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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Potential Food Shortages-Famine Could be Coming - Preparing for It

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I Warned Readers of Potential Shortages-Famine Could be Coming to America

From a notice that was recently posted in a Kroger supermarket.  And as you will see below, similar notices are being posted in the canned vegetable sections of Wal-Mart stores nationwide. 

I have been reporting on the extreme weather patterns that are causing crop failures all over the planet.  I warned readers and friends to stock up two months ago on beef and canned goods-I was right.

Across the American Midwest farmers are going broke.

Nationwide, most farms lost money last year buffeted by bad weather and foreign competition, wide swaths of nine major grain producing states have been deluged by water resulting in average incomes dropping by half!

Aside from horrible weather, foreign competition is another major reason why the number of farms in America has fallen 20% since the 1970s.  Small farms cannot turn a profit as everything today in America is more expensive:  land, far equipment, insurance, etc.  During the 1970s, America was the undisputed breadbasket of the world…Russia and Brazil have overtaken the United States now.

This certainly isn’t the end of the world, and we can definitely survive without canned vegetables for a few weeks.

But as crop failures around the globe continue to intensify, will shortages such as this start to become increasingly common?

More time before things start getting really bad, but I would encourage you to use this time to get prepared while you still can.

For months, I have been documenting the problems that U.S. farmers have been experiencing due to all of the endless rain and flooding in the middle of the country.

But sometimes a picture is worth a thousands words, and this before and after photo from Nebraska speaks volumes

We know that food production in the United States is going to be way below expectations this year.

And as I just showed you, it appears that a shortage of canned vegetables has already begun.

I want to start off by pointing out that you're better off canning and/or dehydrating fruits, meats, and vegetables. Foods preserved at home are cheaper and healthier than store-bought canned foods.

 Having said that, if you're new to prepping and don't know much about food preservation, or if you're just looking to add more variety to your food stockpile, canned foods are an excellent option because they're very easy to store and they have a very long shelf life, sometimes lasting for decades.

 But which canned foods should you store? Here's our list of recommendations...


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Bob said...

We did act on your previous warning about beef prices & other goods and stocked up-glad we did as most beef shot up 30% and higher!
Always good advice-thanks.

Mike said...

Given how it seems a large portion of Americans cannot manage their money & rarely plan for emergencies...this could spell trouble and no doubt their will be cries for government assistance. Thankfully, we follow the premise of this letter and have worked hard to be self sufficient including maintaining a decent garden!

Stephanie said...

Feel terrible for small farmers, not so much for individuals who often fail to prepare for anything which is all too typical for much of America today. Solid post!