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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Clinton's NAFTA Agreement Backfires: Drug Cartels Love it-US Loses 800,000 Jobs

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Clinton’s NAFTA Agreement Backfires:  Mexican Drug Cartels Bring More Drugs into US While We Lost 800,000 Jobs

I’ve been watching the History Channel’s documentary on our ass-backward drug war and it has demonstrated how the feds have robbed citizens of their rights while spending over a trillion dollars on a failed “drug war.”  Mexican Cartels are the primary opponents of the southern border wall but US protestors fail to see this.

Ironically, former President Bill Clinton signed a detrimental set of laws known as NAFTA [North American Trade Agreement] which loosened border regulations for free trade and “unwittingly” unleashed hoards of Cartel smuggling operations via semi-loads of drugs into the United States.  The Cartels loved it…the American worker-not so much.

Clinton, going back to his governor days of Arkansas, he was often suspected of being linked to cocaine smuggling and a former CIA informant/cartel smuggler [Barry Seal] began flying tons of cocaine from South America into Arkansas during the years Clinton was governor.


Also, Clinton enacted the toughest anti-drug laws in the land at the time, despite his announcement that he famously “smoked, but never inhaled,” which, of course, was a lot of BS.  During his presidency more people went to prison for mere pot possession than at any other time.

During those same years, interviews with Arkansas state troopers surfaced of Clinton dalliances with female ‘floozies’ at area motels arranged for by these troopers.  Hush money was later paid to these women and many others by Mrs. Clinton.

Once the Clinton’s were in the White House rumors [afterward in a book by a former Secret Service agent assigned to them] circulated how the Clinton staff used cocaine and pot rather openly in the White House.

During my years in service during Viet Nam Air America ran a secret drug smuggling operation bring heroin into the United States.  The Black Panthers seemed to know about this and protested that the CIA was killing their community…no one paid attention.  However, as we know now, crack cocaine nearly destroyed the Black community.

We also learned from the program [I knew this from my days in the service] the CIA introduced LSD to America and experimented in servicemen and even on housewives in hopes of finding a way to combat communism!

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Larry said...

Never trusted either Clinton...funny though. I read that interview with the two Ark State troopers years ago about how they essentially acted as pimps for Slick Willie and about all the coke that floated around the state house.

DAR said...

I've been watching this documentary too. It reminds me of how gullible and stupid people are [stupid to get hooked on drugs, gullible to allow government to enact so many laws that screw with their rights when they should kick out the idiots in Congress and elect people with a brain] I've always said, just legalize weed and take the power away from cartels and give local governments another means of taxing and wasting money. Hell, they did it with gambling.