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Monday, March 11, 2019

Are Users of Physical Cash Being Targeted?

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Are Users of Physical Cash Being Targeted?


   You may have seen the Visa TV commercials using celebrity athletes to promote the ease of paying for everything, even mundane purchases that cost as little as a dollar, with the swipe of a card…attempting to eliminate the use of cash.


The concept of “cashless is king” through Visa is something they’ve been pushing via their retail partners by rewarding their stores if they go cashless by giving them a $10,000 bonus.  The TV campaigns attempt to make the rest of us feel like an old fuddy-duddy if we still use “old-fashioned” money to pay for our purchases.


Well this week I paid CASH for my haircut, cash for a new tire and cash for a few grocery items and cash for little treasures I found at the flea market. asks “Why are users of physical cash being targeted…by government and banks?  The simple answer is to dissuade us from using cash and to encourage us to use as little of it as possible to create a perception that if we do us it, we’re just throwbacks, outmoded, in danger of being obsolete.


In reality, cash itself today is just a “note,” which is in fact a debt from the federal government to you.  Using cards is a more efficient way for the government to track your spending and money AND of course, it is a highly rewarding profit center for banks which collect a fee from merchants each time you “swipe” a card.


In fact, the above mentioned car repair center where I purchased my tire now tacks on an extra fee to cover the fee that Visa charges to cover his loss he must pay to Visa…many other merchants I know do the same many consumers are stuck paying this cost one way or the other in the end.


Bankers and government would rather deal in electronic money as they are held less accountable, especially the Federal Reserve [which is not a government agency and has never been audited].  Consider that in the United States most of the money in our financial system is stocks, derivatives, bonds, mortgages and digital deposits/transfers.  The actual physical cash in circulation adds up to less than one percent of all the money in circulation.


Once upon a time, the U.S. printed denominations of $500, $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000 notes…my grandmother worked at the Bank of Detroit and took me to see such notes when I was a youngster.  She told me even then “only big business and gangsters had need of such large bills” and that was malarkey told the general public as the only large bill currently circulated is the $100 bill and there is even talk of pulling that too!


Another reason we are told for pulling the $100 note is that N Korea and Iran have been counterfeiting them for years [which is why this currency has been upgraded].

Keep in mind that India launched a war on its currency but it backfired.  Economic growth slowed and the push to stop ‘criminals’ resulted in millions of jobs lost and lost privacy for Indians.  The same happened to Swedes who went all in on a cashless society as they now regret their decision to go cashless as they’re vulnerability led to a rash of hackers and privacy thieves!


Smart people everywhere have taken to converting a portion of their portfolios to precious metals, precious gems, art and antiques, land and other assets…avoiding government bank safety deposit boxes as Nicholas Maduro found out the hard way.

When he attempted to withdraw Venezuela’s gold from London’s banks he was denied!  

Philadelphia is the First US City to Ban Cashless Stores
“Most of the people who don’t have credit tend to be lower income, minority, immigrants. It just seemed to me, if not intentional, at least a form of discrimination,” he said. Now, he said, stores will be required “to do what businesses have been doing since Ben Franklin was walking the streets of Philadelphia.”


Below are seven big retailers closing stores left and right in 2019. Some are restructuring debt and refiguring business models to fight to stay alive in today’s fast-moving ultra-competitive retail world, where every store must offer a compelling alternative to Amazon in order to win over shoppers. Other retailers have already lost the battle, are hosting liquidation sales right now, and will soon disappear entirely — like Toys “R” Us and Bon-Ton before them.

The Benjamin Franklin-faced currency has been the largest U.S. bill since the $500, $1,000 and $5,000 were axed in 1969, but it’s not very popular for day-to-day transactions. The average American carries about $60 in cash, according to a 2017 study from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. A December study from Pew Research Center found that about 30 percent of Americans use no cash at all on a weekly basis, suggesting that, in the digital age, cash is going out of style altogether.

"It has nothing to do with the U.S. economy and nothing to do with interest rates," said Colas. "There's certainly enough evidence to say it is an enabler of corruption, but it is also a way for people to keep assets outside of the financial system albeit in a kind of bulky way."


Here’s my idea for a new bill

Politics produces nothing; it’s all about who decides who gets what at whose expense.


Since term limits never seems to gain any traction perhaps we should entertain the idea of zero pay for elected officials after their third term in office…give them their office, expenses, health insurance while in office and a living allowance only=much like our Founding Fathers and see how many decide to remain in office.


Here are some other ideas I have…


Perhaps we need to resurrect a new version of ‘war’ bonds, perhaps calling them “government bailout bonds” to help pay off our national debt and/or to help pay for our massive deficits and proposed new spending projects since fewer foreign nations are buying our debt!

An idea I've suggested before: Eliminate ALL city/state & Federal taxes on the 1st $25K of income for all people. 41% of citizens pay no Federal tax, many city/state taxes are killers for many. Tax laws that encourage more US manufacturing/jobs & elimination of red tape would help too.


Institute for Local Self Reliance

ILSR champions local self-reliance, a strategy that underscores the need for humanly scaled institutions and economies and the widest possible distribution of ownership. Through our work across the economy, we seek to empower communities to take charge of their own future.

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  • Easily accessible in your house

An indoor garden is not expensive to maintain, but you may need to make a small investment if you are just starting out. Here are the basic supplies you'll need to get started:

Soil. You want to buy the best, nutrient rich soil if you don't have your own. To make your soil richer and your plants healthier, mix a bit of oyster shell/sand mix into your soil. Oyster shells provide the soil with lime and sand makes it lighter.

Containers. There are many choices of containers out there: from metal, to plastic, to clay. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you are gardening on a shoestring, you can use whatever you have on hand. For example, cottage cheese or sour cream containers work well for some of the small plants, like chives, lettuce or parsley. Long, narrow planters work great for herb gardens because they fit well on a windowsill and allow you to have your entire herb garden in one place.

Seeds. The sprouting capacity of seeds is reduced dramatically as they age, so get fresh, non-GMO heirloom seeds to start your garden (you can start saving and using your own after your first set of plants matures). Not every plant will produce indoors (some of them need to be pollinated), so do your homework before stocking up on seeds that won't do you any good.

Grow lights. If you don't have a sunny spot for your garden, you will need to buy grow lights. They provide the sunlight that your garden needs to grow.

Plant food. Buy some regular fertilizer (the type you would use for an outdoor garden), dilute it, and use the solution weekly on your indoor plants.

Trays. Consider buying seed trays to use for sprouting seeds. If you plan on eating sprouts, they are especially convenient since you can fit a ton of seeds in one tray.

When you have all of your supplies on hand, designate space or spaces for your garden and get to work. Make sure that your plants get lots of light, plenty of water and fertilizer. In a crisis situation, a guy who gets crops year-round in his basement has a clear advantage over the frantic scavenger.

For more in-depth information about indoor gardening, check out The Expert Prepper's Family Survival Garden, an excellent resource written by Dan Sullivan

Yours for a more secure future,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man!’


Final Notes…

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Larry said...

It's all an effort to further Big Brother/1984 & control of the sheep and many will embrace their slavery.

Mike said...

Most people simply don't get it-they're being conditioned just like young people are being conditioned by their socialist teachers to accept Marxism...just like Hitler and Mao indoctrinated their youth early on in order to fleece their nation. It is a well known fact to take over a nation, start with the young as their minds are the easiest to re-mold & it seems have worked here. I just wonder though, how in the hell did we get so many damned socialist teachers in America when it is so obvious that even China had to adopt capitalism in order to get ahead?!

Anonymous said...

The FED has its next big meeting on the 20th of this month & a holdover of one of Obama's laws is a mandate to rid our country of the $50 & the $100 bill also-the aim of course is to further destroy privacy and cash; ultimately they want to make it a crime to use cash in America, mark my words. Of course, most don't see it coming but try taking a couple of thousand in cash out of your bank without filling out a snoopy form or try to buy gold in the state of LA using cash-you CANNOT do it anymore! Big Brother screws you & it is progressively getting worse as they invade your privacy.

Sam said...

Big tech [Amazon] may be our worst nightmare as I hear the Amazon dollar is coming soon but I'm unclear how it will circumvent the Treasury Dept as others have gone to jail over introducing private currencies. Also CitiBank has called for banning currency altogether also -screw those jerks, I'd never bank with those Commies] as they feel it would solve the world's central bank problems with negative interest rates-just what we need! CitiBank is a partner with the Leftist Better Than Cash Alliance, another flim flam group promoting the elimination of cash with the Gates foundation as backers, the UN and US AID and the Ford Foundation...the world is becoming an unholy alliance of assholes trying to deprive the little guy of their privacy, their rights and more.