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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hypocrite Obama Attempted to Rig Israel’s Election: The Progressive-Regressives Are Out of Control


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Hypocrite-in-Chief Obama Attempted to Rig Israel’s Election-The Progressive Regressives Are Out of Control


   In 2015 then President Obama used your tax dollars to fund  a campaign to undermine the election process in Israel…He spent $350,000 and our State Department and a Washington DC-based OneVoice Movement firm which hired a political consulting group which had done work on both of Obama’s campaigns to derail Benjamin Netanayhu’s election campaign, Israel’s sitting prime minister…yet he had the nerve to moan about the Russians [even though the US did the same to them in the mid-1980s] supposedly did to our election in 2016.  Hypocrisy at its finest and little covered in our left-wing press.

The rage among the left continues to build and it is being supported in earnest by mainstream personalities in Hollywood and the music industry and the media which harps against Trump daily DESPITE the fact the majority of Americans support safer borders and deporting illegal criminal aliens.  The majority [90,000 seniors, for instance in an AMORC poll conducted last week feel Hollywood should stick to entertainment and STOP blathering about their socialist views].

There’s a growing movement to remove from office Obstructionist lifelong Democratic politicians such as New York’s Chuck Schumer and California’s Nancy Pelosi which many feel have outlived their usefulness in Washington.  They represent the reasons why we need term limits as their views change with the wind.

Trump inherited an already inflamed political and racial divide in this country and everyone is seems wants to restore the status quo [read money & power] which the power elite on both sides of the fence never want to give up [which is why we don’t have the term limits that we should].

According to cyclical analyst Martin Armstrong, things are only going to get worse as protests spread and soon turn to large-scale riots.  Radical leftists, anarchists and self-described ‘anti-fascists’ are vowing to derail Trump by any means necessary.  Funded by anti-American socialists George Soros and others, they are driving social chaos.

Even newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos requires the protection of US Marshals when visiting schools as protestors are blocking her path and spitting on her; ignoring decades of failed democrat policies [Detroit schools are a good example of such failures].

Protesters tried to block newly confirmed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a D.C. school where she was scheduled to speak Feb. 10.

They are using constant, non-stop threats, hoaxes, violence, hatred and maniac Hollywood twits along with a distorted, progressive media to punish not only Trump but everyone who voted for him.


The Flynn “assassination” is just the beginning of what Donald Trump faces from the Deep State and the rest of Imperial City’s swamp creatures jealously guarding their turf against the ultimate political outsider…

Obama left Sally Yates behind to continue the 2016 election by other means. And it's working. The Donald is being rapidly emasculated by the powers that be in the Imperial City due to what can only be described as an audacious and self-evident attack on Trump's Presidency by the Deep State.

As Robert Barnes of LawNewz further explained, Sally Yates, former CIA director John Brennan and a large slice of the Never Trumper intelligence community were systematically engaged in "opposition research" during the campaign and the transition:

According to published reports, someone was eavesdropping, and recording, the conversations of Michael Flynn, while Sally Yates was at the Department of Justice. Sally Yates knew about this eavesdropping, listened in herself (Pellicano-style for those who remember the infamous LA cases), and reported what she heard to others. For Yates to have such access means she herself must have been involved in authorizing its disclosure to political appointees, since she herself is such a political appointee. What justification was there for an Obama appointee to be spying on the conversations of a future Trump appointee?

Consider this little tidbit in The Washington Post. The paper, which once broke Watergate, is now propagating the benefits of Watergate-style surveillance in ways that do make Watergate look like a third-rate effort. (With the) FBI “routinely” monitoring conversations of Americans...... Yates listened to “the intercepted call,” even though Yates knew there was “little chance” of any credible case being made for prosecution under a law “that has never been used in a prosecution.”

According to the Washington Post itself, that is exactly what Yates and the Obama holdovers did day and night during the transition period:

Indeed, the paper details an apparent effort by Yates to misuse her office to launch a full-scale secret investigation of her political opponents, including “intercepting calls” of her political adversaries.

"He Will Die in Jail": Intelligence Apparatus Admits It Is 'Going Nuclear' on Trump
A former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer tweeted on Wednesday that the intelligence community will now be "going nuclear" against Trump.

Deep State? Trump Replaces Flynn with Boss of Super Secret CIA Surveillance Contractor
If Kellogg replaces Flynn, we can undoubtedly expect an expansion of the surveillance state and its associated industries.

Back to the rest of our story…

When talking to someone on the left, they may tell you they are “progressive.” When you ask what they mean by that, they will likely say something along the lines of how they support minorities or the rights of women or children or really anyone other than themselves.

Because they believe they support these other individuals they will also assume they are not only right, but that you are against these things and are wrong. After all, if they are a “progressive” liberal, it obviously means you are regressive.

The major problem with this is liberals are actually feeding themselves into this progressive belief, when in all actuality, they are only lying to themselves about who they are and what they stand for.

In order for the liberal left to actually be for minorities and people of different religions, they need to be open to people with varying thoughts. A person who is Christian may look at certain ideas or topics differently than someone who is Jewish or Islamic. Since they say they support people of different faith, it obviously means they are progressive. The problem here though is they don’t actually support people of varying viewpoints. They prevent speakers with different ideas from appearing on college campuses or they boo a joke because it digs at differing ideas.

Does that sound progressive?

If you don’t think that sounds progressive you’re not alone. You know who else doesn’t? Dave Rubin, a former liberal. Rubin was tired of the hypocritical left and couldn’t stand the party anymore so he left the left. Check out what he has to say about the “progressive” left.

Senator Webb Admits Left And Media Conspiracy To Destroy Trump, Country Be Damned

Former Senator Webb of VA still has his connections in DC although he is now officially out of politics. His sources have confirmed what we’ve all witnessed and suspected in the aftermath of the presidential campaign, the leftist are out to get Trump by whatever means possible. Senator Webb reveals to ‘Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd the nature of the coordinated attacks.

In true Alinsky “the end justifies the means” manner, the attacks have gotten personal. Webb describes the conspiracy by the leftists, saying, “There is a campaign going on, on the Hill, in the media, in the academia, to personally discredit not only Donald Trump but the people who are around him. And to slow down the process by the way, you and I were talking a minute ago about the confirmation process, it’s slow it down so that by ’18, when the Democrats are very vulnerable, particularly in the Senate, there will not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against [on].

Exposing a nationwide leftist conspiracy against the United States by the Democrats...they are opposing and obstructing, for political purposes, the successful management of the affairs of state being conducted by their opposition, an action intended to diminish the situation of, effectively harm, our nation for political benefit. If that’s not treason it’s certainly enough to prevent them from being reelected. The trick is to make enough voters aware of their actions and the motivations behind them.

Democrats count on an uninformed and self-serving dependent class of voters for their support and with the media being part of the conspiracy, it’s going to be extremely challenging to get the word out. They’ve also got social media outlets, particularly Facebook, censoring content of those conservative sites outside of the mainstream media, in pursuit of controlling the type and amount of information available to the public.

This revelation should be national news. All it got from Chuck Todd, who must certainly be one of the anonymous media members that Webb was referring to…

Face the Nation host John Dickerson stepped in something on the way into the studio this morning. As he scraped it off his shoe he discovered it was a pile of up-Chuck Schumer, the Democratic plague of New YorkObstructionist Schumer Knows Best – Trump Is Always Wrong, Automatically

Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues…

This will be the BIGGEST spike in civil unrest in American history, It is already the biggest with regard to trying to block and overthrow the Trump Administration and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are all encouraging this violence.

Example of Mis-Information



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DAR said...

I had not heard that Obama used our tax dollars to try and rig Israel's election-imagine that, mainstream media "missing" that?! No wonder we don't trust those misfits-they can't tell the truth to save their soul...oh, that's right, they sold their soul to the Democratic party!

Sam said...

Wow-I never knew this either-what a bastard & he had the nerve to act all high & mighty about our elections.

Randy said...

I never liked that weasel-a smooth talker but in reality, nothing more than a Communist.

Ralph said...

No one seems to give a damn about all the BS Obama pulled or how truly lousy the economy was under his reign, especially those idiots in the press...yet they beat up on Trump non-stop. It makes me want to take the lot of them into a room like childhood bullies and beat the crap out all of them.