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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stealth Survival Resources: Choosing a shotgun, find a shooting range...

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

ISSN 2161-5543

A Free Press is the Guardian of a Free People

In This Issue:

1.       Why more people are becoming ‘Preppers’

2.      New Stealth Survival, Shooting & Home Protection sites

3.      Choosing a shotgun, Police pistol shooting training

4.      Money under 30 blogsite

5.      Will America go the way of Greece?

"... judicial verbicide is calculated to convert the Constitution into a
worthless scrap of paper and to replace our government of laws with a judicial

-- Senator Sam Ervin

Last week I viewed the premier of NatGeo TV’s Extreme Prepper Show…

  I plugged the program a couple of weeks ago in this newsletter.  I thought it was interesting, if extreme.

As many as three million Americans now fall into the category dubbed 'preppers' – people who are making detailed plans for the end of the world as we know it.

Many preppers represent an ever-growing group of survivalists who take extreme measures to prepare for a major catastrophic event.

Why the Poor Man sites aren’t typical

Unlike other prepper sites, we devote a significant amount of content toward developing alternative income sources, frugal living, tools for fighting government abuse, political insights and overall self sufficiency skills.

I feel there is an explosive potential in the loss of trust angry middle class people have with our government and its lack of concern over our country becoming second-rate and the shrinkage of the middle class.  Perhaps there will be a social or political revolution against the wealthy.

The social contract which once existed, seems to be evaporating.  (Read the Nanny State Updates to see how much less taxes corporations now pay in the US).

The U.S. national debt on Jan. 1, 1791, was just $75 million dollars. Today, the U.S. national debt rises by that amount about once an hour.

Few of us, for instance, have any belief in government statistics regarding unemployment rates, inflation rates, etc.  Government numbers simply don’t ring true.  If you want accurate numbers, you can always go to:

DIY Instant hand warmer - Fill a large ziplock bag one-quarter of the way with calcium chloride ice-melt pellets.  Fill a smaller ziplock halfway with water, close tight, and place inside the first bag.  Squeeze the smaller bag until it breaks open, to create a heat-producing reaction between 20 minutes and an hour.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Stealth Survival Resources

Interesting assortment of DIY articles on survival

If you follow most of the mathematical projections, things are going to get more and more dangerous and challenging 10-20- and 30 years down the road (or sooner). That means that the current and yet to be born children are going to need survival skills even more than we do. The problem is that recent studies indicate that we are raising the most dependent, and mechanically incapable generation ever. Several new studies indicate that modern children have problems tying their shoes (thanks to Velcro), working a can opener, or even mastering a clothes hanger. They don’t need to “know” things because “there an APP for that” or Google.

Standing on Your Own Two Feet: Young Adults Surviving 2012 and Beyond

If the world keeps moving toward economic collapse, climate change, resource
depletion, civil unrest, wars, famines, and other nasty things, young adults
will find they can no longer live exclusively in the protected worlds of the
shopping mall and the fast food stand. This book provides a mixture of
story and information that motivated young adults (or anyone) can use to
help them stay alive and happy during challenging times, regardless of what
anyone else around them is doing (or not doing).

FREE to our readers and their young ones…

For more winter survival and power outage tips head over to Modern Survival Blog and read about survival preparedness for winter weather and 7 equipment ideas for a home without power.

Free Bush Survival Manual Download

Discovery Channel Guide on how to survive

Survival Shotgun (8 Part Series) – Survival Cache
An eight part series on the survival shotgun, a valuable tool that should be in everyone’s survival arsenal.
6 Reasons You Need One
Choosing Gauge and Type
Choosing the Gun
Understanding Loads
Myths Explained
Cleaning and Maintenance
Accessories You Actually Need
Mossberg M500SP Loadout

Home Invasion:  PM’s Extreme Guide to Protecting Your Homestead

Intense Handgun Training

Owning a gun doesn’t prepare you to repel a home invasion.  Now, a video, formerly only available to police is available to the public. 

Don't know how to shoot?

Money Under 30

Money Under 30 is a blog about learning to build the life you desire.

Winter is pruning time for shade and fruit trees and most blooming trees and shrubs.  Aim to remove all crossing or touching branches, dead or damaged limbs, suckers and water sprouts.

The Nanny State Updates…

Corporations are paying the lowest taxes in 40 years.  Last year corporations paid just 12.1 percent on US profits compared to 25.6% they paid from 1987-2008 - Wall Street Journal

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) has made it official: After its latest two day meeting, it announced its goal to devalue the dollar by 33% over the next 20 years.

The worst money managers in America…you guessed it!

Congress, convincing people once more that they are possibly the worst managers of other people's money outside of Obama's Department of Energy, has now found itself in the public ire once more after a new series of reports from the Washington Post. The Post revealed that the earmarking going on inside of Congress wasn't necessarily done to benefit the greater good of the congressional district but rather to benefit the members of Congress and those connected to them such as the institutions and companies that employ friends and family of the Members of Congress themselves…a veritable taxpayer-funded buffet for special interests.

And get a load of this — Congress writes their own ethics code so in essence, if the code said that they could hand out earmarks to benefit friends and family it would completely above board.

Cure a cold sore by eating a whole green pepper…everything except the seeds.

The Parting Thought – Is Greece going to happen here?

   I watched an interview on PBS with the Greek ambassador to the United States regarding the austerity measures taking place in his country and the subsequent riots, looting and burning of city buildings in Athens.

Greece is experiencing a full-blown economic collapse.

Despite his optimism that the Greek people will learn to adjust to a significant downward standard of living, residents obviously don’t agree.  Even with this second round of bailouts from the European community, a third round may be necessary.

With the submission of Obama’s new budget, which again increases government spending and debt, it truly makes me wonder if we’re headed for the same disaster.  Already, many cities such as Detroit and Scranton, PA cannot pay their bills and are reducing government services and schools left and right leaving many to form their own vigilante squads. 

As the hours for police departments are cut in half, Detroit residents are seeing a huge spike in applications for gun permits (yeah in MI you need government permission and you cannot even legally own non-lethal stun guns and such to protect yourself) and the number of “self-defense” killings has risen more than 2000% in ten years.

Always keep in mind, our government, at every level, has spent this country into ruin.  They have not been good stewards of the public treasury or the Constitution.

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

Remember, remember the 4th of November…

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When the SHTF, most folks will panic as few are prepared in any meaningful way. Those who are prepared might become targets of those who aren't and it's probably best to keep a low profile.