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Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to Eliminate the Fed, National Debt, Take Back Our Nation, Print Your Own Money & Create a Community Stimulus Package


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How to Eliminate the Fed, National Debt, Take Back Our Nation, Print Your Own Money & Create a Community Stimulus Package



We as a nation can't continue to spend more than we take in without consequences in the future.


 One side says we need to cut defense spending. The other side says we need to cut social programs. Considering that we haven't had a balanced a federal budget in a generation, I'd say that we need to cut both.

The politicians will say that we can't cut these areas because people will get hurt. In my view, they're partially right. Some people will be hurt. But if we don't quit deficit spending and stop ‘kicking the can down the road’, at some time in the future, EVERYONE will be hurt. And probably hurt badly.

I don't like to see anyone suffer, but when government [mis]- spending (federal, state & local) is estimated to be just under $7 trillion, you would think that we could help the truly needy, pay for sufficient national defense, and have enough left over for basic government services. Source:

I've no expectation that our representatives will actually balance the federal (or state or local) budget. They'll argue, blame each other, hype up their supporters, and keep on spending more than they did last year. At least that's what they've done for a generation or more.  They are pros at wasting money while feathering their own nests. In too many cases they cannot even account for millions of dollars under their stewardships [the IRS, the Fed, the Department of Defense are prime examples]!

If that's the case, then we all should begin preparation for some tough financial times. I can't tell you when all the debt that's been accumulating will crash, but history shows that it will





After you account for inflation, the American worker has not had a significant raise in 40 years – almost since the new money system was put into place after 1971.

But the rich – as measured by the inflation-adjusted Dow – are 10 times richer.

After our politicians gave up control of our money to the Fed  [the wanna-be federal agency made up of US and international bankers can’t even keep track of their own fiat money] and the late President’s Johnson  and Nixon decided we didn’t need a gold or silver standard…all of America got screwed by devious men during a secret meeting held at Jekyl Island* during the very early 1900s where they devised a plan to take over our treasury and become our national bank and to “print” our money so we poor citizens could pay them interest [creating the national debt] and creating a dumb circus of inflation, recessions and depressions.


It wasn’t long after the creation of this non-federal group was created and control of our money supply was given to them that a national income tax plan was foisted on the American public to act as collateral for the interest debt created by the money we “borrowed” from the fed.  [Despite calls from many in Congress, especially Ron Paul, the Fed has resisted EVERY effort to be audited-obviously, they are hiding something from the public and our legislators].



The American Monetary Inst. has suggested the following very reasonable plan would resolve the problems caused by the Fed and would restore the power of control over our money back to the treasury.  Termed:  The American Monetary Act, the plan calls for the federal government to incorporate the Fed.


“Monetary reform is achieved in three parts, which must be enacted together for it to work.  To do otherwise would cause more harm. 


First, incorporate the Federal Reserve into the U.S. Treasury where all new money is created by the government as money, not interest bearing debts, and spent into circulation to promote the general welfare, monitored to be neither inflationary nor deflationary.


Second, stop the banks’ privilege to create money by ending the fractional reserve system [something which dates back to the Knights Templar days].  All the past monetized private credit converted into US government money.  Banks then act as intermediaries accepting savings deposits and loaning them out to borrowers; what they used to do!


Third, spend new money into circulation [stop holding onto it as they’ve done with TARP money for example] on our small businesses and infrastructure, education and other job creating plans to re-invigorate our economy and re-fund local governments which are going to need help with the retirement plans they over-promised their employees.


The time to start this plan is now but as we know, Democrats in particular in Washington will fiddle while the nation burns-they want to see more spending and more debt [actually, both parties do but this would help stop the bleeding of interest payments on our so-called national debt…why pay interest on our own money?]  


The Federal Reserve is destroying America

It might have good intentions, but it's working with bad models.  Ones that lead to truly horrible outcomes.

One of the chief failings of central banks is that they are slaves to an impossible idea; the notion that humans are free to pursue perpetual exponential economic growth on a finite planet. 


How you create your own local community stimulus package


BerkShares local currency come out of a long history of experimentation with local currency and models for increased economic self-reliance in the Berkshires.  Here are some examples of currencies used in the early 1990s.

Deli Dollars were issued by deli owner Frank Tortoriello to finance the move of his business from one location to another.


Dubbed a “great economic experiment" by The New York Times, BerkShares are a local currency for the Berkshire region of Massachusetts. Federal currency is exchanged for BerkShares at sixteen branch offices of four local banks and spent at 400 locally owned participating businesses. The circulation of BerkShares encourages capital to remain within the region, building a greater affinity between the local business community and its citizens.


Echoing the local currencies widely used throughout the early 1900s, BerkShares serve as a tool for community economic empowerment, and development toward regional self-reliance. BerkShares are meant to maximize the circulation of goods, services, and capital within a defined region, thus strengthening the local economy. Commonplace during the early 1900s, local currencies are once again being recognized as a tool for sustainable economic development. The currency distinguishes the local businesses that accept the currency from those that do not, fostering stronger relationships between the responsible business community and the citizens of the region. The people who choose to use the currency make a conscious commitment to buy local, and in doing so take a personal interest in the health and well-being of their community by laying the foundation for a truly vibrant, thriving economy.




Here in Ithaca, New York, we've begun to gain control of the social and environmental effects of commerce by issuing over $110,000 of our own local paper money, since 1991. Thousands of purchases and many new friendships have been made with this cash, and several million dollars value of local trading has been added to the Grassroots National Product.

We printed our own money because we watched Federal dollars come to town, shake a few hands, then leave to buy rainforest lumber and fight wars. Ithaca's HOURS, by contrast, stay in our region to help us hire each other. While dollars make us increasingly dependent on transnational corporations and bankers, HOURS reinforce community trading and expand commerce which is more accountable to our concerns for ecology and social justice.

More here:

[Note:  They even offer a How-to book on starting your own community program]



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Yours for a productive 2017,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


P.S.  As always, I urge my friends and readers to stock up on food, items for barter and silver.  Personally, I never fully trust our economic picture or North Korea [they too have EMP capabilities while working on their nuclear program… so stock up on batteries as they are not affected by an EMP blast…neither are two-way radios.  Your cell phone on the other hand will be kaput.

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DAR said...

The way our purchasing power is going south, this might be a good thing! I sure feel we need to end the fed too-why the hell are we paying them interest on essentially is our own money?

Larry said...

Given the shaky foundation of our economy & the way the deep state is attacking Trump it won't surprise me if things fall apart soon. Obama screwed this country financially and I see it happening all over the world...time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst NOW.

MaryAnne said...

This makes so much sense which is why no one on the Hill will ever do it-too many special interests are filling their pockets with cash or threats to stop doing anything that will help America. They're doing there best to scuttle Trump as well-anything to screw over the Middle Class. We're doomed unless we have a revolution.