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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Making Money, Saving Money, Stopping Bill Collectors, Making Your Wife Happy & More Tips

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Tips of the Week: Making Money, Saving Money, Stopping Bill Collectors, Making Your Wife Happy & More


These five flexible work-from-home jobs let you work on your own schedule (and squeeze in naps when you need to). They also call for your skills and experience, so you can continue to flex your brain and do work you love while raising your little tykes.


1. Online tutoring: $20+ an hour

2. Remote or freelance writing and editing: $50,000-60,000 a year

3. Developer: $75,000 a year

4. Virtual recruiting: $30-40 an hour

5. Healthcare outreach: $25-30 an hour


For simpler, quicker ways to make extra money while you’re home with kids, try these 14 ways to cash in on naptime.



8 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money
These jobs can beef up your bank account, and you choose the hours you want to work.


Got Consumer Gripes? Here are High Level Company Contacts

Sometimes the regular customer service department of major companies won't help you with a problem despite your pleas. Here is a hand-curated list of top company executives in various industries compiled by Christopher Elliott, a leading consumer advocate/reporter best known for his travel writing.


10 FREE date ideas your wife will love

Now that we have a newborn again, we are kicking ourselves for taking our weekly date-nights for granted.

And honestly we often just skipped them because "something came up".

As someone who is married (and wants to stay that way) I have learned that investing time in my marriage is ALWAYS time well spent.

So, if you are married, do yourself a favor and schedule a weekly date night - and stick with it!


Auto Loan Woes for Many Consumers…


"In the first quarter of 2017, the percentage of trade-ins on new-vehicle sales that had negative equity reached a record 32.8 percent. The average amount of negative equity, at $5,195, was also a high, Edmunds data show." Let me translate that to English, nearly 1/3 of people who buy a new car owed more on their old car than it was worth. By nearly $5,200!

The article went on to say: "Loans lasting 73 to 84 months have also increased, according to Experian, making up 32.1 percent of new-vehicle loan share in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared with 29 percent a year earlier. On the used-vehicle side, loans lasting 73 to 84 months accounted for 18 percent of the share, up from 16 percent a year earlier."

To put that simply, it means that to keep their payments low, 1/3 of new car buyers chose a loan of between 6 and 7 years! And even 18% of used car buyers chose a loan that long. That's an significant increase from past years, which means that the trend is getting worse!

What can you do about it? First, become informed. For instance, on a 3 year auto loan for $30k, after one year, the amount you'd still owe would be down to $20,300 (assuming a 3% interest rate). If you had a 7 year loan, it would only have dropped to $26,100.


Take action to make sure that you don't become a casualty of the auto loan debt trap. When you've been paying for a car for 3 or 4 years and you're still upside down, that's a sign that you're headed for trouble!


5 Free Letters Written by Government Attorneys To Stop Bill Collectors

Download Copies of Letters from This Link:

1) The "More Information" Letter

2) Dispute and Proof Letter

3) Don't Call Me I'll Call You Letter

4) The "Talk To My Lawyer" Letter

5) Drop Dead Letter

Download to Learn How Bill Collectors

Are Breaking the Law When They Call You

Download to Learn to Flex Your Rights with Bill Collectors

Learn How to Collect $1,000 from Debt Collectors

Who Don't Follow the Law

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Additional Resources

What Are You Willing to "Give Up" to Win Financially?

Sacrifice is the act of giving up something you value for the sake of something that's more important to you. What are you willing to sacrifice to improve your financial situation?

Flexible spending account (n) A special savings account you use for certain out-of-pocket health care costs like doctor’s office co-pays or prescriptions. You contribute pretax money. Similar to a health savings account, except FSAs can only be set up by employers.


Even though you’re contributing the money, FSAs help you save money on medical expenses, because you don’t pay taxes on those dollars. You might not realize you can use your FSA for a host of things not often covered by traditional insurance — like sunscreen, lead-paint removal in your home, service animals, abortions, condoms, sunglasses and more. Here are 26 surprising things you can buy with your FSA.


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Dale said...

I have friends who can use the info on stopping bill collectors-great info!

Randy said...

Now, if we could just figure out a way to STOP all those damned pesky telemarketers from calling!