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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sell off Unwanted Crap for Cash, Buying Rural Land, More

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

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In This Issue:

1.       Selling off unwanted crap for cash

2.      What to consider when buying rural property

3.      Urban Farming DIY Videos, cheap detergent, houseplants from garbage

4.      How to protect yourself, from police & others

5.      Dismantling the Constitution



Getting an idea should be like sitting on a pin: it should make you jump up and do something.
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Buying Rural Property-things to consider…

Buying a home is always intimidating — even to the most experienced of homebuyers. But buying a home in a rural area includes a set of circumstances unlike anything you will find in a suburban location. So if you are thinking of leaving the pavement behind and investing in that dream home in the country, here are some things you may want to consider before signing on the dotted line.


1. Convenience

One of the hardest adjustments for the city mouse turned country mouse is isolation. You may think you’re ready to trade the sound of traffic for that of crickets, but what about that commute time? My husband drives one hour to his job — and we are five minutes off the Interstate.

Maybe you’re retired and the daily commute is behind you; but if you have health issues that require frequent trips to the doctor, you will want to be close to medical care. Although the public school system will pick your child up, driving 20 miles to every sporting or music event could wear down even the most countrified of individuals. You might consider renting for a year to see what type of inconveniences your dream life might entail.


2. The Homeowners Association

Just because you are looking at three to five acres, doesn’t mean you can keep chickens in your back yard. Ask if the home you are considering is part of a homeowners association. Not only do these associations include yearly fees for road maintenance or other amenities, they frequently slap rules onto the homeowner that you may find onerous.

So if you intend to keep anything besides a dog or cat, love hanging your laundry out in the sun to dry, or even want to paint your house a vibrant color, the homeowners association may have something to say about that. Discuss your dreams with your realtor so that she shows you appropriate pieces of property. And if you do look at something in an association, ask for a copy of the ordinances.


3. Water

It’s a given that if you live in a metropolitan area water will be as close as a turn of the spigot. That’s not necessarily so in a rural area. If you are looking at property outside of the town limits, ask if the water is from a natural source or a cistern. A cistern is an underground tank that is filled either by a water delivery service (for which you have to pay) or collected from off the roof of the home. Some mortgage companies will not loan money for a home with a cistern. If they do, you will want to have it inspected prior to purchasing to make sure it does not leak and is free of contaminants.

A natural water source would include a well or a spring. Again, you will want to check with your mortgage company before purchasing a home with only spring water. And whichever you find will need to be inspected for impurities before the sale. Once you move to the country you will want to have your water tested on a regular basis to make sure it is free of bacteria or chemicals from industrial or farm run-off.


4. Neighbors

When living in the city, our undesirable neighbors included gangs and drug dealers. In the country, you may want to find a home away from places where they spray chemicals, make a lot of noise, or smell. Of course, this is a purely subjective decision, but most folks moving from the sterility of pavement find the smell of dairy farms and poultry houses offensive. You may also want to avoid the chemical exposure of living across from an orchard or vineyard, and the noise of a lumber mill. Make sure that you drive by the place that interests you several times at different times of day to get a feel for the area. It’s not a bad idea to speak with a neighbor or two, as well.

5. Sewage

The rural home does not have sewer lines carrying away unwanted waste. In the country, each home has its own septic system to deal with that. You will want to ask your realtor what type of system the property includes and how much maintenance is involved. You will also want to have it inspected before the sale.

Learning to use a pressure cooker could save you time and money
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PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources


How to Protect Yourself

The general theme of how to protect your self is a wide one. For this page we will look at three specific areas of self protection. The first is about how to protect yourself from the police. Sadly, not all officers respect people's rights. There are a few things you need to know about searches of cars, just in case.

After that we'll look at a fascinating video about RFID chips in your credit cards and what they mean. Finally, we'll have a few suggestions for avoiding street crime.


Protect Yourself From the Police

Many years ago I was doing auto repossessions and frequently had to deal with police officers. We always had our papers in order and so had the legal right to take the cars we were after, but there are officers out there who--like many others--do not like repo men. We were threatened more than once by a police officer.

Now, most officers are just...


Nice variety of DIY videos at Urban Farm


Cheap Laundry Detergents
Trying to cut back on the cleaning supply budget? Laundry detergent can be a great place to save. But just how well do the off-brand detergents work? Or are there better ways to save without losing quality?


Houseplants from Garbage
Indoor plants do wonders to cheer up a dark winter day, and you can enjoy them with virtually no cash expenditure if you intercept a few scraps on their way to the compost pile.


We've shown you how to kick your clutter habit, but why trash all of those things you don't need when you could make some money off of them? In this guide, we'll walk you through how you can appraise your items, where to sell them to make the most cash, and how to avoid geting screwed in the process.

One of the reasons it's so hard to declutter is because we look at an item that we don't need and remember how much time or energy or cash it cost from us to obtain. Selling that stuff may not bring back the time or energy, but it can bring back some of the money—money you can put towards the things you really want, (or save for your future).

Of course, you could definitely donate your unwanted items to worthy charities that will accept them, and even get valuable tax deductions in the process while helping a good cause. But if you're looking to make a little more money back, that's what we're going to focus on here.

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Check out this storage rack with space for large barrels and standard cans. Want to build your own? Here are the plans:


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Practical Recycling takes the concept beyond bottles, cans and old newspapers
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The Nanny State Updates Americans are fat n happy while their rights are trampled!


It is one more example of federal and state governments ignoring the will of the people as well state laws.

Delaware lawmakers trying to destroy sheriffs and strip them of legal power
(NaturalNews) Historically, the local county sheriff has been considered to be the highest authority in the land, wielding more power than city, state and even federal authorities. In Delaware; however, that power is under attack, according to one of...

What's behind the punishment for fake guns in schools?
(NaturalNews) In the latest episode of Ban Fake Guns, we have a boy suspended from school in Florence, Arizona, for carrying, yes, a picture of a gun on his computer. Screen saver. This is surely a sign of complete mental breakdown by school officials...


A nutritional, inexpensive breakfast in minutes
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The Parting Thought- the deviousness of government


Once, Congress and the President upheld the Constitution. Now they seem hell-bent on dismantling it.


Obama's Executive Orders should be causing riots in the streets. Instead he's praised by Congressional leaders and the liberal press as a hero for our generation.

With Obama's second term now underway, it's becoming clearer with every passing day just how much control he and his minions want to have over the minute details of your life. This week, they're going after guns. Next week ... it could be your vitamins. (it's no secret that the FDA is practically a de facto branch office of the multinational food, drug, and chemical conglomerates)…

They're happy he's "doing something" for this country, but you and I know what he's really doing is destroying it.

And his influence is spreading down the line. State and local officials are getting into the act with new regulations, new taxes, and new infringements on your liberty--some are fighting back.


Wyoming House approves bill to nullify federal gun grab scheme
(NaturalNews) In response to current efforts by federal occupying powers to scrap the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and eliminate the freedom of Americans to own firearms, the state of Wyoming has introduced new legislation to nullify any...

Anti-Gun Groups ‘Shooting themselves in the financial foot’

In an amazing turn of events, just days after Obama's re-inauguration, Americans are realizing that big government power seekers and Second Amendment bashers are out to steal one of our most precious Constitutional rights forever. And the public reaction to this latest escalation of federal intrusion into our basic freedoms is not going so well for the perps in power…


Take the abrupt cancellation of the most popular national gun show, the 58th Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS) in central Pennsylvania. It collapsed due to a vendor boycott over the banning of popular AR rifles from the show – the walkout was led by the NRA and 171 other major display vendors.

In the gun and sporting world, the cancellation of this long-standing national event is the equivalent of nixing the Super Bowl!


The economic impact of the cancellation of this show on the blighted Harrisburg area (the city itself is bankrupt and pleading for a state bailout) is estimated to be in excess of $44 million.


This "shot heard around the sporting world" spread like wildfire via social media. The National Rifle Association, Olympic air rifle gold medalist Jamie Gray, and dozens more groups joined the boycott. National sports and outdoor retailer Cabela's joined in, and the boycott's momentum grew quickly and powerfully. By January 24, three-hundred vendors announced they would not be a part of this year's show.


. the effects of this decision extend to city and county governments around the country. Gun and outdoors shows are among the most profitable trade shows in America today.

According to David DuBois, President and CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, attendance at gun shows has increased 15-30% in recent years.


Even the most liberal states, cities, or counties will be hard-pressed to turn down these infusions of cash to stand by their anti-gun politics. Dallas and Austin, Texas recently considered banning gun shows at their city-owned convention centers, but these anti-gun efforts were dropped.


New figures released by the FBI show that Americans, during December and January, have been buying guns in record numbers. Analysts say that behind the surge in gun purchases are two events: the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting and the moves by the Obama administration to introduce – and, in the case of assault weapons, reintroduce – gun control measures. The FBI figures show that in January, the agency performed 2,495,440 gun background checks, initiated by gun sellers before they sold a gun to a customer.


Chicago 'boss' declares economic warfare on gun makers, tells banks to deny loans and funds
(NaturalNews) Chicago is infamous for its mob-style governing mentality, and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing what he can to carry on that tradition. Thwarted by a federal appeals court in December which ordered the state legislature to make concealed...

Overall, most Americans are fed up with the too expensive, red tape riddled 800lb gorilla we call the government, which has morphed into a ‘we against them,’ scenario.

Too many flatworms also known as Congress critters and special interests, feel our Constitution is obsolete and should be replaced.  Think about it, they would replace a great single page document which has served us well for more than 200 years with a document of about 300 pages leading to a political nightmare.  Remember, the 2nd Amendment was considered very important…it had nothing to do with deer hunting but protecting citizens from an overbearing government.  A man with a gun is a citizen.  A man without a gun is a subject!


  “Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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