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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cutting a Water Bill in Half, 10 Uses for Dish Soap, Can you come up with $400

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The state is what Nietzsche called “the coldest of all cold monsters.” It has one imperative: growth. The regulatory state won’t be slain easily. But here’s the question: if not now when, and if not by us, who?

If everyone ignored the petty, idiotic rules the government couldn’t possibly enforce them. Widespread civil disobedience would overwhelm the system, letting us “pour sugar into the gas tank of the government.”

10 Reasons Dish Soap May Be the Only Product You Need

That little inexpensive plastic bottle of Joy or Palmolive (or store brand, if you’re thrifty) is actually far more useful than we give it credit for! Not only can you clean a sink-full of dirty dishes with it, you can do everything from lightening your hair color to ridding your pets of fleas!
Instead of heading to the supermarket and spending a small fortune on products that fix squeaky hinges, kill the weeds in your lawn and clean your air conditioning units, use that inexpensive bottle of dish soap you already have to handle all of that.
The key to maintaining a household budget is knowing how to get the most out of what you already have.
Here are 10 ways dish soap comes to the rescue!
How Heirloom
Cooking Saves Money

Are you looking for a way to shrink that ever larger grocery bill? Many people are. According to the USDA, food prices are up about 3% from last year (although it seems like more). Could heirloom cooking methods save you money on your grocery bill? To help us understand what heirloom cooking was and how it works, we contacted Valerie K. Hanson. She's an executive chef with a unique licensure from USDA to teach food preservation (canning, etc.) Read more.

27 Ways to Keep Fresh Food Fresh Longer

Some of these methods may sound crazy, but Buzzfeed claims they really work to keep food fresher. For instance, they say keeping onions individually wrapped in pantyhose can keep them fresh for up to eight months.
A few more goodies for you to enjoy and share…

Could you come up with $400 in a pinch? It’s likely you know someone who couldn’t
For much of the country’s population, the American dream is a far cry from the paycheck to paycheck nightmare of their American reality. Just under half of Americans would be forced to take drastic measures such as selling off belongings, borrowing money from family and friends or taking on high-interest payday loans if confronted with a financial emergency requiring a mere $400.
Quizzle vs. Credit Karma vs. Credit Sesame: These three credit scoring services share a lot in common, including that they are all free. But there are some important differences, too.
Watering Your Garden
I'm a big believer in using what nature gives us. One of those things is rain. I've rigged my gutters to pour the water into rain barrels. The rain barrels are hooked to a hose that I can use in my garden. Instead of water running off my roof and overwatering my lawn, now it's used to help grow veggies. You can find rain barrels online very inexpensively

How to Cut Your Water Use in Half

California now has mandatory water saving restrictions, but it is not such a bad idea for everyone else too. Here are tips from Consumer Reports on how to cut your water usage in half.
3 Financial Moves to Make When You Get Fired
You're fired! Your stomach sinks, your mind is spinning and you can't decide whether you want to jump out the window or push your boss out the window. But keep your head, people get fired every day. Take three steps to ease the financial pain of getting fired.
Having just replaced my 19-year old faithful, fuel efficient car due to a blown transmission [my wife promptly hit a deer the 1st day she drove our new vehicle] I thought I would share these tidbits…
Repair or Replace My Car?
The average auto in America is over 10 years old. That means that a lot of us will be facing needed repairs. When that happens, we'll be tempted to decide that our old car is not worth repairing and we should find a newer ride. But is that true? Let's look at the 13 questions to ask before you conclude that your old car is not worth repairing.
Removing smokey odors from a just purchased used car
read more here


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