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Thursday, December 29, 2016

End of Year Round-Up: Best Prepper Resources and a Few Surprises


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Round up of some of the best resources…and notes of caution

 If you've stopped prepping, it could be a huge mistake... here's why

One can almost sense that unforeseen events could bring chaos to America. Debts and economic catastrophes could play out, terrorism could strike, wars could spark to life, disaster may hit, and much more. While many have been optimistic about the promises of a new president, and a brighter spot for the free market…some are predicting a storm may be coming.  Indeed, I think some in this nation actually WANT a storm to prevail to they can justify their hatred of Trump and those who voted for him.


Fortunately, the mass-hypnosphere called the Mainstream Media (AKA the “Invisible Government”) has lost much of its mental stranglehold on the minds of most of the Constitutional Republica. The brainwaves have retreated into RF-resistant covered holes, scattered like seashells across the dark-pocketed sea of social consumption.

Some people have chosen to swing in the oppo-same direction and represent the Alt-Right, which is largely a Frankensteinian reaction to the Left’s vitriol.

Strangely, on the other end of the spectrum, Leftists are swinging criss-cross the Alt-Right and are beginning to embrace the archetypical prepper. They are buying guns and ammo. They are talking about nullification and secession. They are threatening a mass-tax protest. They are, in essence, becoming precisely what they’ve been mocking over the past eight years.

More important to the radical Left, though, is the strategies and moves to be made in resistance to “Trump’s America” against what they fear (potentially justifiably) could become a fully militarized and fascist State. (It’s laughable that the new radical Left believes this domestic militarization/rise of fascism in America will just spring into existence in tandem with the wildflowers. It won’t. It’s already here.

In 2017, you might even see many global goods and services become priced in bitcoin -- this “currency of anywhere.” Which will mean, as Jared Howe of Being Libertarian pointed out last week, “there will be no way for central banks to hide the diminishing purchasing power of their own inflationary currencies.” 

Backed into a corner, with nowhere to hide their flag money malfeasance, governments will fight head-on the rise of bitcoin via any means necessary -- most likely through pump-and-dumps and anti-bitcoin propaganda.

This would’ve been a lot easier before the MSM revealed its true colors in 2016. Before it outed itself as a vast network of propagandistas.

Now, the media’s ability to dissuade Americans from buying “barbarous relics” like gold or silver and putting some money outside of the fiat banking system with bitcoin is weak, indeed.

“It's therefore only a matter of time,” says Howe, “before the central banks go tits up and fall like dominoes.”

We’ll say it again. The Status Quo is dissolving.

The question is NOT how can we survive until things settle down. We’re not asking where the best caves are to hide away until the storm passes us by.

No. Putting our heads down has been the problem all along.

The REAL question is what can we do in 2017 to create, within the void, a system of sanity, humanity and mental, physical and spiritual prosperity for everyone. 

How can we seize upon this opportunity and, rather than hunker down and hide, meet it face-to-face and start building to thrive? And, more importantly, how can we build its foundation so strong that our grandchildren and their children will be able to thrive and grow within it, too?

Once self-reliance has been lost, so too has self-confidence been lost, and the Savior State dependent--individual and corporation alike--soon distrusts their ability to function in an open market.

This is a truly sad, self-destructive state of affairs, and deeply, tragically ironic. The calls for "help" quickly lead to dependence on the Savior State, and that dependence quickly breeds complicity and silence in the face of repression and predation by the State and its corporate partners.

In a very real sense, citizens relinquish their citizenship along with their self-reliance and self-worth once they accept dependence on the State.

I often mention that the U.S. has much to learn from so-called Third World countries that are poorer in resources and credit. In many of these countries, the government is the police, the school and the infrastructure of roadways and energy. Many of these countries are systemically corrupt, and the State is the engine of enforcing that corruption.

Rather than something to be embraced and lobbied, involvement with the State is something to be avoided as a risk. In everyday life, people rarely encounter the government except in law enforcement or schooling.

As a result, people depend on their social capital and community for sustenance, support, work and connections

The era of debt-based consumption as the engine of "growth" and "prosperity" is coming to an end. Adding debt via credit no longer creates growth; it actually takes away from the economy by expanding debt service (interest payments).

The vast majority of developed-world people have had the basics of life since the late 1960s -- transport, food, shelter and utilities. The "growth" since then depended on cheap, abundant oil and a consumerist mentality in which one constantly re-defines and renews one's identity not from social investments in others or the shared community but from consumption.

Not coincidentally, this dominance of consumption as the only metric for "growth" (as opposed to, say, productive activity) has been paralleled by the dominance of the Central State.

The end of credit-based consumption will be a very positive development, as will the devolution of the Savior State. The Savior State is like oil--both are at their peaks and are starting their inevitable slide down the S-curve. The world they created was not as positive for human fulfillment and happiness as we have been told.

Indeed, study after study has found that people with the basics for life, a higher purpose that requires sacrifice and a tight-knit community are far and away happier than isolated, atomized, insecure consumers, regardless of their wealth and consumption.

Charles Hugh Smith
Author & Blogger, Of Two Minds

 [Ed. note: This article originally appeared on Charles’ blog Of Two Minds right here at this link


In a wildly viral article from, Michael Snyder reveals that prepping has collapsed among Trump supporters since the day of the election. “[I]nterest in prepping is probably the lowest that it has ever been in the history of the modern prepper movement.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about how it was like ‘a nuclear bomb went off in the prepping community’, and nothing has changed since that time,” Snyder wrote.

Liberals and leftists, meanwhile, are suddenly stocking up like mad on food, guns and ammo. In an article titled, “Now it’s the liberals who are arming up,” reports, “Gun shop owner Michael Cargill told NBC News gun classes at his Austin, Texas store are selling out. He’s noticed an increase in LGBTQ, African-American, Hispanic and Muslim customers. Store owners told NBC they’ve seen up to four times as many minority customers than is typical.”

Liberals, it seems, are scared about the possible rise in “hate crimes” under a Trump presidency. What they don’t realize, of course, is that nearly all the hate crimes are hate hoaxes committed by leftists. But that doesn’t stop them from buying guns, which is probably a smart thing to do no matter what the fear behind it.

Preppers are being lulled into complacency by the final blow off of a wildly overvalued stock market

My warning for all preppers — no matter what your political affiliation — is that if you’ve been lulled into a sense of complacency by the rising stock market and the Trump election victory, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. Here’s why:

The Federal Reserve has already set the debt collapse apocalypse into motion by raising interest rates. The dominoes that will fall have already begun to tumble. The Fed promises two more interest rate hikes (at least) next year, giving the absurd excuse that the “Obama economy is overheating” from all its economic abundance and must therefore be slowed down using interest rate hikes.

This is all being done to create a false narrative that Obama is handing Trump a “robust economy.” Next, rising interest rates are coupled with a halting of quantitative easing and the acceleration of debt instrument failures in Europe. The result is that at some moment in President Trump’s first term, the global debt collapse is unleashed, unraveling the decades of debt creation and mindless bank deregulation we all witnessed under Clinton, Bush and Obama.

When that nightmare lands in Trump’s lap, the most likely outcome in the streets of America will be mass riots and social chaos at a level America has never before witnessed. Remember: This is all being set into motion to blame Trump and discredit the Republican party. I’ve released a mini-documentary explaining all this. You can read the full transcript at this link

Or watch the video here:

As we head into 2017 and contemplate how many freedoms have been lost or eroded under president George Bush and his so-called Patriot Act and under president Obama…

Take a second and think about how free we really are

The truth is some states are a lot less free than others.

And that's why we wrote a blog post showing all the states and how free they really are.

This list will surprise you.

  • The #1 freest state is also one of the smallest. Their state motto should give them away.
  • Surprisingly, this ultra liberal state is the #11 freest state. Can you guess where it is?
  • This state voted overwhelmingly for Trump, but it's actually the 39th least free state. Check it out here


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Yours for better living,
Bruce , the Poor Man

A Final Note…

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, several different far-left activist groups including but not limited to Rising Tide North America, Showing up For Racial Justice, and of course the ever-popular Black Lives Matter are actively engaged at this very moment in various stages of planning for a violent uprising on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day.

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