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Friday, May 24, 2019

Thankful for our Military and My Own Training

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Thankful for our Military and My Own Training

   Although it has been decades since I was in the military, I still practice many of the skills and concepts that I was taught, even somewhat inconsequential things such as using either Dial or Zest bar soap as it doesn’t leave a film in your shower.  Since I served in the Navy I was also taught how to take a short shower to save water.

I was taught the essentials of firefighting and first aid and over the years have taken refresher courses in first aid and CPR and have maintained several kits to accommodate current trends.  I know this doesn’t extend too many veterans but our CO demanded [for several specific reasons I won’t cover here] but we warned off on getting tattoos [because of the unit I was in and I sure am glad that I never got any] in those days, our hair was always kept too short, military standards.  I find I use a lot less shampoo and it is easier to maintain as a result [better to have short hair in a fighting/altercation situation]…

The concept of situational awareness was drilled into us and I still practice that  and have instilled that into my wife as well-a useful skill more people should learn…sure beats having your nose glued to cell phone 24/7 and walking into traffic!

Over the past two decades America has participated in too many wars and too many servicemen and women have suffered the consequences of these wars…some of which we have featured in this blog along with dozens of examples of helpful charities.  We routinely donate to several veteran related charities and you’ll find a related message directing you to additional charitable outlets at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy this Memorial Weekend but keep in mind why and who think of when you flip that burger or toss that beer!

Meanwhile, you’ll find some new resources here to take advantage of for your Prepping efforts!

Man-Made Barriers vs. Natural Barrier Fencing

There are many barriers and fences to choose from for defense and establishing property boundaries. Keeping in livestock is another goal for many in the prepping community. This post is going to cover a variety of barriers, fences, and fortifications for your property.



Keep Your Power Going with a Grid-Tie Inverter

My greatest challenge for power-out backup electricity has been how to keep the side-by-side refrigerator-freezer in my kitchen going after the grid goes out. The issue is how to produce 6.5 Amps of 120VAC for the appliance on a 24/7 basis.

I’ve looked at a number of possible solutions and each has an associated cost-benefit. Solar works only when the sun is shining. Deep cycle batteries require ventilation and monitoring for safety – which means vacation trips would be short or someone staying in my home to monitor battery condition. Backup generators require fuel to operate. And I don’t have sufficient wind or hydro resources in this area to produce enough electricity for the application.

One of the biggest complaints among new preppers is the cost of getting started. Building a bug out bag, acquiring emergency supplies, and stocking up on survival food can be very expensive. Most people can only do a little bit at a time.

If you're in that situation, you might feel stuck, like there's nothing you can do until you have more disposable income. This isn't true at all. There are lots of things you can do to prepare. For example, you can learn and practice survival skills.

In this video, City Prepping talks about eight skills you can learn right now without spending much money at all...


Prepping can be expensive if you're buying huge boxes of freeze-dried food and the latest survival gadgets. But if you buy a few small items every week for several years, eventually you'll have everything you need to survive a disaster (short of something apocalyptic like a nuclear war).


In this article, I'm going to prove my point by listing 50 items for less than $5 each. Many of these aren't normally thought of as "preparedness items," but nonetheless they are things you'll want to have during a long-term disaster, so even if you already have some of them, it can't hurt to have extra.


The new year has just begun, so here's what I suggest if you're a brand new prepper. Every week, buy one of these items along with a day's worth of food for your family...



Send toiletries to troops

If you can spare travel-sized hand lotion, cotton swabs, deodorant…send them to Cape Cod Cares for the, a non-profit that will include them in care packages to deployed troops.  Mail to POB 1444, Harwich, MA 02645 can direct you to more than 80 reputable groups geared to military organizations.  Click ‘Hot Topics,’ then Military and Veterans Organizations to select from non-profits like Wounded Warriors Family Support to help troops and their families.


Here are my ideas for new bill [s] to improve government


>Since term limits never seems to gain any traction perhaps we should entertain the idea of zero pay for elected officials after their third term in office…give them their office, expenses, health insurance while in office and a living allowance only=much like our Founding Fathers and see how many decide to remain in office.


>Perhaps we need to resurrect a new version of ‘war’ bonds, perhaps calling them “government bailout bonds” to help pay off our national debt and/or to help pay for our massive deficits and proposed new spending projects since fewer foreign nations are buying our debt!

>An idea I've suggested before:  Eliminate ALL city/state & Federal taxes on the 1st $25K of income for all people. 41% of citizens pay no Federal tax, many city/state taxes are killers for many. Tax laws that encourage more US manufacturing/jobs & elimination of red tape would help too.

Yours for a more secure future,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man!’


Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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You Can’t Buy Life Insurance After You’re Dead-Prepare NOW for Emergencies…

Finally, grab an emergency power cell or solar/battery radio weather radio!

Having the Patriot Power Cell on-hand for emergencies keeps your essential electronics up and running in case you need to call for help. 

“The Cell is a workhorse of power — it’ll charge your phone soup to nuts 3 to 8 times… I think of the Patriot Power Cell as “everyday prepared.” Awesome for travel or avoiding inconveniences while saving your bacon in an outage. It’s a MUST HAVE for your survival lineup."

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Larry said...

Thank you for your service and for all the wonderful, useful tips my friend! Enjoy the long weekend.

Bob said...

Got a kick out of your vintage military pinups!
You've always shown a lot of support for our veterans and that's a good thing my friend! Enjoy the weekend although I hear your neck of the woods is in for another lousy spat of weather...[believe it or not, we had snow up north]!