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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Number One Thing You Need to Survive [Aside from a working brain]

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You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there.
- Yogi Berra


The number one thing that you need to do to get ready for the coming economic collapse is to build up an emergency fund.

During the last recession, millions of Americans suddenly lost their jobs.  Because they did not have any cushion to fall back on, millions of them also suddenly could not pay their bills and their mortgages.  Foreclosures skyrocketed and countless families went from living a very comfortable middle class lifestyle to being out on the street in very short order.

And now because the people of this country have been so foolish it is going to happen again.

I’ve personally learned firsthand that many people are idiots, they don’t plan ahead for the weekend [except to stock up on beer for the ‘next big game’] let alone for an emergency.


The following comes from the Wall Street Journal

Only 38% of those polled said they could cover a $500 repair bill or a $1,000 emergency room visit with funds from their bank accounts, a new Bankrate report said. Most others would need to take on debt or cut back elsewhere.

“A solid majority of Americans say they have a household budget,” said Bankrate banking analyst Claes Bell. “But too few have the ability to cover expenses outside their budget without going into debt or turning to family and friends for help.”

The survey found that an unexpected bill would cause 26% to reduce spending elsewhere, while 16% would borrow from family or friends and 12% would put the expense on a credit card. The remainder didn’t know what they would do or would make other arrangements.

Despite Obama propaganda:

·        EVERTHING COSTS MORE TODAY – despite government inflation nonsense

·        VERY few corporations offer benefits anymore…pensions and even paid vacations are becoming a thing of the past [unlike our European counterparts who get far more for their efforts]

·        Obamacare is already costing people more in terms of higher premiums

·        The value of the dollar is shrinking and when it is ultimately replaced as the currency of choice internationally, riots will likely ensue

Decent jobs which pay middle class wages are shrinking so my advice to all is to develop a secondary set of skills to make money with or to barter with…medical, computer, electrical, plumbing [especially wells and septic] and other similar skills would top my list.

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Make Energy From Weeds

Solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass are sources of producing renewable energy. Production of energy from sun, wind, water and geothermal all require costly equipment. Even the smaller scale models of solar and wind energy for a medium sized home costs more than 1000 US Dollars. Individuals can not think of energy from water and geothermal as the required infrastructure will cost the heaven. They also require regular maintenance of moving parts, batteries and other things. Renewable energy from biomass is the cheapest form of all sources mentioned above, which require minimum initial investment and practically no maintenance at all. The biomass fuels like vegetation, crop residues, cattle waste, kitchen waste and aquatic plants are abundant in nature and also easily available throughout the year. A medium sized biomass digester can be built with about 200 US Dollars.

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