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Thursday, July 16, 2015

More People Leaving the USA for a Better Life-Would You?

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"Liberation is not deliverance."
-- Victor Hugo

Apparently, more than one in three Americans would consider packing up and moving to another country, according to a recent poll of more than 2,000 people.

For millennials (those aged 18-34), that number jumps to an incredible 55%.

The most common reasons given for considering a move abroad were a better quality of life, a lower cost of living, and having new experiences.

Ironic, isn't it… after all, weren’t those the reasons people came to the U.S.?

But of course, times change. Not always for the better.

You don’t have to look far to justify the pessimism about life in America today:

  • We have a National Security Agency that spies on and records every email you send and every Web page you visit
  • The nation’s police forces have been militarized, conducting more than 80,000 paramilitary raids every year
  • Thanks to the 4,500-plus federal crimes and more than 400,000 rules and regulations, daily life itself has been criminalized -- which is why it’s been estimated the average American commits three felonies a day without knowing it.
  • The US has dropped to 13th place in terms of Economic Freedom

Things aren’t much rosier in the economic realm, either.

Sure, if you work for a Silicon Valley startup, life is probably pretty good… but for just about everyone else, it’s ever more challenging to make ends meet.

We live in an “extraction” economy.

“Washington’s empire,” former Reagan Treasury aide Paul Craig Roberts explains, “extracts resources from the American people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule America.”

Think bank bailouts, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Agra…

Put all of this together and it’s no wonder people are contemplating getting out of Dodge.

There’s certainly no shortage of greener pastures.

This is something our friends at International Living have been doing for over 30 years now: showing people that they really can live a more free, relaxed, and healthy life where their dollars go further.

For more than a quarter century 50,000 Americans, mostly retired US military, have been living in Costa Rica where the cost of living a very nice lifestyle has averaged less than $35K annually including top notch medical services and maid service [and great fishing].  They even publish their own newspaper [I once subscribed to it for over a year].

You just have to expand your horizons beyond the borders of the U.S…Perhaps you might want to consider becoming a perpetual tourist as more Americans have.  The USA has become an expensive place to live and this lifestyle might be just the ‘ticket.’

Your New Jet-Set Life on Less Than $1,800 a Month

  • Take advantage of flexible flight searches. Sites like let you find the cheapest fares by searching all flights for an entire region, continent, or even the world. A quick search for one-way tickets from New York to anywhere in South America in May 2015 turns up ticket prices as low as $186 to Colombia, $202 to Panama, and $207 to Aruba. With these prices (assuming one international flight every couple months, plus some smaller trips and overland travel), a couple could easily keep to a $400 monthly transportation budget
  • Housesit for free accommodations. On sites like and, you can find free accommodations all over the world in exchange for taking care of someone’s home
  • Stay longer and save. Not only will staying in one place for a week or longer enrich your experience and save money on transportation, but many apartment rentals and hotels offer weekly or monthly discounts. A quick search for monthly pricing in Ecuador and Panama on shows a variety of nicely furnished apartments priced under $600 per month. Secure house sitting assignments for half your travels and use long-stay discounts on the rest and your monthly housing budget could be as low as $300 (just $3,600 per year)
  • Get on an expat health plan. Companies like International Medical Group (IMG) offer worldwide-coverage health plans that start at just $1,500 for the year. With a monthly budget of $400 for transportation and $300 for housing, all that’s left to factor in is food, supplies, and fun. Monthly groceries can easily be covered in places like Mexico for under $300. You could eat out several times per week and treat yourself to coffees and snacks along the way for $400 per month. The rest of your budget should go toward whatever you find fun -- be it museums, theater, wine tastings, wilderness treks, or yoga on the beach

Thanks to Laissez Faire Letter for many of these resources!


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DAR said...

Many of us in the underground community have long known about this perpetual tourist movement [started in Britain] and indeed, Costa Rica was long considered a good alternative with US trained doctors, friendly people, stable currency, no standing army, etc...there are other countries too but the US/IRS has been quietly squeezing them over the past 10 years so they could fleece any US citizens who might hide a buck from Uncle Scam so one must be diligent in their is best if you can obtain dual citizenship/passports and not be solely reliant on a US passport as that country becomes more Orwellian.