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Monday, February 22, 2021

Suicide by Inflation-Our empire is collapsing


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Monetary suicide by 'inflation'

The U.S. Empire may indeed collapse into chaos sooner rather than later!

Investment demand for physical precious metals has been robust even as official government (understated) measures of inflation remain low. Investors are turning to gold and silver mostly as a safe haven.

Metals demand may increase as it becomes clear to a wider population that prices for goods and services are rising quickly.

Inflation pressures are on the rise. Dramatically higher prices for commodities and real estate are all signaling that massive amounts of stimulus are beginning to seep out of the financial markets and into the broader economy.

The signs of inflation building up in the casedemic economy are now everywhere according to an IHS Markit report:

  • "Inflationary pressures intensified as supplier delays and shortages pushed input prices higher."
  • "The rate of input cost inflation was the fastest on record ... as soaring transportation and PPE costs were also noted."
  • Amid stronger expansions in output and new orders, manufacturers experienced "significant supply chain delays, raw material shortages, and evidence of stockpiling at goods producers" that "pushed input prices up."

Yes, inflation is lurking in the shadows, and the government boys and girls don't want you to understand it is coming... and the mainstream media are not going to report it until it can't be ignored.

Partners in crime

Many things lie beneath the mystique of money besides greed and fear. Most Americans think of money in terms of dollars. This fact demonstrates the unbelievable power of propaganda over our thought processes.

Government(s) and their partners, the central banks, are involved in history's greatest fraud and deception. They are stealing and have stolen the wealth of the world with bank credit ("dollars") while forcing the deception upon the people that they work no longer to build real wealth, but to accumulate depreciating currency.

We "save" in depreciating currency. We buy life insurance in depreciating currency. And we leave our estates in depreciating currency.

Worth less

Did you know that in the progression of time, the U.S. currency is depreciating toward zero? The public is trained to accept this as "rising prices" or inflation, and rising wages. But it is more specifically depreciating paper money. The powers-that-shouldn't-be allow us to believe we "make more money" than we used to, but inflation means dollars are worth less, and so everything costs more to buy, and our purchasing power dwindles accordingly. However, they have learned through experimentation on us that it makes people feel good to have rising wages vs knowing their money has no value.

The entire world is now on this irredeemable currency standard characterized by inflation and resulting in competing devaluations. What that means is temporary advantage of one nation over another while all race toward bankruptcy. See the U.S. and China today.

It's the modern version of national and international suicide.

What comes with this? Wars and suppression of liberty. Are we not seeing this presently, and with great precision?

Gold allows no such monopoly of perception, and manipulation of value and credit by central banks. Gold is a natural creation extracted and fabricated by human production. It is not only long-term value, it is forever. It survives the deception and tyranny of political governments that always turn to dust.

As government dollars (credit) create immorality, gold supports morality and honesty. Gold is the substance of economic survival. It is the essence of privacy and the preservation of wealth.

The time will come again when we will think of gold in terms of value and money, not "dollars." This will be a move back toward the restriction of politicians and an expansion of and new birth of human liberty.

Governments hoard gold to stabilize their political and economic power. At the same time, they downplay gold to the people to destabilize their psyche and make them dependent on government credit which is being passed off as real money.

Gold stabilizes human emotions, dissipates fear of authority, and promotes individualism and human dignity. Government-created money (credit) destabilizes emotions, creates fear of unseen authority, creates political tyranny, and it expropriates the wealth of the people.

The critical point in awareness is reached when the people en masse realize that inflation is permanent. The result is that they quickly exchange cash for "things," as they did in Greece a few years ago. Greek businessmen exchanged their devalued and inaccessible currency for machinery and equipment, and people bought appliances and cars. Eventually, this results in economic breakdown and social chaos.

What do you 'know'?

There are many ways to extend the life of paper money. The foremost is by controlling information — a monopoly on what you "know." The monetary authorities suppress the price of gold as long as they can; they manipulate public perceptions with a fabricated consumer price index (CPI); they remove monetary indicators like M3; and they constantly talk about "managing inflation."

By now you have heard of the Federal Reserve's "2 percent goal" for inflation. And somehow, they seem to always come up with an official number right around their target. Curious? Not when they control the calculations and media reporting on the results of the calculations. And, yes, they constantly talk about the debt ceiling and limiting the national debt.

 All this is spurious nonsense, as anyone listening can hear the money printing presses roll in the background around the clock. Note that the government and its politicians never talk about the depreciation and loss of purchasing power of paper money. With the debasement of the currency goes the debasement of morality.

The U.S. Empire may indeed collapse into chaos sooner rather than later. If it does, that would be a good thing. We can go back to being "America" again. Even so, I suspect they know what we know — that collapsing currency finally creates crisis in spite of statist propaganda. Therefore, they must have contingency plans because their only purpose it to retain power at all costs.

The government reacts to its interpretation of public perceptions which are closely monitored, now very much more closely since "social media" has taken over everyone's waking consciousness. At some point, a segment of the population will become aware of the worthlessness of paper money and trigger an alert to the greater population. This foretells monetary crisis and social chaos. What will the government do? I would guess that the government will announce some sort of quasi gold standard which, at this point, will probably be fictional and it may or may not calm the people. If it does not bring calm, further action will be announced.

By this time, there will be many new population controls and perhaps some negative propaganda directed at "hoarders," gold owners, etc. We are already seeing people who are part of the liberty movement in this country hounded, oppressed, called "terrorists" and "enemies" who must be reprogrammed or exterminated. All is in preparation for this time of fake social crisis to cover up for the theft going on during the very real monetary crisis.

Precious metals

And guess what? At some point, the government will have a serious need for gold and silver to back a new currency. I don't think officials will announce that gold (the metal) will be used currently as money. Instead, a more likely event is to announce new currency with gold backing.

Silver money issued through 1964 will be used as emergency money because by that time we will probably be on plastic money since our current junk coins will have disappeared (according to Gresham's Law, which states that bad money runs good money out of circulation). Even now, this event is rearing its head. Even junk money has metal in it worth more than the exchange value. The little copper and nickel left in our coins, i.e., junk coins, are worth more as metal than money.

The government will need gold. Then, it may become known that there is no gold in Fort Knox.

What will the government do?

1. Confiscate gold in all bank deposit boxes and as much as it can get from individuals.

2. Nationalize all gold and silver mines.

3. Confiscate all exchange traded funds (ETFs); gold and silver. By that time, this will be a huge bag of gold and silver, and they are watching it. You don't think they will do it? Study history!

What are some options for you?

Currency is faith itself — a belief system. When you think of money or currency, you think of green paper, but 95 percent of "money" is computer symbols in bank computers. More specifically, your money is a pure psychological entity that evaporates as confidence fails.

Gold is substance. It is hard currency. It is the only hard currency.

Gold stands on its own.

If your pension or retirement fund is in the form of computer symbols in some bank, and it is, you might want to consider putting a percentage in gold coins to keep in your possession. It may turn out to be all you have. And brother, this is not fear hysteria when you understand how fast things can implode into financial disaster. ETFs may or may not hold gold. A bank may or may not give you access to your gold, and may let the government confiscate it from you. Keep your gold!

For gold to be all that we say it is, it needs to be in your possession. We don't mean in your "safe deposit box" at the bank, and we certainly don't mean in some "trust" account. It should be in your private safe with other valuable effects.

When obtaining gold, it is essential that you:

  1. Obey all laws as far as possible.
  2. At some point in time (you to be the judge), begin to sell mining stocks and buy more gold and silver coins. How will we know? Watch the propaganda and look for new controls.
  3. You should already have food storage and barter items, as well as alternative power.
  4. Educate those you care about as to the mechanics of survival. Not many will listen as long as they perceive no crisis.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


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 As the U.S. economy continues to rapidly deteriorate right in front of our eyes, another one of the hottest new trends is to dig around for discarded food in dumpsters behind large supermarkets.

How To Live Your Best Life In America In 2021 (In A Van Down By The River)

  1. If you add up all of the money the U.S. has ever printed… over 40% of it was printed in 2020 alone.
  2. In three months in 2020, the U.S. increased its deficit by more than it had during the past five recessions combined (’73, ’75, ’82, early ‘90s and Great Financial Crisis of 2008).
  3. Under Jerome Powell, the Fed bought more Treasuries in SIX WEEKS than it did in 10 years under Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.

All of this money printing has ignited an inflationary storm. The Fed refuses to acknowledge this, but the reality is staring us all in the face:

  1. Agricultural commodities are up 40% since August.
  2. The Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) index is up a whopping 75% since April.
  3. Lumber prices have just crossed $1,000 per 1,000 board feet for the first time in history (that’s double the price three months ago).

Put simply, inflation is ripping through the financial system.

And the craziest thing? The Fed just printed another $100 BILLION this week alone…

The economic shock associated with the pandemic forced governments in emerging market economies to ratchet up their spending and borrowing. Even with elevated debt levels…

Inflation is coming. That might even be a problem.



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Brad said...

The average person under 30 is too stupid to see what's going on; indeed, they seem to embrace our demise under socialism.

Marco said...

WARNING: twin dangers ahead
Imagine for a moment that the price of all your investments -- your stocks, your retirement portfolio, your house -- suddenly drop in half this year. Now imagine that on top of that inflation suddenly picks up, making your cost of living skyrocket. That would be pretty awful, right? Well, this might not be just some theoretical thought exercise. Our financial research warns us that these twin dangers of a market crash and higher inflation actually could indeed happen in the near future