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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Anti-Trumpers Plan to “Shut Down the Economy on January 20” –They Are Painfully Naïve & Stupid”


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The Anti-Trumpers Plan to “Shut Down the Economy on January 20” –They Are Painfully Naïve & Stupid”


   Progressives and the usual flock of socialists plan to use the inauguration day to create civil unrest by setting a tone of mass opposition [even though most cannot articulate a solid answer as to why they dislike Trump] by skipping work in order to protest and to refuse to buy anything on that day.  [I’m not sure if that includes fuel or a fast food meal on their way to the protest rally or a beer after a hard day of protesting]…


In addition to a general strike, many mindless groups are calling for a nationwide day of protest.  Actions are planned in most major cities [ironically, nothing is planned to protest all of the killings taking place by gang members in Chicago] and the ANSWER Coalition, an activist group with chapters across the nation, or organizing buses to take its zealots to Washington DC.


Other protests include the Women’s March on Washington but they don’t seem certain why they’re marching.


Despite Trump’s promise to assist unions to regain US jobs and to create a better US child care system and tax system some groups still plan to oppose Trump’s agenda – this makes absolutely no sense and I question mandate of such under-educated voters with misplaced priorities.  Has our school system been that successful in its effort to ‘dummy them down?”




While many Democrats are calling for a shift back to the left and a rejection of the Clinton establishment, a recent poll from Gallop suggests that the population is moving further away from the party's liberal wing. Indeed, Gallop found that more Americans consider themselves conservative than liberal. Yet, the real story is the loss from the middle of the spectrum.


Trump has never held office, has never fed at the public teat, he’s actually created jobs, which is more than you can say for politicians like Hillary and Obama.  Yet, these miscreants are prejudging him, often based on outdated, TV show materials.  Obama, for instance, never held a real job, had no international or military experience and yet everyone trusted him and he ultimately turned out to be incompetent.


President Obama has resorted to regulatory end-runs to cement his legacy. As of April 2016, Obama had already signed 392 new regulations, surpassing George W. Bush's 358 and Bill Clinton's 361 (both of which were disgraceful in their own right). At that time, there were 47 more sitting on his desk waiting to be signed. Obama will be the first president to enact more than 400 regulations while in office. His massive regulatory push has essentially declared war on the private sector. Over 82,000 pages of new recommendations were made last year (a new record). If they had all been put into force, business would likely be impossible to conduct in America. Still, Obama's bureaucrats have cost business $197 billion and added 127 million hours of paperwork for private industry.

To put that in perspective for families, Obama's regulatory agenda cost Americans $784 million every day the federal government operated in 2015. Most of these costs were due to new environmental (e.g., global warming, air quality, coal ash) and health rules. The think tank American Action Forum (AAF) compiled economic data on all the regulations federal agencies proposed and finalized last year. They found that Obama's agenda cost every voter $838 for the year. Those are direct costs. That number doesn't include opportunity costs, the costs of regulations already on the books, or the compounding of wealth not realized because of previous costs of regulation – which is the biggest loss of all. As Einstein is said to have stated, "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe." Think of the losses your grandchildren will suffer because of Obama's destructiveness.

If you include regulations already on the books, the direct cost for complying with federal regulations amounts to nearly $15,000 per year for the average US household. And this number doesn't include taxes, lost wages, and other costs from decades of regulation

I look at other areas where Obama has screwed up [not just his health care fiasco which I warned him about from the get-go]…his latest censorship effort:

Government censorship of anything it classifies as disinformation: This year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which allocates $619 billion for war and military spending, not only allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens by placing them beyond the reach of the Constitution, but it also directs the State Department to establish a national anti-propaganda center to “counter disinformation and propaganda.” Translation: the government plans to crack down on anyone attempting to exercise their First Amendment rights by exposing government wrongdoing, while persisting in peddling its own brand of fake news.


Famed trend researcher Gerald Celente of, predicts the economy is not going to rebound thanks to the global situation that created an environment for financial peril.  Trump is a better choice than Hillary as he’s inheriting a mess of epic proportions from President Obama [sound familiar?]


The ultimate question becomes…Where were these protestors during the past eight years of Obama’s presidency?


Given that main stream media has pretty much become ineffective [they can’t even produce meaningful documentaries]  all a national strike will accomplish will be something akin to Hollywood gossip and drool.  If people are serious about becoming a force for good, I would remind them it starts in their own neighborhood.  Parents need to get involved with their children and their schools [stop letting videogames and smart phones be the parent, get them to read and explore, visit the library and the museum, go in family field trips, discuss life, have them get involved with 4H or the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, Junior Achievement, volunteering,  Etc.. These activities will have a larger, more meaningful impact in the long run than holding up a sign in the street.


Yours for a pleasant & productive 2017,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

 P.S.  Politicians are addicted to feeding at the public trough-they can't resist the free perks and gold plated benefits and great pensions that are denied to most of the private sector employees...the rumor mill has it that Mrs. Clinton now plans a run the become the Mayor of New York City!


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DAR said...

They'll never learn will they? I'm still waiting for all those Hollywood hypocrites like Rosie O'Donnel to leave the country [we're better off without her].

Ray said...

Everyone has the right to protest but from what I've seen this year, most Dems have little knowledge or tolerance which is why they lost the election.

Daryl said...

How many liberals does it take to change a light bulb? Answer? has to go to committee.
Excellent piece by the way!

Yvette said...

Liberal policies have nearly destroyed this country with their over regulation and their intolerance [in the name of tolerance of course]. They remind me communists.