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Monday, June 28, 2021

It’s clear: Amerika is under attack from within


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It’s clear: Amerika is under attack from within

While few want to admit it... what’s happening in our country right now points toward the possibility of a very bleak future... a future filled with bloodshed and chaos and darkness under Communist domination. 


And as you know, we’ve provided people just like you with information and tools to get prepared for the worst-case scenarios we’re facing.


The U.S. as a nation has only been "invaded" a handful of times in its nearly 250-year history. Most of these incidents occurred during the Mexican border wars, and once during WWII when the Japanese tried to gain a foothold in Alaska (a bloody incident rarely discussed by mainstream historians). In our modern era, the notion of a massive invasion has persisted even though strategically it would be nearly impossible for any overseas enemy to implement. Most of the fears surrounding a Cold War attack on America were unfounded, and as much as I love the movie Red Dawn, communists usually invade countries from within, not from without.

The reasons for the difficulty of attacking the U.S. are rather simple — America is geographically isolated by two oceans and our direct neighbors are allies. When people get frantic about an invasion from a country like China, they reveal that they do not understand basic military tactics.

China, as an example, has its own geographical weaknesses to deal with, including the fact that multiple nations close to its borders are not its allies. China would have to consolidate power over most of Southeast Asia and perhaps Australia before they could turn their attention to the U.S. Beyond that, China has a navy made up mostly of smaller vessels, not large ships needed for an amphibious invasion across the Pacific.

China does have nuclear weapons, but its arsenal is dwarfed by other nations including the U.S. Any attempt at a nuclear attack would mean China would be wiped off the face of the Earth. Even with some kind of alliance with Russia or a host of other nations, the result would still be the same.

This does not mean a foreign invasion of the U.S. is not possible, but there are a very specific set of circumstances that would have to take place, and sadly some of these circumstances have already been met. The following is my theory on how a true military invasion of America could be achieved...

Economic and social breakdown

The very first condition that would have to be met before there could be a foreign invasion of the U.S. is a full spectrum crash of our economy as well as mass civil unrest. If our currency system is degraded to the point that maintaining our military becomes difficult, then larger defensive campaigns could not happen. Naval operations in particular are extremely expensive, and keep in mind that soldiers work for pay

Hyperinflated dollars are not going to entice the average person to join up and potentially risk their lives. And, if there is a societal breakdown then most fighting men will want to stay home to protect their families. An economic crash could make a wider defense of America's border untenable. At the very least, our ability to project military power outside of the U.S. would be degraded, leaving countries like China free to invade their neighbors.

Another factor to consider is that the collapse of the U.S. could be used as a perfect excuse for foreign invasion on the world stage. Let me explain...

Balkanization of the U.S.

As I have outlined in many past articles, this is already happening. The U.S. is swiftly dividing according to political and social principles, and this division is being driven mostly by globalists and leftists. This is not to say that balkanization was the original plan of the globalists, at least not to the extent that is taking place today. I suspect they intended for the covid pandemic and the rise of cultural Marxism to overwhelm conservatives and drive us into fear and hiding. However, conservatives have rallied and are now taking back our freedoms state by state.

An internal ideological war is now forming: The political left believes in collectivism, control, censorship and cancel culture. They believe in using fear and intimidation in order to get what they want. Conservatives and most moderates just want to be free to live their lives and to speak their minds when necessary. The two sides cannot live together within the same space. Our differences are irreconcilable. We must separate or a shooting war will erupt (one will probably erupt anyway).

As the economic crisis continues to expand in the U.S., balkanization will become the primary solution. States run by leftists are a drag on the nation's finances as their debts grow far beyond conservative-run states. The federal government under Biden will turn to increased spending and taxation as a means to slow the collapse, but this will only hasten the death of the dollar and fuel more price inflation. Red states and conservative counties are going to have to break away at some point if they want to survive the crash. They will have to establish their own separate monetary and economic systems in order to insulate themselves from the effects of the inevitable supply chain crash as well as hyperinflation. They will also defy any attempts at enforcing unconstitutional vaccine passports.

The U.S. would basically become two different nations ideologically and economically.

At this point, the federal government and the leftists will attempt to use economic consequences to push red states back into the fold. They will try to withhold federal funds and stimulus dollars to conservative-run regions while showering loyal blue states with helicopter money. When this does not work, they will try to use military force.

I believe a large portion of the military and National Guard will not comply with this effort. Being that the U.S. military is majority conservative, it is more likely that they will turn on the Biden Administration and support the red states. Conservatives would easily stop leftist attacks and a move to consolidate the country would be the next logical step. This is where things get ugly.

With the U.S. in a state of civil war, globalists will proclaim that a "multilateral intervention" is needed to stop the chaos. They will also continue to claim that conservatives are "violent racist nationalist fascist terrorists blah blah blah, etc., etc., and that the U.S. and its nuclear arsenal cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of "extremists." The U.N. will be called upon to step in as "peacekeepers."

Multinational "peacekeeping" force

Even with multiple nations allied to invade the U.S., and even with the U.S. in economic disarray, the invasion would be incredibly complex and the chances of failure would be high. The only way for U.N. forces to gain a large foothold would be with the support of a neighboring country such as Canada, as well as the support of blue states with large coastal ports like California, Washington and New York. In other words, they would need blue states to help them bring in troops and provide safe port for landings.

The peacekeeping mission would be the propaganda rationale that is fed to the public as far as why the U.N. needs to be in the U.S. at all. They will paint conservative freedom fighters as the biggest monsters since the Third Reich, and paint leftists as innocent victims that are being surrounded and destroyed. They will claim that the rest of the world "will be next" if conservatives are allowed to take control of the nation and take over the massive arsenal of U.S. nukes.

In secret, the U.N. will be offering U.S. resources and land as payment to any nation that contributes military assets to the invasion. They will focus in particular on nations like China that already have an innate hatred of the American people and the concept of individual freedom, and that have a desperate need to expand. Like the Hessian mercenaries used by the British during the Revolutionary War, the U.N. will need troops with a proclivity for brutality and little to no empathy or regard for Americans.

Reign of terror

Regular civilians and non-combatants would deal with the brunt of the violence in places where the U.N. establishes a foothold. They may leave blue states' residents alone as part of the agreement, or they may not. I would not be surprised if the leftists who cheer on the U.N. end up being abused by U.N. troops as thanks.

The U.N.'s focus would be on isolating freedom fighters from the rest of the American population so that recruitment is difficult and blending in becomes untenable. This would require that civilians be interned, perhaps into larger cities with biometric surveillance. The message would be that the despair of the public is the fault of the rebellion. They would tell people that the pain will end when the rebellion is defeated; the goal will be to get the public to turn on their ideals and to turn on freedom fighters.

The rebellion

As always, the first mission of any rebellion is to dispel lies and propaganda. This requires that they are able to spread facts, evidence and information freely. For now, this means discussing the above potential scenario in the alternative media and warning people ahead of time how things might play out if we do not remain vigilant. We need to ensure that people are made aware of the globalists so that they do not welcome them with open arms as saviors during a crisis.

But what if internet communications are restricted or shut down?

The best way to spread information during a domestic collapse and conflict would be through Ham radio as well as old-school printing. Fliers spread everywhere conveying the true intentions of the conservative insurgency would be vital to the effort. Regular transmissions by HF ham would become the new alternative media. There is very little that any government could do to stop this.

Unfortunately, balkanization might help the narrative case for U.N. intervention within the U.S., but it is also a necessary step toward preventing further loss of freedoms. It's a bit of a Catch-22. However, balkanization will have to be treated as a temporary solution, because leftists and the federal government will try to dismantle red states that separate. And as soon as blue states declare that they will support foreign intervention, conservatives would have to take away their ability to render aid to the enemy. This means going on the offensive.

Any campaign to keep our freedoms in the U.S. would be arduous, and the fight against an international force would take many years to win. I often study the Finish 'Winter War' against the massive communist invasion in 1939 as a model for rebellion, except in the case of a U.S. insurgency I would multiply the threat and the time needed to fight back by a factor of 10. Winning would mean wearing the invaders down and disrupting their logistics — we would have to make life so miserable for them and the cost of occupation so high that they would be desperate to leave. Remove all incentives for invasion and the invasion will eventually end.

To summarize, a foreign campaign against the U.S. would require help from the inside (probably from blue state leftists). It would require an economic crisis. It would require the resounding demonization of conservative freedom fighters. It would require extremely brutal and ugly tactics well outside the Geneva Conventions. And it would require a vast logistical supply that would have to somehow be kept safe from attack. A U.N.-led invasion might even seem at first to be successful, but over time it would fail as conservatives hold out and continue to fight the long game.

The danger would be if the enemy is able to wear down the rebellion, rather than the rebellion wearing down the enemy. Converting the public to their side and establishing a perpetual supply chain for their forces would be their biggest priorities. Their intent will be to take permanent hold of U.S. territory and make people believe that their victory is imminent. If the rebels can prove them wrong over and over again, then the public will be less likely to take their side. But, if the enemy is able to achieve multiple tangible victories without much resistance, then many average people will simply jump to support them as a means of survival.

I'm sure this all sounds like an inconsequential theory, but look at the world today; there have been events recently which very few people thought possible only a couple of years ago. And things are not necessarily going back to normal. It seems to me that the U.S. in particular is a top target for the globalists, in that we are one of the few places left on the planet where the Reset agenda has failed to take hold completely. If they cannot find a way to force the Reset mandates in all U.S. states, then they will inevitably turn to military options. It is only logical that liberty-minded people prepare for this eventuality.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith



America is on a collision course with itself, and nothing can stop what's coming in terms of catastrophic ramifications in the food supply, currency collapse, economic collapse, social collapse and the collapse of the rule of law (which is already well under way).

The America we once knew is never coming back. There will never be a "return to normal." Only collapse, a thinning out of the herd, and then on the other side, recovery and rebuilding among the survivors.

See the full analysis in today's article and podcast.

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Bill said...

We are under attack; the start of a CIVIL WAR.

Martin said...

We don't cow tow to these Marxist bastards; we call them out wherever possible!

Neil said...

The REGRESSIVES are attacking America on all fronts; it's an all out assault on our nation.

James said...

A lot of citizens have their head up their ass; we ALL need to take a stand against this communist takeover!