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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY Secret Door & Safe, Rooftop Farm Kits. Shroomboxes & Odd Uses for Cola



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How to make a secret door/book case

      A number of years ago I owned an old mansion with 11 bedrooms and eight baths and a full basement with several secret rooms…we also had an even more secret room near the attic for which I used for ‘special’ projects…lots of fun and it would have reminded many of the classic Stephen King movie, “The Shining.”

My good friends recently renovated their attic and were able to close off some of the “unusable” space into a secret room. My friend has wanted to have a secret room his entire life, and with their first child on his way soon, the recent renovation was the perfect way to make it happen. The whole idea is for his son, in about four years, to find a secret playroom in his house!

The renovation left an opening for me to build the bookcase in, framed out simply as a short door frame. Even though the walls are new construction, the floor and ceiling have been around since the 1920’s. Old construction adds a whole lot of variables to making built in cabinetry, and I definitely ran into lots of hurdles because of it.  Learn more here:

Rooftop Farming Kits

This Urban Farmers Modular System Helps Anyone Create Their Own Operation

If you've ever wanted to create a garden on your roof, this rooftop farming kit lets you transform essentially any bit of spare roof space into a full-on operation. Available from Urban Farmers, the UF Farm is a commercial scale system complete with greenhouses and custom shipping containers.

The modular kit could be used by anyone with an interest in growing food, whether it be a restaurant, grocery store or educational institution. The rooftop farming operation can be installed on just about any kind of roof, making it very versatile and offers the added benefit of the farmers not having to start from scratch. The aquaponics system can support both fish and plants, where the fish fertilize the plants and the plants filter the fishes' water.

The Shroombox by Fungaea kit will make it easy for even the gardening adverse to get their hands dirty with urban farming.

The Shroombox by Fungaea kit is easy to go and ready upon arrival, producing fresh oyster mushrooms in under two weeks, and the product boasts eco-friendly packaging in the form of a 100% recyclable inner bag and an outer box made from locally sourced recycled coffee grounds.

In addition to oyster mushrooms, Fungaea also offers organic sprout kits. The Shroombox by Fungaea is a great introduction to the growing locavore movement and could serve as important inspiration in starting a full, farm-fresh urban garden at home.

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10 Unusual Uses For Coca-Cola

Fly Away

I'm not sure why it works, but if you fill a zipper baggie half full of water and place it by your door, flies won't go through the door. I think that it has something to do with their eyes.




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