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Friday, July 3, 2015

Freedom, Self Reliance & Action-The Alpha Strategy for Keeping Your Freedom Alive

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"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty." — John Basil Barnhill (often incorrectly attributed to Thomas Jefferson)



How Politics are Manipulated to Dupe the Masses


Many of us are becoming Ashamed to be an American-What many of us are thinking about this 4th of July


My annual “State of Freedom” message…


Those who have studied history, should perhaps not find it surprising that the political outrage that is felt so keenly by people on all sides of the political “spectrum” should be controlled by spinning them off into partisan politics.

“Nor should they be surprised to see how effective this technique is.

“After all, the strategy of keeping people pitted against each other instead of against their oppressors is one of the oldest political stratagems known to human civilization.”

The strategy is simple: “Divide and conquer.”

Wikipedia’s two cents:

Elements of this technique involve:

  • creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign

  • aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign

  • fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers [or groups]

  • encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political [organization or opposition]...

Keep in mind the lies Mrs. Clinton has gotten away with regarding her home server & emails or her role in Benghazi or their foundation slush fund…


   Since 2005 we’ve lost 40% of our purchasing power and since 2009, we’ve lost 8-10% of our middle class.  Few jobs pay a living wage any longer and many, many Americans can barely afford their rent payments [now in excess of 45% of income in the United States].


Corporate America and Washington has broken the social contract which used to exist…college graduates can’t find decent jobs to pay down the excessive tuition loan payments they have and families are finding it tough to feed their families – even with food stamps at an all time high.


Just what the hell went wrong with this country?


Some of you know I’ve spent a lot of times [more than six months total] in the hospital during the past couple of years and my conversations with nursing and other professional medical staff tells me that even these folks are having a hard time making ends meet and hospitals too are paying less or cutting benefits.


It used to be corporations paid for health care and pensions and more…no longer.  Firms like Walmart expect taxpayers to support employees with food stamps and Medicaid – all at taxpayer expense.


Congress critters and their employees face no problems as they get gold plated benefits and automatic annual pay raises while living a lavish lifestyle paid for by special interests who are busy buying selling politicians at the state and federal level…insider trading among many members of Congress allowed many to amass huge wealth while you and would be arrested if we did the same.


Congress is busy gutting the Bill of Rights, our treasury, our privacy and more all the while enriching their campaign donors while ignoring how inflation is killing the middle class’ purchasing power.


“The mere fact that all the items that the average person buys increase in price every month is of no interest to economists. They rely instead on government statistics.”


We now live in a nation where ‘freedom’ is becoming just a memory as bureaucrats and politicians at every level create so many ‘laws’ that no one can keep up…creating an atmosphere where everyone is a lawbreaker.


We have too much government and especially too many unelected pinheads who create red tape out of thin air without benefit of public input or proper legislation.  This is not how our forefathers envisioned our lives to be.


Their goal was to keep government off our back and out of our lives…today EVERY damned thing we do is looked at by Big Brother who sticks its nose into all elements of life.


Us ‘old timers’ have also noted the lack of tolerance in America too…


No longer is anyone permitted to speak their mind freely.  We live in a land where intolerance in the name of tolerance is the new norm…otherwise, the media is quick to condemn!

In America, we have to tiptoe around on ever thinner eggshells” and “the forces of ‘tolerance’ are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval.”


Beloved children's book author Judy Blume warned recently that the left's unyielding effort to create a world where no one is ever offended by anything is a threat to literature…


In such a climate of intolerance, there can be no freedom speech, expression or thought.


How much freedom do you still have?


·         don’t expect privacy in public,

·         don’t let your kids walk to the playground alone,

·         don’t engage in nonviolent protest near where a government official might pass,

·         don’t try to grow vegetables in your front yard,

·        don’t play music for tips in a metro station

·       don’t expect to do anything on your own property without permission from an unelected bureau-twit

·       don’t expect to feed the poor without permission

·       don’t expect to govern your financial affairs, enroll in school, receive medical care, etc. without government monitoring [aka: social security numbers]

·       don’t expect to travel the roads, trains or airports without government inspections [after all, it is for your safety]


Far from being a shining example of democracy at work, America has become a lesson for the world in how quickly freedom turns to tyranny.


Sadly, most young Americans don’t seem to have a clue what freedom is or how it was achieved or how it is being lost in this nation.


The failure of the two-party system is merely a symptom of a larger disease…

“In a society where a government is weak, decentralized, and unable to enact the more radical wishes of any majority group,” Ryan McMaken writes on, “a losing side is less likely to regard the winning side as a genuine threat to one’s daily life.

There’s  precious little difference, in the big scheme of things, between the political parties. Anyone who’s paying attention can see that party elites get along fine while most of the rancor can be found among the naive rank and file.

“There’s a reason for this.

“Regardless of who wins, virtually nothing will be contemplated that might lead to meaningful reductions in regulation, taxation, or the punitive excesses of the criminal justice system. The larger trend in the growth of the state overwhelms any tiny adjustments that D.C. is willing to make in the present political climate.”

Reminds me of NAFTA and one of the reasons I no longer trust politicians…

“In 1992 Bill Clinton promised that NAFTA would result in an increase in the number of high quality jobs for Americans, and it would reduce illegal immigration.

That worked well, didn’t it.  Just like our current set of –un-Patriot Act laws…more hogwash that mainstream Americans have swallowed hook, line and sinker.


Is it any wonder why we’re witnessing an America where freedom is shrinking?


I feel life in America has become an episode of the Twilight Zone where the ever-increasing story has become 1984!


It’s why my motto is:


We don’t need another election, We need another revolution!  It’s why since 1999 I’ve been preaching…

Freedom, Self-reliance, and Action

This Independence Day, let us reclaim the power of our Declaration of Independence

How to Survive the…[FREE-Donations Appreciated]

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P.S.  Consider what the late John Pugsley thoughts were on a prosperous strategy for living:
Pugsley was one of the pioneers of the 1970s “hard money” movement, publishing a newsletter that urged readers to buy gold as soon as gold once again became legal for Americans to own in 1974.  Here’s his Alpha Strategy in a nutshell.

The Alpha Strategy entailed three levels…

  1. Invest in production. If it’s something you need to make a living -- education, a skill set, tools -- this takes priority over anything else.
  2. Save consumables. This is the stuff you use on a day-to-day basis -- razor blades, pasta, tires -- if you use it up and it has a decent shelf life, it falls under Level 2.
  3. Save real money. If after Level 2 you still have savings left, then you can put them into precious metals and other tangible assets.

The best part about the Alpha Strategy is you can start with any amount of capital. “If you have only $100, you can protect it completely against inflation and all investment risks by simply buying things now that you know you will have to buy next week, next month, or next year. If you have $1,000 or $10,000, the same thing holds true.”

Better yet, all your “gains” are tax-free.


“The greater the investment you make in education [real world education, not college] and tools,” Pugsley wrote in The Alpha Strategy, “the more you will produce and the higher your income and standard of living will be.


Still have some cash left after building up your stash? “You are ready to explore the third level of the strategy: the accumulation of real goods that you can eventually sell or exchange.”  Things I’ve addressed for nearly 10 years in this newsletter.


Pugsley refined his guidance in a pathbreaking book called The Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan of Financial Self-Defense. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and Pugsley defined the Alpha Strategy as “the first plan for any individual to protect his wealth.”


I found copies of his book on eBay & a few copies were still available at the time of this essay.  Plus, here is a similar tome which I wrote along with several bonus ebooks – it is yours free but a donation would be appreciated.


How to Survive the…FREE [Donations Appreciated]

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Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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Outstanding piece which should make more than a few give some extra thought to the meaning of "Independence Day." We hope your holiday is a splendid one.