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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Free Resources Right in Your Own Neighborhood

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"My father taught that the only helping hand
you're ever going to be able to rely on
is the one at the end of your sleeve."

-- J. C. Watts, Jr.





A Free Resource Right in Your Own Neighborhood
Russ Erganbright is one of the more resourceful members of the [Grow] Network.  He is always working on new and exciting projects, doing experiments, and generously sharing his findings with all of us.  The cost of all those experiments can really add up, and Russ is a little, how should I say it... "conservative" with his money.  Actually, as Russ puts it, he's downright cheap!  I have a feeling that this is a common trait around these parts of the internet.  Not many of us organic gardeners are out blowing money at the big box stores - we're more likely to be found out back gathering up all the used cardboard boxes and shipping containers.  Well, Russ wrote in to tell you about a great resource that can be found right in your own neighborhood.  And get this - it's usually available for free.

"I wasn't raised to be thrifty, far from it.  I grew up in an upper middle class family and fully enjoyed the fruits of my father's hard labor.  Was I spoiled as a child?  Well, to be honest, I was.  However, as an adult, for whatever reason, I escaped this infliction and no longer feel this entitlement.  In fact, when describing myself, I like to use the term 'cheap'..."  Read about Russ' favorite free resource here:


Looking for a particular manufacturer's cents off coupon? This database will help you find when and where it was published…

Free Landscaping - I've been busy trading plants with my friends and neighbors. Many plants need to be divided or propagated, so we all swap what we don't need. It's a great way to bring variety to a yard or garden without spending any money!

DIY backyard play areas provide fun for your family!
read more here   

Water Waster

Everyone is aware of the water shortage in California. We don't have a shortage where I live, but water is expensive, especially since I have a nice garden each summer. I found that a drip irrigation system in my garden works just as well as more traditional sprinklers, but uses just a fraction of the water.


Perspectives on Mobile Living:  How much does anybody need? Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living seeks to answer this question through testimonials from people who voluntarily live "off the grid" in any form of vehicle or mobile home. Noting that 47% of the average American's take home pay is spent on housing, the film focuses on the imbalance of freedom versus comfort in modern society.



More Useful Resources for Better Living

Your bank account: The next thing to go obsolete (CNN Money): "Not only is banking not for everyone, accounts are inaccessible to about half of the world. People are too poor, live too far from a bank or don't have the required documentation. Abra, a new startup, makes banking more accessible while completely cutting out the actual bank."

Tools to become more financially saavy...

·        Take courses through such sites as

·        Get the basics from the National Endowment for Financial Education at:, and



Not Driving Today

As a work-at-home mom, it seemed like I had an errand or two to run every day. Not only was this taking an hour or so out of my day, but it also required me to gas up the car more often. So I decided that Tuesday and Thursday would be "no drive days" at our house. Unless there's some type of emergency, I do everything I can to avoid running any errands on those days. I've found that I'm saving both time and gasoline.


$What to do if the Dollar Collapses$

A very useful free report from the Poor Man



Yours for a happy, healthy life!

Bruce, the Poor Man



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