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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ensuring Your Personal Safety, Privacy and Security


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Ensuring Your Personal Safety, Privacy and Security

If all you did was read the headlines in the mainstream news, you'd think everything was peachy -- nothing but sunshine and blue skies ahead.

But don't be deceived!

There are MAJOR economic problems lurking under the surface. Most people don't know about them because main stream news won't address the real issues [they act more like Hollywood gossip rags].

Fortunately, a few "in the know" people ARE talking about these problems. And they're trying to help as many people get prepared as possible.

For example, one stock market analyst says we’re in "The Most Dangerous Stock Market in U.S. History."

Not only that, insiders and hedge fund managers are dumping stocks as fast as they can… auto loan delinquencies are at their highest levels since 2009… and the U.S. is staring down the barrel of $20 TRILLION in debt.

This will NOT end well.

Building a strong personal defense that safeguards what you already have should be one of your top priorities.

This includes risk prevention and increasing your freedom.

It ensures that everything you’ve worked for - and will achieve - over your lifetime is safe, no matter what.

Here are the four most important steps everyone should consider taking

Step #1: Get some physical cash
This is one of the most critical strategies for your Plan B-- and also one of the easiest to implement.

If something happens in the banking system, and all of your money is trapped in the bank, your savings effectively become worthless.

With current interest rates nearing zero, you are not going to be worse off for having some physical cash.

To ensure you are protected, take out and store at least two months’ of expenses in physical cash as a crucial hedge against emergency situations.

There is almost no cost to doing this, and it is a complete no-brainer, given the state of most western banking systems.

Click here to read more about why you should consider getting some physical cash.

Step #2: Protect a portion of your savings in a strong, well-capitalized foreign bank.
As you probably already know, most major banks in the US and across Europe are poorly capitalized. In most cases, they hold less than 3% of customer deposits in cash.

That means if just 3% -- just 3%! -- of customers went to the bank and withdrew their funds, these banks would have to start fire-selling assets in order to stay solvent.

It’s clear that holding 100% of your assets in such a fragile a banking system isn’t the safest strategy.

Consider moving a portion of your savings to a highly liquid, highly solvent, conservative bank in a country that is backed by a government with no debt.

Step #3: Purchase precious metals and make sure you store them offshore

While physical cash and an offshore bank account is a great hedge against short-term problems in the banking system, keeping precious metals is a long-term hedge against more serious, systemic challenges in the monetary system.

If governments continue printing money to the point of serious inflation (as witnessed in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic), you will own real assets that will protect your purchasing power.

I also strongly encourage you to consider storing your precious metals offshore to protect yourself from confiscation, frivolous litigation and social unrest.

Step #4: Obtain a Second Passport (potentially for free)
A second passport will provide you the lifelong benefit of more options when it comes to living, working, investing, traveling, and doing business around the world.

That way, when things go south, you can go north. You can immediately, legally and effectively take yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

There are four ways to obtain a second passport: Flexibility, Money, Time or Ancestry.

Your first step should be to look into the ancestry option. If you have grandparents (or even grand-grandparents) from certain countries (such as Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece and many more), you might be eligible for a second passport by descent.

This is by far the easiest, cheapest and quickest option for most people and should be your very first starting point.

And if you find that you are not eligible for such a passport, you should consider obtaining a legal residency in another country.

As a resident of a foreign country, you still gain a lot of the benefits of a second passport, and oftentimes can even obtain one after a few years of naturalization.

Some countries don’t even require you to spend any time in the country.

It is really a no-brainer solution.

You can
learn more in our in-depth article on The Four Ways You Can Obtain a Second Passport.

And to take action, you can
download our premium intelligence report “Four Second Passports ANYONE Can Obtain”.

Step #5: Protect your assets from frivolous creditors
A good asset protection strategy is like putting ‘the club’ on your steering wheel.

There’s nothing that’s going to discourage a truly determined thief… but most of the time when they see how protected you are, they’ll just move on to an easier target.

For example, it’s possible to establish trusts and LLCs in certain jurisdictions (both foreign and domestic) whose laws make it very difficult for frivolous creditors to steal what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Ambulance-chasing attorneys know that it’s too costly and difficult to go after assets held in those types of structures, so, like a common thief, they’ll typically just move on to an easier target.

In addition to being a deterrent, a good asset protection strategy also reduces the impact in case that a common thief actually does try to steal from you.

Holding some assets in a protected structure or location ensures that, even if a court seizes everything within its jurisdiction to satisfy a judgment against you, you’ll still have a rainy day fund set aside.

The bottom line...
These are no-brainer strategies that can be implemented at very low cost, and they will provide you with a strong foundation that ensures you are in a position of strength-- no matter what happens next.   One thing the United States hates [and dictators throughout times] are citizens who have privacy…governments work hard to ensure no citizen has it.  Our own government has violated its own Privacy Act of 1974 with the enacted of the vile mis-named Patriot Act which utterly destroyed all remnants of privacy that US citizens had.
Guarantee Your Privacy For FREE

"Privacy is the fountainhead of all rights," Edward Snowden said during his livestream at a panel discussion on privacy at the University of Arizona.

Without privacy (an extension of property rights), all other rights eventually fall by the wayside. When governments begin to ski down that slippery slope by violating the privacy of its subjects (see: citizens), it’s hard to reverse the course.

Fortunately, you have a say in the matter.

You have options for permissionless privacy to protect what’s yours.

Today, along this vein, we’re going to show you a FREE way to guarantee your privacy online today -- in less than five minutes.

The First Amendment is the Right to Privacy

Dangerous Digits

Our privacy is constantly under attack via our computers and other technological devices, and the risk has drastically increased in the last few years because of our dependency on handheld devices. Cybercriminals know how much Americans rely on their smartphones and have figured out ways to steal your personal information simply by accessing your cellphone number.

It amazes me how many people eagerly share their cellphone numbers with retailers that claim they don't use this information for marketing purposes. While that may be true, we have seen hackers break into the databases of major companies like Citigroup and Yahoo and release the personal information of millions of customers, including phone numbers.

Text messaging is another way hackers can gain access to your phone. The same way criminals send phishing emails containing links to dangerous websites, they can also send text messages with similar links asking you to confirm your phone number. If you click on them, you may be giving the hacker complete access to all the personal information stored on your smartphone without realizing it.

Consider how many accounts your cellphone number is associated with — bank accounts, social media sites, corporate rewards programs and any online retailers with which you’ve made purchases. Now imagine a cybercriminal getting their hands on all the information in those accounts just by having your phone number.

Dictators HATE this VPN!

You might be familiar with ProtonMail. If not, it’s an excellent email service which uses end-to-end encryption. Meaning, it’s built in such a way that those who run ProtonMail don’t have access to their users’ information. This also means they can’t hand over your information to third parties.

Furthermore, their software is open-sourced, guaranteeing there are no backdoors for snoops to slip through.

ProtonMail is brought to you by a group of really smart people, most of whom met at CERN and MIT who have uncompromising views on protecting civil liberties online. As a result, ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email services, used by millions across the world. Journalists, activists and dissidents trust it when privacy is a matter of life or death.


Their headquarters are in Switzerland, which has some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. The Swiss are also outside of EU and US jurisdiction -- and they’re not part of the Fourteen Eyes.

No data logs

The ProtonVPN team has no logs of its customer’s surfing history. They don’t track or record, nor do they have the capacity to do so. Thus, they are unable to disclose such information to third parties.


ProtonVPN can also integrate with the TOR network. It takes just one click to route your traffic into the TOR network and access “Onion” sites.

Automatic kill switch

Some VPNs have leakage issues where they lose connection to the network and your IP address leaks through. ProtonVPN has an auto kill switch which cuts your connection if connections to private networks are lost.

It’s easy to use

I downloaded the software and in just a couple of minutes and a couple of clicks, I was “dark.” My Internet connection was protected from the snoops. 


Basic ProtonVPN connections are absolutely free. While they have a paid plan with advanced features, their basic service will remain free for anyone to use.

You can surf privately and securely in just five minutes from now without paying a dime.

Cybercrime is a big problem — and it’s only going to get bigger. But most Americans don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough.

Creating strong passwords… enabling two-factor authentication… using a VPN when surfing public Wi-Fi… being smart when it comes to sharing on social media…

These practices should all be second nature to you, just like locking your doors and wearing your seat belt. They’re designed to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information — and they’re just plain smart.

Click on the article above to find out why most people aren’t taking the necessary steps to avoid becoming an online victim. Then make sure you’re doing each of the things above so you won’t be one of them.


Yours for taking back your liberty,

Bruce, the Poor Man

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DAR said...

Comprehensive tips and resources as always1

Larry said...

Thanks to Uncle Scam privacy has become a sick joke. The sick bastards in DC have destroyed it purposely so they can track all of us under the pretense of safety and security...what a croc of crap. We're living the nightmare of 1984 and those traitors on Wall Street and DC should be horse whipped.