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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Treason? Not in today’s America…

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Treason?    Not in today’s America…

We no longer try people for treason, much less put them to death. 

Former Pres. Obama demonstrated that when he failed to try an Army deserter and chose to instead exchange him for several Al Queda terrorists much to the chagrin of most Americans and veterans in particular.

The death penalty for treason is looked upon as an archaic reaction…if we began hanging traitors, we’d need to start with a good many politicians, business and union leaders, even teachers and one in particular that many point to-George Soros.

There seems to be no left-wing scheme George Soros isn’t involved in. 

He funds countless left-wing causes – from Antifa to gun control groups – to the tune of billions

This billionaire has used his wealth and non-profit groups in particular to undermine America on many fronts by underwriting anti-First Amendment groups and candidates and causes.  Indeed, the U.S. not-for-profit sector is the world’s seventh-largest economy.

In 2017, the Soros-funded Democracy Integrity Project gave more than $3.8 million to Fusion GPS, the firm that compiled the anti-Trump dossier used to fuel the Mueller investigation [witch hunt-which I debunked here all the way back in 2016 before it even got started].

The Daily Caller reports:

“A nonprofit group partially funded by billionaire activist George Soros paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and dossier author Christopher Steele more than $3.8 million in 2017 to provide research and analysis to “government entities,” according to IRS filings.

The payments made by The Democracy Integrity Project are more than three times what the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS and Steele during the 2016 presidential campaign to investigate Donald Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the DNC and Clinton campaign, paid $1 million to Fusion GPS in 2016 to investigate Trump. Fusion GPS in turn paid Steele, a former MI6 officer, nearly $170,000 for a project that resulted in the infamous Steele dossier.”

The $3.8 million is more than what the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid the firm to investigate Trump.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S. This number includes public charities, private foundations, and other types of nonprofit organizations.

 The foundations sit on over $500 billion untaxed and unregulated dollars and are used as tax dodges by the wealthy and as instruments to fund the policies of the wealthy [The Clintons’, the Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation are examples of such groups which use their wealth to hide cash from tax authorities, garner tax-free use of assets and use these assets primarily overseas vs. helping American causes].

Oil magnate John Rockefeller was among the first of the wealthy families to start using this strategy to dodge taxes while controlling his wealth.  Some of the biggest foundations give away more in a year than some nations’ annual GDP.  The power of a few of these foundations rival that of our own federal government.

T he origins of the tax-exempt sector in the United States predate the formation of the republic. Absent an established Governmental framework, the early settlers formed charitable and other “voluntary” associations, such as hospitals, fire departments, and orphanages, to confront a wide variety of issues and ills of the era. These types of voluntary organizations have continued to thrive in the United States for centuries.

 In 1831, during his historic visit to the United States, Alexis de Tocqueville observed: “Americans of all ages, conditions, and dispositions constantly unite together. Not only do they have commercial and industrial associations to which all belong but also a thousand other kinds, religious, moral, serious, futile…Americans group together to hold fetes, found seminaries, build inns, construct churches, distribute books…They establish prisons, schools by the same method…I have frequently admired the endless skill with which the inhabitants of the United States manage to set a common aim to the efforts of a great number of men and to persuade them to pursue it voluntarily.”

Starting after WWII globalists, socialists and Communists realized that if they could get into positions of power, such as on the boards of directors of the foundations, they could steer the money in any fashion they chose…buying influence [the course the Clinton family chose], develop and push their own political and social agenda or radical cause, electing candidates favorable to their cause, etc.

Part of their agenda included a takeover of our public school system where children could be indoctrinated toward socialism and history could be revised.  Welfare which breeds dependency would expanded…handouts, even for corporations are like drugs in that once its victims are hooked most don’t realize it but soon rationalize it and demand more under the guise that they’re somehow entitled to even more as happened under Obama when he handed out free cell phones and even more food stamps.

Our nation no longer seems to encourage self reliance or fiscal prudence.  I will never forget that during the government shut down even government workers, those with good salaries [in some cases both adults interviewed on national news worked for the government] were whining how they were ‘forced’ to eat canned spaghetti and couldn’t make their car payment after missing one paycheck!  Every financial planner tells us the basic common sense strategy of every household should be to save up a ‘rainy day fund’ of emergency cash for six months and the same for food to survive emergencies…too many people get into debt with over-priced Apple phones, big screen TVs or homes they cannot afford!

Today’s socialists seek to control production and distribution of wealth on an involuntary basis-in reality, when people become reliant on the state, their own self-reliance erodes along with their self respect which is one reason why we see multi-generations of the same families stuck in the welfare system.  It’s sometimes easier to stay on welfare when you are getting free food, Section 8 housing vouchers, utilities, free health care, free cell phones, free food for your children [the keys to the kingdom rely on having multiple children and even our tax system rewards having children with its Earned Income Credit giving cash back to people who haven’t paid anything into the system]!

Politicians are addicted to power and in order to keep it they seek new “benefits” to distribute to the masses [always at the expense of those who are still working] or through more borrowing and running the nation deeper into a debt hole from which there is no way out; a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle which will ultimately end in national ruin.

A democracy can exist only until voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.  From the instant that realization takes hold, history shows the majority of the people will always vote for the candidate promising the most goodies from public money – you can already see this from the current crop of socialists running for president –however,  polls do indicate that only 25% of mainstream Americans support these socialist candidates].

History also shows us once a democracy goes down this road, things do not end well-every single time, that nation collapses!  It collapses over loose fiscal [fiat money] policy and is most often followed by a dictatorship which nearly always promises to fill the void but instead, like Hitler, and Stalin, CHAOS rules.

People are so afraid and blind they will trade their freedoms [just like after 9-1-1] for “security” [the so-called un-Patriot Act which took away freedom] and liberty for a return to ‘order.’  However, when ‘order’ is restored, their freedoms never seem to be restored again!  For instance, we now have a rather ineffective, expensive and cumbersome airport security system [TSA] which cost taxpayers $8 billion annually-yet, they have never caught a single terrorist!  The only bad guys caught so far have been the result of alert passengers…we’d be much better off if we’d use the same system our allies in Israel have successfully used since the 1970s.


Historically, when democracies begin to collapse it is because they are unstable to begin with and all it takes is a crisis or series of crisis or ‘Black Swan’ events for those in power to DEMAND that some of your rights be curtailed “for the public good” of course.  We’ve seen this time and time again each time a public shooting takes place and fingers point at the NRA or gun manufacturers instead of the criminal…ironically, these same finer-pointers never protest against Jack Daniels or Smirnoff’s when it comes to drunk driving deaths or against pharmaceutical firms regarding the 71,000 people who died in 2018 from opioid overdoses!  Why?  Because anti-gun groups funded by George Soros and former New York Mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg via their non-profit foundations have shelled out millions to these activist groups.

These organizations are directly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Many of them have mission statements that sound high minded and worthy of support, but all of them are committed to goals and projects that are based on the leftist model of collectivism. Their primary appeal is to focus on problems in our society with little disclosure of the kind of society they hope to create. –GEG

A. Organizations directly funded by Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF):

1.      Advancement Project: This organization works to organize “communities of color” into politically cohesive units while disseminating its leftist worldviews and values as broadly as possible by way of a sophisticated communications department.

2.      Air America Radio: Now defunct, this was a self-identified “liberal” radio network.

3.      Al-Haq: This NGO produces highly politicized reports, papers, books, and legal analyses regarding alleged Israeli human-rights abuses committed against Palestinians.

4.      All of Us or None: This organization seeks to change voting laws — which vary from state to state — so as to allow ex-inmates, parolees, and even current inmates to cast their ballots in political elections.

5.      Alliance for Justice: Best known for its activism vis a vis the appointment of federal judges, this group consistently depicts Republican judicial nominees as “extremists.”

6.      America Coming Together: Soros played a major role in creating this group, whose purpose was to coordinate and organize pro-Democrat voter-mobilization programs.

7.      America Votes: Soros also played a major role in creating this group, whose get-out-the-vote campaigns targeted likely Democratic voters.

8.      America’s Voice: This open-borders group seeks to promote “comprehensive” immigration reform that includes a robust agenda in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

9.      American Bar Association Commission on Immigration Policy: This organization “opposes laws that require employers and persons providing education, health care, or other social services to verify citizenship or immigration status.”


*Between Tax Years 1985 and 2004, real growth in foundation assets and giving outpaced the number of new foundations that entered the charitable sector. Figure F shows the percentage change in the number of returns filed, fair market value of total assets, and grants paid for each year in the period.20 The number of private foundations increased substantially, more than doubling between 1985 and 2004. While 31,170 private foundations filed Forms 990-PF for Tax Year 1985, the number of returns filed for Tax Year 2004 was 76,897. The number of new foundations entering the sector grew at the highest rates in Tax Years 1986 and 1999. In 1986, nearly 13 percent more foundations filed Forms 990-PF than for 1985


   When people become reliant on the state their self-reliance and independence erodes along with their self worth.  I believe also the welfare state adds to this problem by continually subsidizing births of unwed mothers.  One is a mistake and we as a society should help but continued out-of wedlock births should not be sanctioned and paid for by taxpayers as studies have shown broken homes and fatherless children do not fare well for society.

I’ve always found it ironic that the masses of illegals crushing our southern borders are overwhelming Catholic and don’t believe in birth control but they sure love having taxpayers pick up the tab for the many offspring they produce but cannot support [as a volunteer sheriff and resident of AZ I saw first- hand the huge numbers of illegals using stolen IDs to secure welfare and food stamps to support multiple children and/or taking advantage of our “anchor baby” loophole to gain citizenship and thus access to welfare via the birthing process].

Judicial Watch has launched multiple lawsuits and investigations into Soros and his “Open Society Foundation” for improper use of US taxpayer funds to destabilize foreign governments and to advance the agenda here in America.


Here are my ideas for new bill [s] to improve government


>Since term limits never seems to gain any traction perhaps we should entertain the idea of zero pay for elected officials after their third term in office…give them their office, expenses, health insurance while in office and a living allowance only=much like our Founding Fathers and see how many decide to remain in office.


>Perhaps we need to resurrect a new version of ‘war’ bonds, perhaps calling them “government bailout bonds” to help pay off our national debt and/or to help pay for our massive deficits and proposed new spending projects since fewer foreign nations are buying our debt!

>An idea I've suggested before:  Eliminate ALL city/state & Federal taxes on the 1st $25K of income for all people. 41% of citizens pay no Federal tax, many city/state taxes are killers for many. Tax laws that encourage more US manufacturing/jobs & elimination of red tape would help too.

Yours for a more secure future,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man!’

Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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Additional Resources

A retreat location is something you better be thinking about, especially if you live in a heavily populated area. If a SHTF scenario does occur, you will be hit the hardest and you may not have anywhere to go if you haven't planned a retreat location.

Now there are 2 types of retreat locations: short-term and long-term. Here we are talking about the long-term retreat location - someplace that you can either live or where you can go at the very first signs of trouble. Whether you are buying an additional property in the nearby rural area or moving across country to your perfect new homestead, you should do your research before you leap.

Generally when we talk about a retreat location, we talk about some place that is strategically positioned to keep you protected, supplied and comfortable for as long as possible. Hopefully, you can afford a piece of property like that.

First thing you need to think about when you are looking at a potential property is how your land is positioned. You don't want to be too isolated where you and your family are completely alone. Neither do you want to be located too close to major highways, towns or obvious natural resources, where your property could be wandered into easily. Get in the mind of that desperate wanderer; get in the minds of those looters. If they are able to see your retreat property easily they are going to try to break into your property. You should not be isolated. Before you make the move, make sure you research the area and find a community of like-minded preppers. Look for properties with multiple natural “layers of defense” and strategic advantage. You want something that has varying terrain.

With that said, some states are better for retreat locations than others. Obviously, you don't want your hideout to be in Washington, D.C. or New York or Florida. In fact, generally the further North you go, the better.

You have to consider several factors when you think about the area.

  • First of all, what kinds of weather is the area prone to? Are natural disasters frequent there? What kinds? Consider the general weather pattern, too.
  • Secondly, look at the criminal activity. Are there many gangs in the area? Predictably, gang members will band together during a crisis, terrorizing neighborhoods.
  • Third, consider man-made hazards: proximity to nuclear reactors, toxic waste plants, chemical production plants, etc. In an extended crisis, these facilities will be in disrepair, and whatever they happen to leak or release will be floating in your air or water.
  • Next you need to consider the cost of living. How expensive would it be to live at your retreat location? Will cost more or less than where you're currently living? Make sure before you make a move that you are not spending more. The goal is to save money and spend some of the money that you save stocking up on a few extra supplies.
  • Available natural resources. Everybody needs to eat and drink, so when you are choosing your retreat location, focus on the land that has good access to water and has the opportunity for you to produce, grow or raise your own food.
  • Simplicity of implementing your off-grid design is another key consideration. If you plan on using a windmill, choose the land carefully to get the most out of it. In other words, don’t move to Seattle with a bunch of solar panels.

These are just the basic considerations for choosing your perfect hideout

Rosefield is a classic traditional cabin, which can be built for less than $6,000. The cabin is open plan, which has the advantage of making it far easier, cheaper and quicker to build than more intricate cabins with separate rooms. This particular plan also includes a detailed cabin assembly diagram and step-by-step instructions which includes a foundation guide.  [282sf’]


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 What would you consider important skills every survivalist should know?  For the sake of context, this is the same question I have asked myself for decades.  With limited time and resources, it is impossible to focus on all survival skills.  We can touch on various skills to get a basic understanding, but if we wanted to focus on exact list, what would that list contain?

After putting much thought into the topic, this is the answer I propose.  Let’s use our ancestors as an example and focus on skills that allowed them to survive for thousands of years.  Furthermore, let’s divide our ancestors into two groups:



A Smoking Frog Feature, Shallow Planet Production

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Dave said...

In my book, half the politicians on the Left are traitors! I cannot believe the're espousing the likes of socialism. When I was growing up they would have been publicly trounced by the fellow politicians, the media and people in the streets!
Those two jerks in NY, 'El Dulce' aka: Cuomo & his henchman, the mayor of NYC should be hung as traitors.