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Friday, February 24, 2012

Elect the Poor Man as Your Next President!

George Stephanopoulos looks at the possibility of a dream candidate jumping into the presidential race…someone like me.

Just for Fun - What if the Poor Man were to run for office?

A lobster in every pot and a hybrid in every driveway - My campaign slogan.

   As we know, the press loves digging into a candidates past.  We’re overjoyed when the press can quote something from 20 years ago or dig up a mistress from the same time-period, regardless of its relevance today.

What would they ask or find if I ran for office (and this has been suggested by many of you)?

Religion:  Deist, like many of our Founding Fathers.  Don’t make me the judge of your basic morality, I’m probably not qualified and I thought that was someone else’s job.  The same guy that told me not to be casting that first stone…

Tax Returns:  No taxable or dependable income

Party Affiliation:  None, Independent (Neither party would have me)

Criminal History:  None - Haven’t been caught yet.

Qualifications:  I can read, write and do arithmetic so I know we can’t dig our way out of debt and into prosperity under the current system.

Platform:  Scrap much of the current system, especially the income tax.  Replace with flat tax, every profitable businesses pays even those foreign corporations and non-profits.  Eliminate any personal tax on the first $25,000 of income.

Foreign Policy:  Take George Washington’s thoughts to heart and avoid entangling alliances.  Keep our nose out of other people’s business with few exceptions (espionage, defense and fair trade).

Domestic Policy:  Trim government waste by eliminating duplicate government services (we don’t need 51 Department’s of Education, for example).  Eliminate up to 40% of bureaucratic red tape rules created by non-elected agencies and cut most of their budgets in half.

Focus more attention on our infrastructure, energy independence (our power grid is in desperate need of upgrades) and jobs.  Revise drug laws so states can operate the way voters demand (eliminating marijuana as a dangerous substance, tax and regulate it and it would eliminate much gang activity).

Reduce the number of American troops stationed overseas.  We don’t need outposts in 140 different countries

Well, this is a start.  So come November if you want to buck the status quo, write me in as your ‘benevolent dictator’ on the ballot sheet and don’t forget to contribute to my Super PAC (see below):

Help keep the Poor Man’s Free Enterprise system alive…

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1 comment:

MinimalistGroup said...

You got our vote; you make more sense than the current lot running and certainly more sense than Obama!