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Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY Laundry to Landscape Greywater System, Vodka Hacks & More


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Laundry to Landscape Greywater System

This design and much of the information contained within are borrowed from Art Ludwig's website: That website has more in-depth information and alternative designs for different systems. I highly recommend that you visit that site and donate via their tip jar so that they can keep designing! Oasis also sells a book and DVD. I'm happy to take down this instructable if they have a problem with it.

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What is greywater?

Greywater is wastewater, excluding human waste, from your home that you can reuse, in this case to irrigate landscape. Greywater is wonderful for many reasons, including:

* Reduced freshwater use

* Reduced chemical and energy use from conventional wastewater treatment

* Effective treatment in soil

* Groundwater recharge

* Reclamation of otherwise wasted plant nutrients

A greywater laundry system is an easy and affordable way to implement this technology in your own home. According to the EPA, 21% of the average american home's indoor water use is with a clothes washing machine, so it's a significant amount of the water.

Greywater has been legal in California since 2009. Laundry systems that follow certain requirements of the plumbing code don't require a permit, but your municipality may have additional restrictions.

Before implementing greywater, consider doing easier and cheaper water conservation measures: fixing leaks, installing low flow fixtures, changing habits, etc.

Step 1: Site Analysis and System Design

Spend some time looking at your site and determining what plants you want to irrigate. Matching your greywater system to existing irrigation zones means you'll be able to dial back that area's irrigation or turn it off completely to realize water savings.

The washer pump can handle moving water any reasonable distance downhill, or up to 2' below the top of the washer 100' away. Perennial plants like fruit trees have more established root systems and are more able to find the water easily. Non-root vegetables can be irrigated with greywater if the emitter is close enough to the plant. They usually will need supplemental irrigation during establishment.

Having your washing machine in a room with an exterior wall is ideal.

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