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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

If you think everything's OK with Dem-Socialists, you're nuts


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Regardless of what social freebies the leftists will hand out next (out of your tax dollars), one thing is clear:

If you think everything's OK with Dem-Socialists, you're nuts…their debate in Detroit was filled with giveaways that are untenable.

How to wake society up to the big issues we collectively face vs. non-stop ‘get-even’, wasteful investigations. They are sabotaging America, especially the crop of so-called ‘new’ Dems who are in reality, Communists who have the same agenda as Karl Marx for this nation.

Are some humans wired to ignore the kinds of challenges facing society today?

If these far Left socialists manage further to exert control over our land in the coming years and decades there will be hell to pay for society failing to properly assess the risks they pose to a free society, for individual rights, property rights, etc. vs. the collective they seek.

When it comes to decision-making, I have great faith in individuals but almost no faith in groups [which is why our Founders created a Republic vs. a democracy].

 I’ll bet the founders of Google had the best of 'non-evil' intentions when they began.  But now the behemoth is busy spying for the government, helping to weaken and overthrow various foreign governments that are unfriendly to western business interests, and helping to rig domestic elections. Two guys doing pretty good.  Big giant powerful company becomes a censor and promoter of the socialist movement.

I listened to all of Mueller's testimony earlier in the week.

I especially focused on the Democrats questions and statements camouflaged as questions.

Here’s what we are witnessing right now:

The Democrats are laying the groundwork to try and spoil Trump's 2020 re-election by claiming it as a result of continued Russian interference with our election system.

They already know that he is going to be re-elected.

And, they're desperately trying to find a way to discredit the election results and hopefully bring him down.

They will continue to have large groups within the government and outside the government assisting in the civil overthrow.

If you listen to CNN, you will be able to hear their playbook.

CNN is already suggesting that the 2020 elections could be rigged by the Russians so that anyone the Russians want, could end up in the White House.

Further, they're claiming that if Trump does get re-elected, it will be proof of his collusion and cooperation with Russia.

They’re laying the groundwork now and the media is going to help with it every step of the way.”

It will be a crazy time over the next several months and the Dems will do anything they can to keep Trump out of office. Their hatred for Trump is never-ending. Nadler hated Trump even before he became President due to a NY real estate deal that Nadler opposed but Trump won…he’s had a personal vendetta against POTUS ever since.  Nadler by the way, has been office for decades and has an ego the size of New York state-he’s never even sponsored a bill of his own; just a political parasite feeding at the public trough!

View this short online video about our form of government…something we seem to no longer offer in our school system!

https:/ The American Form of Government. (link: via


 What are your thoughts?


Let’s talk about getting too woke… (Don’t agree 100% but it’s an interesting take about life today]



The FTC alleges Equifax violated the agency’s prohibition against unfair and deceptive practices. The FTC said Equifax failed to properly safeguard peoples’ personal information despite claiming in its privacy policy that it implemented “reasonable physical, technical and procedural safeguards” to protect their data.
“Companies that profit from personal information have an extra responsibility to protect and secure that data,” said FTC Chairman Joe Simons in a statement. “Equifax failed to take basic steps that may have prevented the breach.”


Facebook will have to pay a record-breaking fine for violating users’ privacy. But the FTC wanted more. The FTC also plans to allege that Facebook had provided insufficient information to users — roughly 30 million — about their ability to turn off a tool that would identify and offer tag suggestions for photos, the sources added. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity. The facial recognition issue appears to have first been publicized earlier this year by Consumer Reports. The FTC declined comment. Facebook also declined to comment.


The extensions affected macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu operating systems and Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Yandex. The collected data was sold to any interested buyer. The data included typical information like usernames and passwords and less typical information like tax returns, genetic information, and genealogy. Some of the extensions like FairShare Unlock and SpeakIt! have been installed by over one million users. It is also believed that the data leak has affected over 45 major companies such as Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Dell, and Uber.


Women have been incorrectly informed by companies that they have faulty BRCA genes, which convey a high risk of breast and ovarian cancers. One patient was scheduled for preventive breast-removal surgery after a consumer genetic test suggested she had a BRCA mutation. The surgery was called off at the last moment when an NHS laboratory revealed the result to be a false positive.


“The proposed rule will increase access to a reliable legal agricultural workforce, easing unnecessary burdens on farmers, increase enforcement against fraud and abuse, all while maintaining protections for America’s workers,” U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said in a statement.
“When this rule goes into effect, our farmers will be released from unnecessary and burdensome regulations allowing them to do what they do best,” Perdue said.



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Amen brother-too many Commies in Congress undermining our nation!