonymous came forward with another
statement that targeted US leaders.

“This is an open letter to the US leaders. We have watched as you have violated the very laws that guarantee your power. We have witnessed your fall from Representatives of the People to Representatives of Greed and Corruption,” they say.

Homeland Security has shifted its focus from terrorists to ‘domestic extremists,’ under the guise of protecting our freedom.  Once the unPatriot Act was passed, we all knew it was only a matter of time before freedoms and Constitutional rights would be eroded and it didn’t escape us how SECRETIVE congress was about passing this law without any fanfare or media attention.

Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water or tea boosts the antioxidant content and may help with digestion. One study found that your body better absorbs the antioxidants in green tea when lemon is mixed in. Of course, lemon and other citrus fruits are also loaded with natural vitamin C, one of the best cold- and flu-fighting agents out there.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

If you lose your job in this economy, you might be out of the game for good.

If you can believe it, today there are 100 million working age Americans that do not have jobs.

In all, there are 242 million working age Americans.

Only 142 million of them actually have jobs.

Freelance Job Boards – Finding revenue ideas

One of the best ways to find ideas is to look at how other people are already making money. The flip side of this is to look at what businesses are in need of. We’ve covered this to some degree with Elance and oDesk. But another great source of ideas come from online freelance job boards. Here are a few favorites:

Freelance Switch where over 300,000 workers are making a living and there are thousands of open jobs. Unlike, there are no arbitrary bidding limits that require you to pay a subscription fee to overcome.

Make and Host Your Own Customized, Personal Landing Page in a Few Minutes

Learn how to promote yourself, your special interest or non-profit…

Free options for setting up a single page on the web that's all about you, has a memorable URL, and serves as a jumping off point to other places on the web where visitors can learn more about you.

Personal landing pages like are really popular right now, but we prefer more complete control over what Google has to say about us. Here's a Lifehacker-made, easily customizable, open-source solution that you can place on any server and have running in minutes.

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, business owner, social media maven, and author of the books Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion and The Thank You Economy

Read more at:

Is it always sunny in Philadelphia? Not for bloggers who recently have been told that they need a $300 Business Privilege License to operate their blog in Philadelphia. For most people it is only a warning of what might happen to any blogger.

Sourcing Closeup:

A look at one of the myriad international trading sites that cater to e-merchants…getting reliable wholesale sources can be a challenge.

Meet the family who is going a month without spending any money.

I know I couldn’t go a month without spending any money…could you?

Many Free Magazine Subscription Available Here:

Town and Country, Motocross - Emagazines too…

Want a better future during these turbulent times?

Cut your debt, reduce expenses and increase your income.

Turn off all electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. That means cell phones, personal computers, radios, televisions etc. Give your mind and your senses a chance to be still before you go to bed and you're likely to get a more complete and restful sleep.

The Nanny State Updates…

Many once iconic "American companies" have been bought up by the rest of the world. The following comes from a recent article posted on Economy In Crisis....

RCA is now a French company, Zenith is a Korean company. Frigidaire is a Swedish company. IBM’s Personal Computer Division—with its 500 patents—is now a Chinese company. Westinghouse Nuclear Energy’s major shareholder is Toshiba—a Japanese Company. Lucent Technologies, a former research division of AT&T, along with all the patents acquired from the beginning of the phone system, is now a French company. In 2008, Brazilian-Belgian brewing company InBev purchased the iconic American brewer Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser. With the sale of these manufacturing companies, the future profit and technologies all belong to foreign entities.

Too Much Passenger Screening Is Making Airports Less Secure

Ever stricter security measures in place in U.S. airports is making air travel less safe and airports more vulnerable, according to University of Illinois mathematics professor Sheldon H. Jacobson. Too many resources are spent screening passengers who pose little risk, which steals time and money away from identifying real threats.

“A natural tendency, when limited information is available about from where the next threat will come, is to overestimate the overall risk in the system, ” says Jacobson in a press release. “This actually makes the system less secure by over-allocating security resources to those in the system that are low on the risk scale relative to others in the system.”

Addressing Passenger Risk Uncertainty for Aviation Security Screening by Adrian J. Lee and Sheldon H. Jacobson, Transportation Science (December 2011)

When John F. Kennedy was President, just over a quarter of federal spending went to fund programs paying for some 21.7 million Americans to be dependent on Uncle Sam. But as high as that spending and dependence on the federal government was then, it has exploded today, with one in five Americans -- more than 67.3 million -- depending on Washington for assistance.

The Parting Thought – Who gains most from spying on citizens?

The Surveillance Industrial Complex Depends on "Sheeple"
to Survive and Prosper...

Republican nominee Mitt Romney has advocated the use of a biometric-driven federal database to authenticate the citizenship of any person hired in the U.S. – which effectively sets up the central government as the gate keeper to authorize – or not – whether a person may work.

"In the future, whether it's entering your home, opening your car, entering your workspace, getting a pharmacy prescription refilled, or having your medical records pulled up, everything will come off that unique key that is your iris," says Global Rainmakers CDO Jeff Carter, in an interview with FastCompany. "Every person, place, and thing on this planet will be connected [to the iris system] within the next 10 years."

When asked why anyone would volunteer to submit to this government intrusion, he said positively, "There's a lot of convenience to this – you'll have nothing to carry except your eyes." But then he followed-up with this disturbing omen: "When you get masses of people opting-in, opting out does not help. Opting out actually puts more of a flag on you than just being part of the system."

One privacy and security expert says, "whatever you can store, I can steal." Meaning the existence of private biometric data stored in big government databases (and big commercial databases, as well) isn't safe.

The Clear System used in airports is another great example. Plied with promises of shorter security lines, some frequent travelers have submitted to background checks and biometric cataloging. Early in the Clear program, data for 33,000 passengers was compromised after an unencrypted computer turned up missing.

Security researcher and Innovya founder Michael Shafir invented a security protocol called Traceless Biometrics System (TBS), and it seems to be less intrusive and does not require government databases.

"With this technology, there is no need for central databases, stored templates, or any type of smart cards. The traceless solution is completely anonymous, removing all privacy law issues and any chance of being cloned," he writes."Innocent people should NOT be recognized 'automatically' by their 'body parts copies' stored in 'Private' or 'National' databases."

Like an ATM, the pin is your biometric marker (iris, finger print, etc.). You choose it, it's not stored in a big database center out of your control, and you can change it whenever you want. Your privacy is protected, and your security can adapt to intrusions.

But we all know well the government would prefer databases under their “wise” control!

SOURCE:  Lee Bellinger's Executive Bulletin, a division of Independent Living.
377 Rubin Center Drive • Suite 203 • Fort Mill, SC • 29708

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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