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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

America's business is war [America Betrayed]


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America's business is war [America Betrayed]

Under new president Joe Biden, the United States military has begun building a new base in northeast Syria, according to local reports. It's being constructed in the city of Hasakah, one of the largest cities in Syria's northeast.

Biden is also freezing the withdrawal of troops from Germany, and delaying the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan because — coincidentally? — intel reports say that al-Qaida is regaining strength under the protection of the Taliban.

Worse, since Biden took over as president, the drumbeats for war on Iran are sounding, growing louder and louder.

When The Usurper ran for president, he promised to extricate the U.S. from foreign wars. Instead, he started new ones. Biden is following his lead in Syria. When Trump ran for president, he promised to withdraw our troops from foreign countries because "we are not a country at perpetual war." It took him four years and he waited until after the 2020 election to order a few thousand troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq — leaving 5,000 there, as well as leaving troops in Somalia and Syria.

The Republican War Party and the Democrat War Party are the same for all to see. They all want more war.

That's because the American government's favorite industry is war. Neocons, especially, love war. But the war crowd exists on both the right and left sides. They are two sides of the same coin.

The war machine is still at full throttle and has been for more than two decades. Do you realize there are now adults who have never lived during a time when the United States was not at war with a Middle Eastern nation? We are at war with Eurasia, or is it Eastasia? It's both, and it projects to continue for decades.

The elected elites love war at home, too. They are fomenting war among the American people, and it is breaking out. As surely as class warfare is behind the riots in the Netherlands, it is on the cusp of erupting here.

The elites play classes off one another. They denounce the rich as evil, and the media and the inured play along, hating all "billionaires," as if Capitalism didn't afford them the opportunity to have the very platforms upon which they complain. The elites stealthily promote their lie in this way, lumping into a group both hard-working and innovative entrepreneurs who made it by the sweat of their brow and the crony capitalists they created themselves, and then call them all "rich" as if it's an epithet.

They take an arbitrary monetary figure, pulled out of thin air, and set it as the Rubicon. Cross it and somehow you were luckier than most, got a break someone else never got. Yachts and airplanes are demonized, while the elected elites vacation on yachts bought by others and are ferried about in private jets paid for by others.

They accept "campaign contributions" from Wall Street, then, with a wink and nod, demonize Wall Street. Then, they print billions of dollars to prop up Wall Street; rewarding it for bringing down the economy. This keeps the contributions flowing and themselves in power.

They demonize Big Oil, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco (which deserve to be demonized, surely) yet they enrich those industries with special subsidies and tax breaks and laws passed to their benefit. Their puppets in office who create those privileges are rewarded with more campaign cash and, when their time on Capitol Hill is done, cushy jobs lobbying their replacements.

Their policies destroy the middle class. They preach fairness and set their pawns up as the arbiters of fairness. They create a parasite class with an entitlement mentality. Then they work to grow the parasite class to keep themselves in power by taking more and more from the wages of the middle class.

Main Street is owned

Tax freedom day this year fell on Aug. 12. That's how long it now takes for the middle-class worker to fulfill his "obligation" to the leviathan. The Ponzi scheme that is our fiat money system is insatiable. It inflates away the savings and investments of Main Street America.

While the middle-class struggles, the entitlement class grows. High unemployment (who can even count the unemployed at this point), directly caused by government lockdown policies, pushes more people out of the middle class and into the parasite class. One in five American children now lives in poverty, according to a report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

But the parasites live well off the producers. They get "free" housing, "free" food, "free" cable television, "free" cell phones. Their kids eat "free" at school (meals are still handed out at schools, even in lockdown). These "entitlements," along with ever-extended long-term unemployment benefits, become so attractive that the incentive to work is suppressed.

The workers look with disdain on the parasites. The parasites look with envy on the workers, wanting not their jobs but what they have. Recent riots in Great Britain demonstrate what happens when the parasites decide they want more.

Meanwhile, even the working class is at war with one another. This is encouraged by the elites, but the current Administration has doubled down. The thugocracy of the Labor Unions terrorize non-union workers and companies large and small.

Tea Party members, at least those who gathered in 2009 and much of 2010 before the Republican Party began to co-opt the movement, were blue collar and white collar, owners of small businesses, retirees, former military, salt-of-the-earth people from all political spectrums who would not support toppling foreign regimes, making war on countries that have not attacked us "for democracy," or perpetual wars.

And while they indicated they are fed up with the status quo, Tea Party rallies were peaceful and orderly gatherings: Americans engaging in their right to petition government.

Now? Capitol protestors are "terrorists." Right wing, left wing? Republican, Democrat? Engage in your Two Minutes Hate. The lamestream media talking heads are proud.

The elites love war abroad and at home. It distracts the masses from government's ongoing theft and manipulation. Anger with one another allows them to continue their looting. It promotes threats and violence, which allows them to further clamp down on freedom.

Endless wars, abroad and at home, equal totalitarianism. It's totalitarianism under the sweet-sounding name of democracy.

Lest you think this is not the case, ABC News reports that "The Pentagon will deploy more than 1,100 troops to five vaccination centers in what will be the first wave of increased military support for the White House campaign to get more Americans inoculated against COVID-19."

Military "support" for vaccination efforts... you read that correctly. Add to that perpetual war, a growing Homeland Security apparatus that has compiled enough ammunition to shoot every American five times over and a President who has Congress in his pocket and rules by executive order. Never mind that the first section of the first article of the Constitution grants all legislative powers to Congress.

I urge you to embrace the nonaggression principle of libertarianism. That is why I am anti-war and oppose current U.S. foreign policy. When America goes abroad seeking monsters to slay among countries that have not attacked us and pose to us no real threat, and when we deploy troops at home to force behavior on people, we act counter to our founding principles and take from others those rights we espouse to uphold.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


America Has Been Betrayed

Our country has been a financial, cultural, and demographic pressure cooker for years.


Patriots are the foundation that holds these United States together.


When our freedoms are threatened we need to come together and show our support.

And now, the coronavirus has caused this pressure cooker to explode.

If you think the virus upended your life this year, 
just wait until you see what’s coming next.

Because of the steps our government has taken, things will not “go back to normal.” Never.

But while most people are focusing on face masks and stimulus checks... they’re ignoring what’s really happening...


   The World Economic Forum looks at the pandemic to further globalist policies.  They want to act swiftly to revamp all aspects of society with a radical agenda; another example of the Nanny State gone wild with faux efforts to help the masses while enriching themselves.  Expect a currency and debt crash under Biden along with massive unemployment for the Middle Class.


I have pushed for an increased awareness of the folly of Socialist-Globalists and for a growth in the American Liberty Movement.

A few facts:

US Constitution requires that the president of the United States deliver an annual State of the Union, including a budget report, legislative proposals, and national priorities. 

USAFacts collected the data behind the most-common topics from four decades of State of the Union speeches to create the State of the Union in Numbers, a data-driven, nonpartisan resource to measure the state of the US without rhetoric. 

Some key takeaways from this year’s comprehensive new report:



The wealth of the middle class (defined as the middle 20% of income earners) has grown 66% since 1990.

However, because middle class wealth has grown slower than overall wealth, middle class families went from owning 12% of US wealth in 1990 to 7% in 2020.



In December, over half of people with K-12 students in the home reported their kids spent less time learning compared to before the pandemic.

Internet access for online learning is not equally available, with two-thirds of Black children reporting having reliable internet available for their studies. However, over three-quarters of white and Asian children reported having internet access.



The federal government spent $6.6 trillion in fiscal year 2020 — or $19,962 per person.

Medicare, Social Security, defense and veterans, debt interest, support to businesses, plus assistance like stimulus checks and unemployment insurance accounted for 73% of spending. This includes funding distributed to states. 



Demo-Socialists-Globalists are the arch enemy of freedom, self reliance and free enterprise.



Update for 2020: This article was originally published in January 2018. All I can say now is, this is why we prepare. Disasters that seem unlikely today could become very real tomorrow. And although this virus didn't turn out to be as deadly as we first feared, that doesn't mean the next one won't be. - Alan


Of all the major disasters that could happen in the near future, a pandemic is one of the most likely. Here's why: First of all, it's happened before, so we know it will happen again. It's a simple historical fact that pandemics happen on a fairly regular basis.


Plus, we live in an urbanized world where someone with a contagious disease can hop on a plane and spread it to another country immediately. Not to mention all the strange new research being done in labs around the world. What if they accidentally create a deadly virus they can't contain?


In a 2006 TED Talk, epidemiologist Larry Brilliant discussed a conversation he had with a panel of fellow epidemiologists in which 90% of them believed with some certainty that Earth would see a devastating pandemic within the next two generations...


25 Supplies You Need to Survive the Next Pandemic

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The Left want society to collapse and destroy the United States of America and ultimately human civilization. They are puppets of the globalist who are pushing depopulation and global genocide.

We need to fight against the insanity of the left-cult who appears to be in charge of most of the institutions of society. They are insane and they will drive the human race to collapse if we let them.

This is what we have to defend ourselves against if we want to survive. Be prepared to reject that and we may have a chance to survive together. 

Listen to the full podcast here. 


Prepare. Train. Survive.

We don’t need another election-We need another revolution!



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