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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buy or Lease a Car-Which is Best? 10 Best Job Sites, DIY Tear Gas

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       Pros & Cons of buying vs. leasing a car

2.      10 Best job search sites plus more legitimate at-home work

3.      DIY Pepper Spray, tear gas, pyrotechnics

4.      Free Job training resources, 8 Odd ways to make money at home

5.      Six free issues of Working Mother (online edition)

"Liberty's view of the government could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it works, work with it.
If it doesn't, work against it.
If it works you over, abolish it."

-- Angel Shamaya

Pros & Cons of buying vs. leasing your car

When you buy, you pay for the entire cost of a vehicle, regardless of how many miles you drive it or how long you keep it. Monthly payments are higher than for leasing. You typically make a down payment, pay sales taxes in cash or roll them into your loan, and pay an interest rate determined by your loan company based on your credit score. You make your first payment a month after you sign your contract. Later, you may decide to sell or trade the vehicle for its depreciated resale or trade value.

When you lease, you pay only a portion of a vehicle's cost, which is the part that you "use up" during the time you're driving it. Leasing is a form of financing and is not the same as renting. You have the option of not making a down payment, you pay sales tax only on your monthly payments (in most states), and you pay a financial rate, called money factor, that is similar to the interest on a loan. You may also be required to pay fees and possibly a security deposit that you don't pay when you buy. You make your first payment at the time you sign your contract — for the month ahead. At lease-end, you may either return the vehicle, or purchase it for its depreciated resale value. You may be charged a lease-end disposition fee.

Buying a car with a loan is essentially like putting money into a declining-value savings account — you never get out as much as you put in. A portion of every payment you make is lost to depreciation and finance charges. What you have "to show" for your investment when your loan is paid off is only the part that is left over after depreciation and interest. A terrible investment.

Leasing, then, is similar to buying, but without the equity "savings account." You only pay for what you use and you don't put anything extra into "savings." It's true that you'll own nothing at the end of a lease; you'll have nothing "to show" for the money you've put into it. But... what you don't own is the same part of the car's original value — the depreciated part — that a buyer too doesn't own at the end of his loan. Again, a car's value depreciates the same amount whether it is leased or purchased. That money is gone forever, lease or buy.

Many people who lease a vehicle believe that their credit will not be a factor in being approved for a lease. Leasing a car means that you are subject to a credit check just as you would be if you decide to buy a car. If you lease a car and you make late payments, it also can affect your credit as well.

Because leasing is somewhat more complicated with residuals, money factors, acquisition fees, etc.; it shouldn't be undertaken quite as casually as you might with a simple loan. There are more opportunities to misunderstand and make mistakes. Therefore, leasing requires that you be more careful and more informed.

If you own a business or use your vehicle for business, there are additional tax factors to consider and you should consult with a qualified CPA.  On the surface, it seems to make more sense to lease a vehicle under your business name as there may be more tax deductions available

The crust on bread is the healthiest part as it contains eight times more pronyl-lysine, a cancer-fighting antioxidant.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Legitimate at-home work site recruiters

No matter your education or experience, the Internet can help. There are plenty of scams, but you'll find many legitimate work-from-home opportunities. I've rounded up some of the best. Find links to sites mentioned at


You don't have to be your own boss to work from home! You just need to find telecommuting opportunities.

Regular job boards often list telecommuting work. Use "telecommuting" as a keyword. Or, visit Telework Recruiting or FlexJobs. Membership starts at $15 monthly.

The National Telecommuting Institute helps individuals with disabilities find telecommuting opportunities. It offers listings and advice.

A warning...

Work-from-home scams abound online. Research any opportunity diligently. Be especially wary of get-rich-quick offers.

Check companies at the Better Business Bureau and on Google. Enter the company name along with "scam." This can alert you to others' bad experiences.

Except as noted above, don't buy kits or pay for opportunities.

Need money? From writing messages on your lips to selling bodily fluids, these days there's almost no limit to the ways you can turn a buck.  Sell your body & more at:

The 10 Best Job Search Sites
The economy seems to be turning around, but by most measures, there are still way too many Americans out of work. Just about everyone uses the Web to looks for jobs these
days, but not all employment websites are the same. Here are our top ten picks to help you land a paycheck

 Free places to find work and training

4 Places for Free Job Training

Going without a job for that long can make it tough to get back on your feet. But if you're ready for some help, there's a lot out there. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson takes a look at three places to find free job training and leads. Check it out, and then read on for more.

A DIY site for projects of protest and creative dissent. Share what you know...

DIY-Home Made Tear Gas Instructions

Home made pyrotechnics

CFLs Save Money in Greenhouses

CFL light bulbs are becoming commonplace in the home and they help contain the ever rising cost of electricity.  Did you know they can be used in your greenhouse as well?  Growers who typically use incandescent find CFLs use four times less energy.  However, growers who switch completely to CFLs, may find a flowering delay in some of their plants.  Many are experimenting with alternating every other light bulb with CFLs and incandescent which seems to work well.

Get six free digital issues of Working Mother magazine

Jewelry can make you sick.  The bacteria that cause foodborne illness can hide under rings and watches, and linger even after you’ve washed your handles.  Remove jewelry prior to cooking to be safe.

The Nanny State Updates…

Your Child Could Be Arrested While At School For Just About Anything These Days

As I have written about previously, children all over the United States are being arrested by police in government school classrooms for some absolutely crazy things. Just check out the following examples....

*A 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume at a public school in Texas.

*A 13-year-old kid attending a public school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.

*A 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was marched out of her public school in handcuffs by police just because she doodled on her desk. "I love my friends Abby and Faith" was what she reportedly scribbled on her desk.

*When a little girl recently kissed a little boy at one Florida elementary school, it was considered to be a "possible sex crime" and the police were called out.

Chicago is the nation’s most corrupt city.  Since 1976, 1,531 public officials in the Chicago area have been convicted of corruption - the most in any jurisdiction.

I opened an emergency gasoline fund. It's simply a savings account that I have been putting $5 to $10 in each week so I can be fully prepared for the high gas prices that might come. While the money isn't much it will help a little and will at least offset some of the high gasoline costs should my budget not allow for it.  After all, my family can cut back on driving, but we can't stop altogether.

The Parting Thought – Most folks haven’t a clue

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."
-- Dresden James

One very famous author once wrote that "people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", and that is exactly what is happening in America today. Most Americans simply don't understand what is happening economically, politically, socially, morally or financially in this nation.

According to a new Politico poll, only 30 percent of all Americans believe that the next generation will be "better off economically" than the previous generation

The American future is shockingly grim. The national debt, the regulations that grow and grow, the intrusive and intense tax enforcement, the spying and police impositions, the broken banking system, the shocking level of sheer phoniness in the financial world -- all of it adds up to a dark picture.

It illustrates something very important: the smartest and wealthiest among the population no longer trust the future…which is why guys like Mitt Romney keep money in Cayman Island banks.

And compare to other countries! Contrary to what most Americans believe, other countries are freer, with lower effective taxes, less police intrusions, less spying, fewer regulations on small business (Canada is a good example).

"2012 is when many of the long-simmering socioeconomic and political trends that we have been forecasting and tracking will climax," Gerald Celente noted in his Top 12 Trends 2012 newsletter. In an interview he added: "When money stops flowing to the man on the street, blood starts flowing in the street."

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

Remember, remember the 4th of November…

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