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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Urban Survival Skills You Should Know, Startup America for Entrepreneurs

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       Startup America, Resources for entrepreneurs

2.       Urban Survival skills everyone should know

3.       Shire Silver Debit Cards

4.       Smarter coupon strategies

5.       Who owns your rain water?

Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.
Anita Roddick

Preventing Fires and other Disasters

     There’s not much one can do to prevent natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding.  Our planet has witnessed an explosion of natural and man-made disasters during the past few years.  For most of us, it’s how we prepare in advance that helps us to survive such calamities.

First responders, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and others have shown themselves invaluable for coping with the aftermath of disasters…our Federal government, not so much.

One tragedy we see all too often on the news are home fires.  Mobile homes in particular seem especially vulnerable to devastating fires, frequently with loss of life.  Most, but not all fires can be prevented.  We once lived in an area prone to lightning strikes and our home electronics were frequently fried by such strikes.  We always keep smoke detectors and fire extinguishers throughout the home in the event of such strikes.

Here are a few tips from Consumer Reports on preventing house fires:

Hire an expert.  If you own an older home, hire an electrician to inspect your home wiring.  He might suggest adding arc-fault circuit interrupter which detect electrical arcs caused by faulty wiring or damaged appliances – 30,000 fires a year are caused by this.

Monitor Appliance Recalls.  Register appliances when you purchase them so you’ll be notified of safety recalls.  For older appliances, check or

Live Clean.  Clean your dryer’s exhaust duct regularly to prevent lint buildup.  Grease buildup in range hoods is another fire hazard as are wires hidden under carpets and rugs.

Get rid of flammable debris near heaters, furnaces and other potential danger zones.

Stay safe with an ounce of prevention and hopefully, we won’t be watching you and your family on the evening news.

Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Startup America Partnership

The privately run Startup America Partnership started up itself just last year. It should not be confused with Startup America, a government initiative to accelerate small business growth that President Obama touted earlier this year, although it shares some goals. SAP is run by Scott Case (who helped found the name-your-airfare company Priceline) and Steve Case (who started AOL). They don’t share blood – just good business sense, which they want to share with you too.

SAP has a substantial business resource directory that includes offers for free advertising, preferred credit rates, analytics and research tools, payment platforms – all kinds of stuff. They host start-up business events and conferences across the country. And those who sign up for free membership get access to a lot of networking opportunities and experts who host webinars – check out the online learning sessions.

New-Useful online magazine for entrepreneurs, Free Subscription

Each month we will teach you the skills you need to

know to succeed online. You will Learn Conception, Creation,

Monetization, Socialization, Automation and Recreation

MacGyver, Survivalist, or Stockpiler: The Urban Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

The fantasy of an impending zombie apocalypse may inspire urban survival fantasies in the most level-headed of us, but zombie apocalypse or not, knowing how to survive the breakdown of social amenities we take for granted is a legitimate skill. Here's a look at the basic urban survival skills you need to know catered to your skill set.

To help get a good understanding of what's needed for urban survival, I talked with Dr. Arthur Bradley, author of The Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family and Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms. He points to three types of survival skills people latch onto:

The Stockpiler: someone with a wide assortment of supplies but very little knowledge of how to actually do anything.

The MacGyver: someone who can jury rig anything with duct tape, a pencil, and a pack of chewing gum.

The Survivalist: someone who can find dinner in an old stump and keep warm using a roll of toilet paper and a rusty coffee can.

We'll guide you along the path to applying each type of skill to the main factors of survival: shelter, water, food, and rescue. Before we go into the specifics for each survivalist, we're going to look at the most important skill that applies to everyone: Read more at:

Shire Silver Debit Cards - A new wave of currency?

New Hampshire has become a magnet for liberty-minded types. It's the home of the Free State Movement and also home to the use of precious metals as private currency via Shire Silver Cards.

Why New Hampshire? It is the "Live Free or Die" state without a sales or income tax. It has low population density, which increases the chances that the influence of the libertarians can be felt in the culture and the Statehouse. It has lower business regulations than the rest of the country, and wonderful homespun culture that turns out to be highly tolerant toward cultural and political eccentricity.

The lowest value card, the half gram silver card is, at current spot prices in $US, worth about $1.00. This puts it at levels that are similar to the values of one ounce of silver back at the start of the country

Each card is the same size as a standard credit/debit card, but contains actual value - not just a representation of value. With a simple yet beautiful design for each denomination, these cards will impress everyone you show them to.  We have instructions on this website to guide people in making their own versions of these cards. We plan to upload non-branded card graphics that you may add your own brand to.

Smarter Coupon Strategies

Those coupons from the Sunday newspaper circular will save you even more if you wait until the item goes on sale…most items go on sale every 6-8 weeks.  Always check the store brand before you buy; it’s usually cheaper.  You can donate coupons, even recently expired ones, to military families overseas at this site:

If the economy is slowing down, how come it's so hard for me to keep up with it?

The Nanny State Updates…

A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

What Inflation has done to our dollar-the cruelest form of tax

"It is a continual tax on every single dollar that you own. As your money sits in the bank, it is constantly losing value. Over time, the effects of inflation can be absolutely devastating. For example, if you put 100 dollars in the bank in 1970, those same dollars today would only have about 17 percent of the purchasing power that they did back then. In essence, you were hit by an 83 percent "inflation tax" and all you did was leave your money in the bank.”

Where your tax dollars go

The Obama administration plans to spend between 16 and 20 million dollars helping students from Indonesia get master's degrees.

According to USA Today, 13 different government agencies "fund 209 different science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs — and 173 of those programs overlap with at least one other program."

 A total of $615,000 was given to the University of California at Santa Cruz to digitize photos, T-shirts and concert tickets belonging to the Grateful Dead.

 China lends us more money than any other foreign nation, but that didn't stop our government from spending 17.8 million dollars on social and environmental programs for China.

 The U.S. government once spent 2.6 million dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly.

The Economist, the London-based news weekly – and a supporter of President Obama’s candidacy in 2008 – highlights the problem in its latest cover story, “Overregulated America.” They note the irony: “The home of laissez-faire is being suffocated by excessive and badly written regulation…

A candidate is someone who gets money from the rich and votes from the poor to protect them from each other.

The Parting Thought – Does the government own everything?

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water…

 (NaturalNews) Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I'm about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else.

As bizarre as it sounds, laws restricting property owners from "diverting"
water that falls on their own homes and land have been on the books for quite some time in many Western states. Only recently, as droughts and renewed interest in water conservation methods have become more common, have individuals and business owners started butting heads with law enforcement over the practice of collecting rainwater for personal use
Learn more:

If you think about it, what do all the Presidential candidates have in common?  None of them are addressing the real issues afflicting America, other than Ron Paul, they each seem to embrace more socialism.

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

Remember, remember the 4th of November…

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