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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Your Plan 'B' if Socialists Take Over the USA

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Your Plan ‘B” for the Dems Socialist Agenda

Dems running for president all want to erode more of our rights, increase taxes to crazy levels to pay for their pie-in-the-sky programs and grow government to huge levels-No Thanks!

Rush Limbaugh said something along the lines of…

“Democrats hate freedom, which is why they hate the Fourth of July and were angry with the fireworks display.”

People who don’t like freedom want to control others.

And how do you control others?

You go around promising them that you (the gov’t) will give them everything and they don’t have to work for it.

You put them on welfare, get the welfare vote and these people become dependent on you.

And as you and I know, dependency does not equal freedom, it equals bondage.

You also oppose the 2nd Amendment because, of course, it’s a lot harder to control people when they have guns.

If you don’t believe me, the inner cities of our country are a perfect example of this.

Look at places like Detroit, Baltimore City and Chicago.

I can’t remember who wrote it, but I read a well-articulated piece about when Democrats took over the inner cities years ago.

It showed great facts about how welfare skyrocketed, crime skyrocketed and fatherless children skyrocketed, among other things.

Democrats want to be like Castro or Mussolini…


Bolsheviks  seized power Russia in 1917. And after they stamped out all remaining resistance and opposition, they set out to remake the country into a communist masterpiece.

It took 69 years for the Soviet Union to collapse. And by the time that happened, there was no private property, private business, or private wealth.

Decades of central planning had extinguished any incentive to work hard, take risks, and innovate. And most people were destitute and impoverished.

Yet over the past 30 years this country has become wealthy once again. Russians enjoy a high standard of living– much higher than many European countries– with some of the lowest tax rates on the continent.

(GDP per capita in Moscow is actually slightly higher than in Washington DC, and much higher than most US cities like Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Miami.)

None of this is due to Socialism. And Russians know it.

They still pay lip service to Lenin… there are tombs and monuments and buildings bearing his name, mostly out of reverence for history and traditions.

But Russians embraced capitalism long ago. They had their experiment with Socialism when the Bolsheviks took over in 1917.

Meanwhile, over in the Land of the Free, nearly half the country is running as fast as they can to Socialism.

The reasons are much the same as in imperial Russia– there’s growing discontent about the divide between rich and poor.

And as more and more people in the West feel left behind and barely able to make ends meet, the call to Socialism grows stronger. It happened previously in this country during the Great Recession…even today 67,000 Socialists from such groups as Justice America and Communist PartyUSA have been recruiting and helping to elect more socialists into Congress including AOC, Rashid, Omar and four others.  Of course, lame-stream media never mentions this.

There have been two formal debates so far among US Presidential candidates, both of which seemed to be Bolshevik beauty pageants.

The candidates talk about guaranteeing a government job for everyone, free education, free healthcare, eliminating private insurance altogether.

They demonize private profit and wealthy individuals, and propose more government as the solution to everything that ails the nation.

These are all Bolshevik principles ripped straight out of the Communist Manifesto– nationalization of private industry, central planning, government controlled labor and education, heavy taxation, and constantly complaining about the Bourgeoisie.

Over the years I’ve written extensively about how the Bolsheviks are coming to the Land of the Free… and most of the West.

Well, those days are over. It’s clear that the Bolsheviks are no longer coming. They’re here. And their movement is firmly entrenched.

Today most candidates have endorsed income tax rates of at least 70%, and some say it should be as high as 90%.

Earlier this month one Presidential candidate, John Hickenlooper, was booed at a campaign rally for saying, “Socialism is not the answer.”

Bernie Sanders, one of the front-runners in the presidential race, openly brags about being a socialist. Elizabeth Warren wants to tax not only your income, but also your assetsthrough a time-tested completely ineffective wealth tax.

In this crowded pack of Bolsheviks, Barack Obama would be considered too moderate and out of touch.

And yet these new Bolsheviks have a very real shot at becoming President of the United States.

The number of socialists is growing in Congress too, led by Rep. AOC. She hates success so much that she deliberately supported a lose / lose deal to chase the new Amazon headquarters out of New York City.


A growing number of constituents believe quite adamantly that Socialism is absolutely the answer. A recent Gallup poll showed that 43% of Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism.

This isn’t some fake news conspiracy theory. It’s happening. People are stupid, never able to learn any lessons from history-socialism doesn’t work.

And acknowledging this reality doesn’t make you a doomsayer or even a pessimist. Normal, rational people should be able to see this obvious trend and at least consider having a Plan B.

And to continue learning how to ensure you thrive no matter what happens next in the world, I encourage you to download our free Perfect Plan B Guide.

Because... If you live, work, bank, invest, own a business, and hold your assets all in just one country, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket.

You’re making a high-stakes bet that everything is going to be ok in that one country — forever.

Yours in Self Reliance,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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The Equifax hack is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s been two years since hackers got their hands on the personal information of 146 million Americans via Equifax, one of the big three credit reporting agencies.

Last month the Government Accountability Office revealed something shocking. It turns out four federal agencies — including the ones in charge of Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ benefits — still rely on data that were breached in the Equifax hack to verify people’s identity when they apply for benefits online. We’re talking basic stuff like date of birth and Social Security numbers.

Result? “Potential attackers could use the stolen information to apply for benefits and get replacement Social Security cards,” according to Cnet.

The problem is that no one has skin in the game when it comes to the security of your personal information.

Certainly the government doesn’t care. As we learned in 2017... for every dollar the feds spend on cyberdefense, they spend $9 on cyberoffense — figuring out how to muck around with the Chinese and the Russians and the Iranians.

Equifax sure as heck doesn’t care. As we pointed out at the time of the hack, you and I aren’t Equifax’s customers. The customers are the lenders and others who eagerly buy all the data Equifax et al. gather on us.

And as we said last week… Google and Facebook don’t care about the security of the information you give up to them. After all, you and I aren’t their customers either. And if you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

The internet wasn’t supposed to be like this. And it’s Google that shoulders a large part of the blame, according to our new contributor and veteran futurist George Gilder.

“Today’s internet is based on advertising,” he explains. “However, that was never the plan or the intention. It’s just something we’ve all sort of ‘stumbled’ into. And so, from its decentralized, cypherpunk origins, the internet evolved into what we’re all now familiar with: a centralized, corporatized, top-down system.

“And at the helm are behemoths like Google and Facebook, who receive the bulk of the advertising revenue. This allows them to offer their products for ‘free’… However, this has come at a cost. Perhaps the most important is our privacy.

George believes that clever applications of blockchain technology will bring about this breakthrough — and sooner than you think. No longer would you have to memorize a dozen username-password combinations. And rather than suffer through ads for “free” content, you could get paid for your time and trouble watching advertising.

"The leftist-leaning tech giants need to be reined in for their invasion of privacy and attacks on those of conservative values,” writes a reader named Colin.


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Bob said...

Dems, if they were ethical, should split into two parties: Dems & Socialists. Thanks to a less self reliant generation who have been indoctrinated over the past 15 years or so by socialist-Communist teachers and professors, they all want a BIGGER Nanny State-Frankly, I'm sick n tired of these weasels undermining our nation with the help crass, flawed media like CNN [the Communist News Network].

Mike said...

Dems have become the party of divisiveness and hate AND stupid political mantras as evidenced by such parasites as Pelosi, Schumer, AOL, Nader and dozens of other fanatics in that party.

Melanie said...

I am amazed at how far Left these jerks have gone and have no shame in being public about their Communist sympathies-did they all forget we've shed blood fighting against this? Everyone in my area thinks they're shameful & we worry so many in America all want stuff for free but seem to have no idea how many jobs we'll lose as a result or how much all this free stuff is going to cost all of us-sad, but I guess that's what a 'liberal' education produces today.