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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Obsolete Man-Twilight Zone Revisited


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The Twilight Zone oftentimes showcased libertarian messages, deliberate or not.

I consider many episodes of Rod Serling’s classic show essential viewing for anyone who cares about liberty.

But there’s one I would nominate as the best, or certainly the most important episode that ever aired.

It’s called “The Obsolete Man.”

America is under the control of a totalitarian government that’s outlawed books - because they’ve already decided on all the information you’re allowed to know (think of it as if the current propaganda tactic of “fact checking” is carried to its extreme end) - and a meek, unimposing librarian is brought to court facing charges of being “obsolete” and is sentenced to death.

If you don’t serve any usefulness to the state, the dictator in the episode reasons, then you ought to be exterminated.

The show explores all kinds of collectivist and statist ideologies through the Socratic Method - argumentative dialogue between two or more characters. In this case, between the librarian and the dictator.

But despite its bleak premise…

It ends with a beautiful, hopeful message you need to hear now more than ever.

Without giving away the ending, Rod Serling ends the episode by saying:

“Any State, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man...that State is obsolete.”

Powerful words spoken in 1961.

They’ve turned Western civilization into a giant police state. And they’ve managed to brainwash the great masses so effectively that the people are crying out for more.

They rigged the system

Rod Serling was right.



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Jeffrey said...

Biden & his swamp gangsters didn't take long to screw America: pipeline layoffs, doubling of insulin prices, floods of unvetted illegals, jailing folks w/out sufficient cause, gun 'control' measures being formulated, schools still locked down, etc. Each day this anti-American piece of crap looks for ways to bash freedom & jobs. Well, if anyone called it right-you sure did!

John said...

Is freedom obsolete in Biden's America? It sure seems we're headed that way.

Roger said...

I actually recall that TZ episode-today's post really hit home for me.